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“”In this post iOS 14.5 era, it is more important than ever to diversify your ad spend cross-channel.”” 

You may have heard these words way too many times in the last months. No matter how repetitive they are, what’s sure is that they are true.

If you want to win in paid advertising in 2022, you can no longer rely on one or two channels. What worked in the past may not work so well in the future, so it’s important to look for new opportunities at every corner.

OK, so you may wonder which channel you should add to your list. Could Pinterest be a good idea? 

At the beginning of this year, we decided to conduct an experiment on Pinterest to answer this question and test the performance of static ads versus video ads. We also wanted to see if this platform could bring desirable results for our SaaS regardless of the ad type we used.

Campaigns Setup

We allocated $2,000 for the experiment, which ran for 30 days from January 10 to February 8, 2022

We had two separate campaigns for each ad type—one for the static image and one for the video. For each campaign, we had two identical ad groups for each audience we targeted. Also, each ad group had two identical ad copy variations.

Our main goal (that guided the way we optimized our campaigns) was to get conversions, specifically more trials. The budget was set at campaign level, and we went for automatic bidding, the recommended option by Pinterest, which “aims to get the most conversions for your budget.”

The only difference between the two campaigns was in the ad type.

Download the Pinterest static ads vs. video ads case study to learn all about:

1. The experiment results

2. Key takeaways

3. Best practices when doing Pinterest advertising

After doing this experiment, we can conclude that Pinterest may be a great opportunity for bringing high-quality traffic to your website, while also performing well in terms of conversions, even if you don’t have an ecommerce brand.

What is definitely sure is that every account is different and various products could lead to various results of the same experiment when testing.

Feel free to leave your suggestions and any feedback regarding our findings in the comments section below. 

Happy testing, everyone!

Diana-Alina Aldea
PPC geek, who loves testing new things. My motto is: 'A test a day keeps bad performance away'. Also, a smile along the PPC battlefield won't hurt anyone, so I make sure to proudly wear it every day.

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