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I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that staying ahead in the graphic design world is about more than just knowing how to use tools or understanding design concepts—it’s equally important to stay in tune with what’s new and exciting in graphic design. 

Why is this important? Let me explain.

Firstly, graphic design isn’t just about making pretty ads or social media posts. It’s a way of communicating values, and a clear message, evoking emotional responses from people, making a positive first impression, and conveying ideas efficiently. 

Secondly, keeping up with the latest graphic design trends is like having a secret superpower. It helps us understand what will catch people’s attention and, most importantly, how we can connect with them. In the end, it’s about knowing how these trends can make our work as graphic designers stand out and be relatable.

I’m just your everyday graphic designer, keeping up with the fast-moving world of design, one pixel at a time, and I’m excited to share my insights with you.

So, are you ready to dive into the vibrant world of top graphic design trends for 2024? We’re going to check out the coolest visual trends, such as eco-friendly designs, innovative 3D typography, AI’s impact, nostalgic vibes, and a whole lot more.

1. Sustainability in design: going green in style

2. 3D and dynamic typography: bringing words to life

3. Nostalgic aesthetics: the power of memory in design

4. Minimalism and maximalism: two ends of the design spectrum

5. Prominent photography: capturing eyes and hearts

6. Collage: piecing together creative narratives

7. AI in design: the future is right here, right now

1. Sustainability in Design: Going Green in Style

Let’s talk about something super important and super cool in graphic design: Sustainability. 

What’s it all about? In simple terms, sustainability in design means creating stuff in a way that’s kind to our planet. 

This approach involves careful consideration of the materials we use. Choosing eco-friendly packaging means using materials that are gentle on the environment or paperless options like QR codes, emails instead of letters, and online brochures instead of printed ones.

Alongside these choices, we use colors and fonts that remind people of nature. We’re not only making a design that’s beautiful to look at, but we subtly encourage people to consider the environment. This approach serves as a gentle reminder that eco-friendly practices are not only trendy but also crucial.

Sustainability in Design Template

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Using the right colors can make such a difference in graphic design, so it’s definitely one of those theory chapters you don’t want to skip, especially when you want to create nature-inspired visuals.

The beauty of being a visual designer lies in its minimal reliance on physical resources, making it more environmentally friendly. Additionally, contributing to the development of a digital product that helps businesses in transitioning to a more sustainable solution is a rewarding achievement.

Florentina Boc, Graphic Designer at Flipsnack

ecoasis sustainability in design

Source: Gapsy Studio

kolmar sustainability packaking

Source: Kolmar

2. 3D and Dynamic Typography: Bringing Words to Life

Typography has evolved a lot in the past few years. It used to be just about regular fonts (like serif fonts). 

But now, there are two cool graphic design trends unfolding: 3D Design Typography and Dynamic Typography. These innovations are pushing the limits of visual communication by introducing depth, motion, and interactivity to designs.

With 3D design typography, it’s all about giving depth and dimension to words, making them pop and stand out in ways that flat text just can’t. This graphic design trend is a game-changer for grabbing attention, adding a wow factor to any design, and making it more engaging.

3D Typography Template 3

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With dynamic typography, it isn’t just about how text looks but how it moves and changes. The letters twist, turn, grow, or shrink, responding to user interactions, and can even represent a unique way to tell a story. 

Dynamic typography brings a whole new level of engagement. 

Dynamic Typography Template

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Integrating 3D typography alongside parallax effects can significantly improve your visuals or website. While this is much more challenging, there are specialized tools available to assist you in creating interactive visuals and taking user engagement to a new level.

Rúben Szekrényes, Product Design Lead at Creatopy

3d typography graphic design

Source: Franck Jeannin

3d typography example

Source: Type01

3d typography graphic design example

Source: BestGerbedBold 

3d typography animation

Source: Paulo Alpuim

3. Nostalgic Aesthetics: The Power of Memory in Design

Nostalgic design is like a time machine. It takes us back to those good old days, a childhood memory, or a favorite past era.  

@nike Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Introducing the SB Dunk Low by #powerpuffgirls ♬ original sound – Nike

If you were born in the ‘90s, then you probably can’t ignore all those campaigns that are leveraging nostalgia marketing.  

Nostalgia marketing resonates with audiences because it taps into their emotions and evokes fond memories, creating a powerful connection that can drive sales and brand loyalty.

The effectiveness of nostalgia marketing is further amplified by its inherently memorable nature. 

Using familiar themes, imagery, or objects from the past helps brands tap into pre-existing associations and emotions that audiences already hold. This makes it easier for brands to build upon existing connections rather than trying to forge entirely new ones, which can be much more challenging and time-consuming. The familiarity of nostalgic imagery and narratives creates a sense of comfort and resonance, making brands more approachable and relatable.

Let’s keep the nostalgia train rolling and talk about two of its coolest companions in the graphic design world—Pixel Art and Retro Mascots.

Pixel art is a throwback to the early days of digital graphics but with a modern twist. Pixel art grabs attention because it’s simple and somehow makes you feel all sorts of feelings.

Pixel Art Template

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Retro mascots. Remember those fun, quirky characters from old ads, games, and TV shows? They’re perfect for adding personality and a sense of fun to any design. Plus, they create this instant nostalgic connection, making your audience feel powerful emotions.

Retro Mascot Template

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For me, seeing an ad can bring up memories and trigger deeper feelings. This can sometimes be the best solution in advertising, aiming to hit the sweet spot between your brain and your heart. Don’t forget to be smart. Be smart-funny, not cringe.

Robert Andor, Visual Design Lead at Creatopy

Nostalgic Aesthetics Template 1

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forward by tatari

Source: Forward by Tatari

jamiesons nostalgia design

Source: Jamiesons by Public Design

4. Minimalism and Maximalism: Two Ends of the Design Spectrum

Two different but equally awesome design styles and graphic design trends for 2024—minimalism and maximalism. 

It’s like comparing a whisper to a loud shout—they can both be a good fit when placed in the right context.

With minimalism, it’s all about less is more. Minimalist designs use clean lines, limited colors, and lots of space. This style is all about making a big impact with as little as possible.

Minimalism graphic design Template

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Maximalism is the opposite. It’s bold and loud, and loves to use a mix of patterns, vibrant colors, and textures. This style is perfect for making a statement and standing out.

Maximalism graphic design Template

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Simple and minimalist designs? They’re always a win—’ less is more’ is a universal vibe. But at the other end of the spectrum, things get wild. It’s about going all out, creating something bold and aesthetically pleasing. It’s finding that balance, rocking wild colors that amp up the crazy, yet still complement the core elements flawlessly.
By mastering both, you’ve got the power to adapt—delivering sleek simplicity or eye-popping, bold statements, giving your designs that extra ‘wow’ factor for any occasion.

Laura Vlad, Senior Design Lead at Creatopy

maximalism draphic design

Source: Covers & Posters | Original Vibe by posters.blumoo

maximalism graphic design trend

Source: Buck / We Are Playgrounds: The Art Department

minimalism graphic design

Source: Nick Barclay designs

minimalism graphic design example

Source: Simply by Muji

5. Prominent Photography: Capturing Eyes and Hearts

This graphic design trend is all about using big, bold photos to make a visual statement.

They could be anything from breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits. The key is in their size and presence.

This visual style isn’t just about showing something beautiful—it’s about establishing a strong emotional connection with the viewer. 

Prominent Photography Template

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Without a doubt, photography has an immense impact on a design, especially when it’s done with purpose in mind in order to grasp a reaction or emotion from the viewer. In the case of prominent photography, putting the person or product as the main character in the shot will convey the message itself without the need for any elaborate text.

Petrica Emanuel, Motion Graphic Designer at Creatopy

prominent photography graphic design

Source: Vevo by portorocha

prominent photography graphic design trend

Source: Elder, Museum of Science and Technology by Enrique Presa

6. Collage: Piecing Together Creative Narratives

A collage is all about mixing different design elements (photos, textures, drawings, you name it) to create an image. It’s like a visual mash-up. You take bits and pieces from different sources and combine them to make something new and interesting.

In the graphic design world, a collage is used to create something that’s both familiar and new. It’s a way to grab attention by combining the unexpected. You might see a vintage photo mixed with modern graphics or hand-drawn elements with digital images. 

The beauty of using collage in design is that it allows for endless creativity. There’s no one way to do it. It’s like a playground for graphic designers to experiment, express, and explore. 

Collage Template

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Diving into collage design is like catching a creative wave—totally my jam. Its unique and personal character allows me to combine different textures, imagery, and layouts, resulting in eye-catching designs. Blending the old and the new is the perfect way to create that feeling of nostalgia and capture people’s attention. Because of that, it can be used in advertising, social media assets, and even in packaging design.

Adelina Monenciu, Design Lead at Creatopy

collage graphic design

Source: youworkforthem

collage graphic design trend

Source: Polish Jazz by Mariia Timofeeva

7. AI in Design: The Future Is Right Here, Right Now

So, how is Artificial Intelligence getting into the graphic design mix?

Professional designers are using AI to speed up their workflow, try out new trends and ideas, and even tackle the more tedious parts of the design process, like resizing images or sorting through tons of data.

We’re just scratching the surface of what AI can do in design. Imagine AI marketing tools where graphic designers and marketers can fully collaborate, understanding and anticipating their needs. We might see AI tools that can create entire advertising campaigns.

In short, AI in design isn’t just a trend—it’s a revolution. It’s blending new technology and creativity in ways we’ve never seen before.

The future is bright, and Artificial Intelligence is one of the shining lights leading the way.

AI in design Template

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You don’t have to search for the perfect image or illustration anymore when you have the option to generate it with AI based on your description. And not only that, you can edit your images faster with AI-driven tools. One could only dream about this a few years ago, but now it is a reality creative people should consider.

Corneliu Copacean, Product Designer at Creatopy

ai in graphic design

Source: The Curator’ Dead End Gallery

Final Thoughts

So, how do we use these top graphic design trends in our everyday projects? It’s all about adapting and mixing these styles to suit your needs. Whether you’re crafting a brand’s identity, designing a website, or creating digital art, these trends offer a toolbox of ideas.

Each has its place and purpose, and the key is to blend them seamlessly into your work, making your designs not only modern but also unique and impactful.

As we move forward, these graphic design trends will not just shape our work but also the way we think about and interact with the world around us. So, let’s keep our creative spirits high and our minds open. The future of design is ours to shape!

Now, I want to hear from you. What’s one graphic design trend you look forward to in 2024? Or what’s one that should have been included in this list?

I'm a visual designer sculpting experiences that resonate with the essence of selling blue skies and colorful air. I transform imagination into captivating designs.


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