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Whether you call yourself a gamer, an eSport professional or just an amateur, you definitely heard about Twitch. What is Twitch? With over 27,000 partner channels, Twitch is the biggest online live streaming game network that allows you to connect with your audience while playing your favorite online games. Here are all the Twitch graphic sizes you need to know:

VisualRecommended Size
Profile photo200 x 200 px minimum (1:1)
Profile banner1920 x 480 px (4:1)
Video player banner1920 x 1080 px (16:9)
Video thumbnail1280 x 720 ppx (16:9)
Cover image1200 x 480 px
Info panels320 x 300 px

Twitch Avatar Size

Your avatar is the equivalent of a profile picture from any other social network. Twitch profile picture size has a simple 1:1 ratio, so a square 200 pixels x 200 pixels photo, will do the job.

Twitch banner size

Think about your Twitch banner as a header for your channel. Create a unique and good looking cover that will knock your audience off their feet. Keep in mind that the standard Twitch banner size is 1920 pixels x 480 pixels.

Always get the Twitch image size right

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