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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Artificial Intelligence has completely changed how we advertise, whether on social media platforms like Facebook or search engines like Google. 

From performing predictive analytics of potential customer base to bidding for optimized ad spaces with publishers, running a social media campaign that moves the needle is now a breeze.

However, programmatic advertising and predictions are not the only big stuff AI can do. The likes of Creatopy, an AI-powered creative automation platform, can help you create dozens of brand-driven banners that will supercharge your campaigns in seconds.

In this article, we will discuss how these AI banner generators can transform your social media advertising strategy and how to get started with one.

Table of contents

  1.  5 Ways AI Banner Generators Can Transform Your Social Media Advertising Strategy
  2.  3 Tips To Boost Your Social Media Advertising Strategy With AI Banner Generators
  3.  Conclusion

5 Ways AI Banner Generators Can Transform Your Social Media Advertising Strategy

AI-driven banner generators are software programs capable of producing creative and attention-grabbing banner designs within seconds. And here’s why they are gradually becoming the upstream component used by strategic brands to achieve successful campaigns:

1. Automates Design Process

If there’s one thing campaign managers lack, that is time.

You have so many things on your desk – from creating an advertising plan, working with the writing team to roll out ad content, optimizing existing ads, feeding the higher-ups progress reports, and so many others.

Then there’s the whole bogus banner-designing process. You need to first ideate, conclude on the perfect fonts or layout to use, monitor your design team as they wave their design wands, and review, reject, and cross-review output until you find a banner that somehow fits in.

But what if you could automate this workflow and do everything within seconds? 

AI banner generators handle the whole design process, including ideation, and can instantly roll out tens of designs that connect with your audience.

Moreover, some exceptional ones, like Creatopy, have a library of pre-designed banners in different sizes. So, all you need to do is adjust them to portray your brand identity, scale them for viewability, and export for your social media campaigns.

Generate ads

2. Ensures Brand Consistency

Research shows that color consistency can boost brand recognition by 80%, and overall consistency projects brand revenue by 10% or more.

“But color is not the only thing that needs consistency. Talk about the fonts, design style, imagery, and even tone of your ad copies. Missing out on one can potentially disrupt your ads’ impression on the audience. And when that happens, it’s going to be really difficult to convince them to take action,” Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing & Media Relations at Ninja Transfers, says.

Interestingly, it’s easy for your designs to become disjointed, especially if you do everything manually or work on multiple projects for different clients simultaneously.

With an AI-powered banner, there’s no need to worry about human errors as a result of handling too many projects. Your banner design assistant prioritizes consistency across all your ad designs and ensures your message resonates across all banner sizes.

Ensure brand consistency

3. Enhances Creativity And Engagement

Tim White, Founder of Milepro, says, “As humans, we’re the epitome of creativity. However, how much of this unique trait we can tap fully depends on several factors such as location, inspiration from other designs, experiences, etc. So, it’s perfectly normal for designers to hit a creative block occasionally. However, that can limit the progress of your campaigns and cause inconsistency in the ads you deliver to your audience.”

Creativity also drives engagement. Sometimes, what draws the attention of your target customers is not your brand reputation but the mind-blowing concept behind your designs. 

“If it looks good enough to catch my attention, then it must be worth it” – the thought of an average social media user.

For AI-driven banner generators, there’s no such thing as a creative block. These systems can generate multiple-size banners simply from a URL—your landing page or website—and provide dozens of variations from existing banner templates.

This means you don’t have to be worried about reusing the same design style every time since you can easily switch to a new front and excite your audiences with a visual buster. Also, the more advanced ones allow you to bulk-edit all the copies generated at the same time, thus saving you time.

Enhance creativity and engagement

4. Cost-Effective and Scalable

If you’re hiring a freelancer to get things done, the cost per design goes from as little as $30 to as high as $1000, depending on the complexity and who is doing it. Some freelance graphic designers charge $25 to $100 per hour. For a campaign that requires tens of different banner sizes, that’s a lot of money going down the drain.

However, things are not much different for an in-house design team. On average, it costs $56,999 to hire an in-house graphic designer yearly. Depending on expertise, some could be as expensive as $100,000 annually or more.

Let’s say you’re a business owner running a small brand. $56,999 yearly can practically break your bank, especially if you are operating on a little budget in the first place. That’s also not sustainable for a social media manager handling quite a number of clients’ campaigns.

Alternatively, AI-banner generators like Creatopy only cost around $45 monthly, and you can scale up your subscription as your need and capital grows. Most importantly, you’re not doing a trial-and-error design process. Your first time is as perfect as the hundredth time of an in-house designer, with pinpoint accuracy in design tone, message delivery, and aesthetics.

5. Team Collaboration On Another Level

Collaboration might not be essential for a one-man social media team, but if you’re working with other people, it becomes a must-have provision. It should be easy for team members to communicate and cross-collaborate with other units in a centralized location.

And that’s exactly what AI banner generators like Creatopy do. You can easily work with other design editors to audit a banner design, implement fixes wherever necessary, and approve final output for use in ad campaigns.

This, in turn, accelerates workflow execution and eradicates lengthy approval time for your designs.

Team collaboration

3 Tips To Boost Your Social Media Advertising Strategy With AI Banner Generators

AI banner generators are the new revolutionary tools to tilt your advertising strategy towards the winning scale and boost ad metrics. For effective results, implement the following tips.

1. Choose The Right AI Banner Generator

There are several AI banner generators available on the market. That means you’ll likely find choosing the best one for your needs challenging. To avoid this, consider green cards, such as cost-effectiveness, usability, and customer support.

“But more than all those, ensure your preferred platform offers customization options. While letting AI generators handle the whole workflow is awesome, sometimes, you might want to handle some little tweaks yourself. And these minor changes can revamp your entire banner design into something much more awesome.”, Jerry Han, CMO at PrizeRebel, adds.

2. Experiment With Different Banner Sizes And Ad Formats

Social media operates on tons of algorithms but nothing beats user’s preferences. 

For instance, some people might feel landscape banners block their line of view and should be removed even if the ad addresses their current queries or needs. While others might say portrait banners are intrusive and take up a large portion of their screen.

These varying preferences influence your campaign’s engagement and decide if your performance metrics spike or drain.

Ad formats are as important as banner location. Some AI banner generators provide the option to animate your banners. Try both sides of the coin – animated and static banners – to see which one brings in more results.

3. Use A/B Testing To Determine The Most Effective Designs

Color, fonts, images, style, and ad copies. You need to create A/B testing campaigns where you try variations of these crucial elements and see which one resonates best with your audience. Analyze each performing ad and see what’s pushing engagement from others.

Then implement your findings for other ads until you have successfully built your working recipe. 

It’s also important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for creating the best banner. That’s why you must keep running A/B testing to feed your AI banner generator the right data and work with designs that actually move the needle.

AB Testing To Determine The Most Effective Designs 2


AI banner generators are game changers for social media managers struggling with scaling up their advertising strategy. With the right tool, you can easily automate your design process, ensure brand consistency, enhance design creativity for each bout of banners, and cut down your expenses.

For effective implementation, start by choosing an AI-powered creative automation platform like Creatopy that offers customization options. Experiment with engaging animated ad formats to capture your audience’s attention with motion. Lastly, adjust your preferred creative to portray your brand identity and export for social media campaigns.

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