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Flyers are some of the oldest types of marketing materials that are still being used to this day. The rise of the Internet did not make them vanish, but instead, the digital medium turned into a new environment for flyer design and distribution.

These marketing materials are still used by marketers because they can be effective. 

They work when they are distributed as printed materials in mailboxes, waiting rooms, in malls, or simply handed out on the streets. Additionally, flyers can bring results when they are delivered in a digital form on the Internet, across a variety of media channels.

Because of this, we decided to help you make your first steps towards designing the best flyers through a series of inspirational flyer design ideas.

After creating your free account with Creatopy and setting up your account, click on the search bar from the screen’s left side and type Flyer.

Now you can start designing right away.

Business flyer design ideas

As an online flyer maker, Creatopy can be quite powerful in terms of what you can do and what you can deliver.

Do you want to instantly grab the attention of your targeted customers? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Well, here are some of the best business flyer templates available in your account.

In this example, I show you how easy it is to grab attention in an instant by using different hues for the same color and deliver a clear message accompanied by a simple chart.

Another great option when you make your own flyer is to choose a bi-color design with the addition of a third color element (or elements) that you want to focus on. Here’s an excellent example of these sorts.

E-commerce flyer design ideas

The eCommerce industry is one of the most popular among today’s online audiences. If you want to attract the attention of your customers, you need to be not only creative but also modern in your visual design, as most of your customers will be Millenials, Generation Z, or middle-aged.

Here’s an example that combines the power of the pop art culture with a really clear design, with lots of white space and an easy to read call to action.

The second example in this category is one that puts the call to action in the center of attention. You can create your own flyer based on this template right in Creatopy or, you can use the template to get inspired for your own personal, professional design:

Education flyer templates

While the flyer size is not that important when you are dealing with digital concepts, the effect they have on the viewer is still essential.

When it comes to education, this impact may prove to be even more vital as it impacts not only your business but at the same time, other people’s lives.

You have several options, and I am going to show you two templates that fit two of the most important of them.

First, you can choose a simple design featuring your institution. If we are talking about a well-known institution, pictures will speak louder than words.

Another good idea is to use a collage of graphics, icons, or images, that deliver the same message as your call to action. Here’s a good example.

Fashion flyer templates

When it comes to fashion, attention to detail matters, maybe more than in any other industry.

Creativity is also essential since you address an audience that looks at details and sees beyond them. Like in any other industry, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

First, let’s take a look at a minimal flyer design template. Take a quick look at it and try to imagine your own flyer starting from this concept.

Another good option is to use your image collections from previous photo shootings and choose one of your best-featured images that depicts one or a series of your commercial items and pair it with a call to action.

Let’s assume that you don’t want to use product pictures, and at the same time, you want to add more creativity and not settle with a minimal design. What can you do?

Well, you can adapt to the industry and at the same time, to your offer and create the design that can really attract attention and compliment your call to action/copy text. Here’s an excellent example of a creative flyer design:

Or, instead, you can focus your design on typography and play with colors to attract attention:

Marius Ciuchete, Web Designer and User Advocate, has kindly given his input when it comes to flyer design.

For a very long time, flyers have been an integral part of any well-rounded print marketing campaign. But getting them to be effective and stand out in a sea of professional designs can be very challenging. That is why using things like relevant imagery and appropriate fonts are vital for your success. Communicating a message using imagery alone can be very difficult. But typography alone can give your design a distinct look or mood, so make sure to align your choice of typography with your branding and with the content of your flyer. Readability is the most important factor for flyers—since that’s how you get your message across—which means you’ll want to stick with fonts that are not overly ornate or unusual and use more one or two fonts only (or a single font in multiple weights). Always choose your typography to deliver a strong visual statement and harmonizes with your imagery.

Flyer templates for services

Services are quite different from products when it comes to marketing. You cannot make a photo shooting for a service or, if you do it, your images might depict a story rather than the product itself.

However, we’re going to start with a flyer design that is based on a photo.

At the same time, if you don’t want to invest money in a photoshoot or even in a stock image, you can create your flyer based on clip art images and make it more visible through the choice of colors.

Here’s an example that can really inspire you by showing how critical complementary colors are in visual design.

Or, you can start by designing a flyer based on monochromatic typography and let the font-style tell your message.

Naomi Veres, who’s a beloved visual designer here at Creatopy, has some valuable advice as well. She says that:

“Flyer design shouldn’t be rocket science. Every flyer has a clear objective of getting attention, being informative and forging a connection with the possible receiver. The actual design should first and foremost, represent the brand behind it by consulting the brand guidelines before it’s crafted. The next step is to conceptualize the flyer around an idea that makes it easy for the receiver to act on what you’re offering. In other words, flyers around a certain promotion or season can best be conveyed through the combination of powerful visuals (such as illustrations, relevant and natural photos, etc.) and short text in an easy-to-read font type and size. A good rule of thumb is to create an equal amount of space on all sides of the flyer in order to balance the content. Also, it’s important to create a strategic hierarchy of text throughout the flyer, with careful attention to the most important text by making it bold, a bigger font size or a different color from the body text. With all of these elements in mind, you are on your way to creating a flyer that will get you the results you want!”

Health industry flyer templates

Stock images, when they are relevant to the audience, can really make the difference.

Just like in the following template, we can start designing our best flyer templates based on a stock image paired with a branded logo and catchy typography.

You can also catch your target audience’s attention by choosing a grid flyer layout design with the focus on the message delivered. This example is also based on a stock image, but the focus is on the message which is placed in the middle of the visual.

Another excellent example of a grid layout makes the reader focus on two areas at the same time, by placing the headline vertically and putting in the center with smaller sized fonts, the message.

Flyer templates for events and holidays

Holidays and seasonal events allow you to use exclusive designs and concepts that can set the mood and introduce the audience to your advertised event.

In a way, nothing is more straightforward than designing a flyer for a holiday or a special event since you should already have in mind not only the message but also some visuals for that specific event.

Or, in some cases, you will already have a visual identity.

Here’s an example of a flyer design for an event dedicated to planet Earth. Even though it’s quite simple, it uses the most potent two colors that can be associated with such an event: blue, as the color of our planet and green, as the color that represents nature.

Another great example that you will also find right in your flyer editor is the one we propose as an inspirational template for a design-related event.

You can always choose to start simple, with areas of white space and just a few elements of design and focus on colors and typography to deliver your message as good as you can.

Here’s another good example based only on typography and colors. The focus, in this case, is divided between the beautifully presented name of the event and the date with some of the special offers.

Real Estate Flyer templates

When it comes to real estate, you can either promote your best deals or promote your business.

Considering that a flyer design is not a banner, and in most of the cases, it should be perennial. I recommend designing flyers with this idea in mind.

You can choose a stock image and an easy to transmit yet powerful message like in the following flyer template.

Or, you can select a graphical design to catch the attention of the audience through colors, patterns, and typography like in the example available below.

Sports-related flyer templates

Whether you have a sports event to market, a sports center, or gym classes, you can do it with great results via a direct approach through flyers, printed or digital.

I’m going to show you several templates for making a flyer you can use to get started or to just get some inspiration.

The first flyer template is based on a clip art design depicting the main event. It makes the message easy to understand and easy to spot even from a significant distance, from where the user cannot read the message but understand the visual design.

The second option is to choose an excellent and relevant stock image (or a professional image from your event/sports center) and pair it with a good call to action or a copy text. The image may differ from one offer to another, from one sport to the other.

Also, if you market a sports-related service and have something to offer, such as a sale, don’t hesitate to mention it, like on the following template.

We have a similar template as well, one that combines the relevant photo with a good call to action. As you can see, the text takes the focus due to the excellent choice of background color.

Travel flyer templates

When it comes to travel and vacations, you need to trigger some positive emotions which are related to joy or relaxation.

The best things you can work within this case are the colors. Yes, the colors can trigger such emotions, and the effectiveness of the flyer may depend on your choice in colors.

Here’s an example:

Or, you can choose a stock image and pair it with a copy text just like in the following example.


If you want to design your own flyer and do it quickly and professionally, Creatopy is the best online flyer maker you can go for.

The templates available in-app are a good starting point for any designer, and we recommend checking at least a dozen different templates before starting to actually work on your own flyer.

In this article, I’ve presented some of the most popular flyer designs and templates available in our online design tool. There are more to discover in the app as soon as you register or log in to your account. 

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