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The need to feel appreciated is deeply rooted in each and every one of us. It’s fundamental human nature.

Whether it’s to mark the proud moment of graduating from school, to celebrate a lifetime’s worth of contribution, or simply to immortalize an event for its participants, our certificate design templates are perfect when you want to express acknowledgment. 

Certificates can also be hung on the wall to remember the good times and to express pride in our significant achievements in life.

At work, for example, feedback is everything. At school, the satisfaction of reaching a milestone makes all the hard work worthwhile. 

The smallest gesture of recognition can make someone’s day, so why settle for a humble ‘thank you’ or a cold ‘congrats’? 

With a certificate maker such as Creatopy, you can create a certificate design for any occasion in minutes. 

What’s more, is that you can choose from dozens of certificate design templates if you need some inspiration, and they can be edited down to the smallest detail to make sure they’re truly one-of-a-kind.

Speaking of inspiration, we put together a handy list of certificate examples for you to choose from. 

Give someone the recognition they deserve by using our professional templates from Creatopys’ certificate maker app.

Certificate Templates at Work

Here’s a cliché for you: motivation is vital at any workplace. 

Now that you’ve heard this for the umptieth time, here’s an actual way to put the theory in practice. 

A company dinner or a year-end party is a good time not only to reflect on the team’s progress but also to recognize exceptional talent at an individual level and reward the efforts of your colleagues. 


Some companies celebrate the ‘Employee of the month’ to let the most hard-working team members know their diligence doesn’t go unnoticed.

Others honor the unique skills of their coworkers, without which the results wouldn’t be the same. 

Whatever business you’re in, your most talented coworkers deserve more than a shout out every now and then. 

If you’re looking to boost their confidence and let them know they’re doing a great job, check out our certificate of appreciation templates in our certificate maker app.

Just click on one of the templates above to start customizing it, so it matches your brand’s identity.

Give Your Rising Stars the Validation They Crave

It’s not just the seasoned veterans who appreciate a confidence boost every now and then to keep them dedicated and motivated for a long time. 

In fact, interns and employees in their training period are even more eager to get feedback.

And in their case, it’s all the more important to remember that positive reinforcement is more beneficial for their progress than constructive criticism.

This claim was actually discussed in detail in a recent Harvard Business Review cover story

Perhaps the interns haven’t had a lot of results during this short period of time, and their performance is imponderable, but if they give promising signs, they need to know you see their potential. 

Likewise, when people reach an important milestone in their development—such as successfully completing a professional course—a beautiful certificate of recognition confirms that you know it’s a big deal for them. 

Additionally, it’s a good reminder that your organization cares about individual progress. 

Such an endorsement also strengthens people’s sense of responsibility, as it is both a reminder and a tangible proof that they have the relevant knowledge, experience, and the desired skills to do their job well. 

Your Contributors Deserve Credit Too

Some projects take a successful collaboration and strong connections to get off the ground. If you’re lucky enough to be part of such a fruitful relationship, it’s always worth reinforcing that bond. 

Or perhaps you have someone on your team who always goes the extra mile, and you want to give them something that shows how much you appreciate their dedication.

If you want to share more than the success of your hard work together, you can show your appreciation for their continued support with a gift certificate. 

Templates are available with ready-made designs that can be easily edited to fit the mood, whether you’re after a formal recognition or a friendly pat on the back.

Let The Games Begin

A little rivalry always brings out the best (and worst) of people’s personalities. 

We’ll focus on the good stuff here, but feel free to commemorate the ‘Most theatrical football dive’ of the company team building or—why not—establish an ‘In your face’ award for the most annoying winner at the community board game event. 

Just don’t blame us if the recipients won’t feel humbled to receive the honor.

On a more serious note, the competitive spirit is something to be celebrated.

For these occasions, whether it’s a neighborhood cook-off, a company-wide charity scavenger hunt, or the annual school marathon, you can always add a beautiful certificate next to the trophy.

Give Your Trainees Something to Boast About

Gaining new skills is excellent, and obviously, the whole point of your training sessions and workshops. However, it doesn’t hurt if the attendees get to take home something in addition to the array of useful knowledge. 

If professional certification is required for employment or practice, you’ll probably need to choose a more formal design.

In Creatopy, you can find certificate examples that are appropriate for a more informal session too, or you can go for a downright goofy certificate design, in case that’s what the topic of your workshop calls for.  

These are no participation prizes—unless you want them to be.

In certain industries, a certificate like this can facilitate its holder’s advancement in their career, open up new opportunities, and earn them higher salaries. 

So don’t mistake these for participation prizes. 

Although those two have a time and place, depending on who you ask.

For example, there are contests with no winners, such as friendly competitions where people get together to have fun, rather than to win a prize. 

For these occasions, you can very simply transform one of these templates. Add a group photo, and you have the perfect memorabilia pack.

Farewell Alma Mater, Hello Great Unknown

Such memorable, emotional moments…

Who wouldn’t remember their high school graduation or the moment college days officially ended? 

All our previous achievements and failures, tears, and laughter condensed into one confusing moment full of pride and anticipation.

The end of an era, the beginning of another—the one we’d been preparing for our whole life. A significant milestone, which deserves a certificate with the appropriate design. 

And let’s not belittle kindergarten graduations either. We’re talking about the same tears, and the same gut-wrenching feeling of “everything I’ve ever known is gone forever!”

And do we have a template for that too? You’ve guessed it.

Don’t Forget to Thank the Mentors

Behind every successful person is an armada of tutors and mentors who saw through their growth from the very beginning. 

Seeing their pupils lined up and ready for the next big challenge in life is no doubt a great reward in and of itself. Thus, it would be a mistake not to acknowledge their hard work at the graduation ceremony. 

While you’re at it, spare a minute and prepare the certifications for the teachers too.

Get the Party Going

This is where the real fun starts. Fun, yes! 

It’s true, “certification” is such a sumptuous word, and we usually associate it with formal events and significant achievements—something you’d dress up for. 

But guess what—since winning the “Creepiest costume” award or a serious sports tournament are both significant achievements, you can leave your fancy clothes at home and receive a certificate while wearing speedos, a witch costume, or even one of those silly sumo suits.


The livelier the event, the more fun you get to have with the design.

The templates are there, so your creativity is the only limit. That is unless yours is limitless, in which case accept our humble apologies.

Family Events Can Be Fun 

Who said you need an award ceremony to surprise someone with a certificate? It’s not just the professional achievements that deserve a diploma. 

On the contrary, there’s plenty to celebrate with our families and friends as well. 

Wedding anniversaries, family reunions, you name it—and in all fairness, these are the really important milestones in life.

Offer an award to the person dearest to your heart to let them know they tick all the boxes, pass all the tests, and even if they don’t, they’re still number one to you.


You can also easily customize these certificate templates to give the old birthday card or thank you note a fun, personal twist.

Surprise the family’s incurable nostalgia with a “Back in the day” award signed by all their loved ones, or let the “World’s best babysitter” know how much you appreciate their reliability and help.

Dozens of Certificate Design Templates Are Waiting to Be Discovered

If you liked the certificate examples above, you’re going to love the dozens of different printable certificate templates, all of which can be fully customized to fit even the most extraordinary occasion. 

Our online tool takes the pain out of designing a certificate.

All you need to do is create an account, get those creative juices flowing, and have fun designing your own certificates.

Choose your favorite template, add your personal touch, and download your certificate design instantly in the format of your choice.

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