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As a designer, you are probably really busy with all the projects and the dead lines. However, just like every businessman has seen “Wall Street” and every professional boxer has seen “Rocky” there is a list of movies that designers should watch. So here’s a list of the top 10 movies that are must see for designers.

1. Art and Copy

Do you ever get that feeling when you watch a movie or a TV series and your world is changed for a while? Well, this is that kind of the movie that will do just that. You will pay more attention to every billboard or commercial and analyze them. This happens mainly because the creators of the movie illustrate so well the power of creativity and advertising. For anyone who wants to create great campaigns like “Think different”, “Just do it” or “Got Milk?”, than this is a must see.

2. Design and Thinking

It is very unlikely that you as a designer haven’t seen this movie. But if you haven’t, drop everything and go buy a copy. This movie will show you the ins and outs of 21st century design among other things. Such as, how design thinking applies to a business model, how people are changing the world with their own creative minds. The movie gives you a full filmmaking viewpoint on design.

3. Maker

From the creators of “Design and Thinking”, “The Maker” looks into the current maker movement in America. It also talks about the expansion of the DIY movement and after all, every designer is a maker and can be inspired by the movie.

4. Objectified

Objectified is brilliant documentary on design. Even if you are an experienced designer you might find some ideas totally new and learn a bit. The movie covers design in depth: industrial design, graphic design, consumerism and creativity in a very easy to follow manner. It features lots of well known designers like Jonathan Ive, Andrew Blauvelt or Chris Bangle.

5. Everything is a remix

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on YouTube.

This is not an actual movie. It is a series of 4 short videos about remix and how it influence creativity and the process of developing new ideas. Long story short, nothing is new. Any form of creation imply multiple sources of inspiration that already exist and that’s perfectly normal. This movie covers topics like originality, inspiration, creativity and where good ideas come from.

Whatch the entire series here

6. PressPausePlay

The digitalization and the accessibility of art and design have given artists an open door to creating as much as their creativity will allow. Anyone can express their artistic side in so many ways and forms. People usually do that because they have an idea or emotion to share. The question covered by this movie is: In a culture where anyone creates art, how can you distinguish between the good art and the bad art? And more important, will this postmodern movement lead to a mediocrity of art?

7. Helvetica

All hail the Helvetica! Any respectable designer knows what Helvetica is. Although some designers say that Helvetica is overrated, this font has gained popularity so fast and it is so broadly used that it became an enigmatic topic in the typography world. If you want to learn more about Helvetica and fonts in general, this movie is a must see.

8. Design is one

Next time you are are in New York and you take the subway, look closer at the subway map. You might find this suggestion weird, but what you don’t know is that the NYC Subway Map was designed by the two of the most influential designers of this century. Lella & Massimo Vignelli. This movie takes us on a journey through their eventful life and gives viewers a glimpse of Vignelli’s work.

9. Drew: The man behind the poster

If you are a poster enthusiast you must have heard about Drew Struzan before. If not, Drew Struzan is the man behind the iconic movie posters like “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “Back to the Future” and many others. It wouldn’t be too much to say that Drew is the Paul Rand of movie advertising. In this movie you will learn more about almost every poster he drew(no pun intended).

10. Lemonade

What happens when 130.000 advertisers lose their jobs? They do what’s most expected thing for artists: they create something new. Unfortunate events like losing your job really make you get creative with your life. It helps you see the world through a different, very realistic perspective. This movie tells that story. It’s the inspiring testimonies of advertisers who got fired during the great recession and radically changed their life.
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BONUS: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

On a different note. You might wonder why we recommend this animation. Well, the answer is very simple. The movie is simply amazing. I have never seen so many details in an animated film. Everything is so meticulously crafted and the amount of creativity blows your mind. If inspiration for your design is what you seek, than this movie is perfect for you. And it’s fun.

Do you know a movie that inspired you as a designer and it’s not in this list? Let us know in the comments.




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