How to create an Etsy banner
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How to Create The Perfect Etsy Banner – Everything You Need to Know

Etsy banners are very important for your business because the moment that someone first hops on your Etsy shop, the first thing that jumps out at them is your banner.

And let me tell you, first impressions matter. A lot.

Etsy Banner Example
Source: Scandinazn


If we look at some eye-opening statistics, according to psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov and the experiments they performed at Princeton, we’ll learn that it only takes about a tenth of a second to form a first impression about a stranger or a brand.Create Ad Campaigns 1

That’s not a big window.

A tenth of a second?

Now, you are aware that you absolutely need your Etsy shop banner to be instantaneously captivating in order to get your client’s full interest, get them to trust you, your products, and get to buying.

You also need your banner to be reflective of what you’re selling and also your style.

But most importantly, your banner needs to be as unique as the things you sell.

Take these Etsy Shops for example:

Featured Area Seller Handbook Slow

Source: Etsy


Each cover photo is reflective of what they sell, and each one has its own personal touch of style.

But what is the one thing that each and every one of these successful Etsy businesses have in common?

Each one has an amazing banner.

Etsy as a platform for your business

Big Etsy Banner Example 2

Source: Bellsandwhistlesmake

As we all know, Etsy is a great platform for start-ups. It’s the place where dreams can become a reality.

Many people have started with just an idea, and then made tens of thousands of dollars a month by selling their products on Etsy’s platform.

But what sets you apart from your competition? What will help you stand out in a crowd of 54 million Etsy users?

You can grow your business from 0 to 100 in no time with good products and even better marketing.

But it all starts with your unique cover photo.

It is absolutely vital that your cover photo catches the eye of your potential client, and inspires them to stay on the page and start looking through your products.

Now knowing the importance of your banner, and feeling the pressure of the task of creating the perfect banner ahead, you may think to yourself, “This will be too costly and will take too much time to find the perfect professional designer for my business..”

But never fear! You can make your own professional banner.

You don’t need multiple years of design school in your back-pocket, or any background in design for that matter.

You may ask yourself, “How is that possible?” or “How can I make an Etsy cover photo all by myself?”.

Well, we the team here at Creatopy have the answer for you. Today, I’m going to show you how to make an awesome banner for your shop.

All you need is a little bit of creativity and five minutes. That’s it!  Head over to to start creating your first free Etsy shop banner.

Let me show you the 5 easy steps of how to make an Etsy banner, and then how to upload your perfect and custom cover photo to your shop.

Step 1. Sign-in to Creatopy to begin the editing process

We created a tool that’s perfectly suited for anyone who needs a banner ad. Think of it as your own Etsy banner maker.

With hundreds of free templates, it’s easy to get great Etsy banner ideas for your shop, or simply click on something that fits your needs and then customize it to be your own one-of-a-kind banner.

If you have an account, you know what to do. Just sign in.

If you don’t have an account, what are you waiting for? It’s free!

Step 2. Create a banner that matches Etsy banner dimensions and specifications

There are 2 different Etsy banner size specifications. So, the size you choose will be totally up to you, and choosing the size comes down to the style of banner you like better.

There’s Big banner and then there’s Mini banner.

Etsy Big banner size

Big Etsy Banner ExampleSource: Linennaive


The minimum size specifications for Etsy’s Big Banner are 1200 x 300 pixels.

I personally like the big banner because as soon as someone stumbles upon your shop, the banner really sticks out. You can really make a statement by using the big banner dimensions.

Etsy Mini banner size

Example of Mini Etsy Banner

The minimum dimensions for Etsy’s Mini Banner are 1200 x 160 pixels.

The Mini banner is just a little bit different from the Big Banner. The height is 140 pixels shorter than the Big banner. This one is a little daintier and is more commonly used for posting a simple logo with not a lot of visuals. So if you’re looking to display just your logo, this one may be the banner size for you.

Mini Etsy Banner Example

Source: Valdenize


Creatopy has a pre-made size for the Big Etsy banner, as such a visual offers a bigger impact on any Etsy profile. If you want to choose this size, type Etsy in the search bar on the left side of the screen, and you’ll see the Etsy Big Shop Banner format.

If you prefer the other size, pick the Create custom size option, and type in 1200 x 160 px.

Step 3. Edit your banner

In this step, you can really let your creativity glow.

Creatopy offers many great design elements you can add to your visuals: from free background images to birthday banners, baby shower banners, Christmas banners, wedding banners, and more. 

Besides these, you’ll find other assets in the Elements section, such as stock videos, fonts, shapes, lines, logos, and more.

Make use of anything available on the platform, or upload your own assets for a more personalized look.

Once you’ve chosen or uploaded an image, you can begin to scale it to the size of your Etsy cover photo and then start adding your text and elements.

You can edit the size, boldness, and color of the text to fit the style of your Etsy shop.

The color combination of your design will be determined by what you’re selling and your products’ overall style, but keep in mind that colors have a great impact on your profile’s visitors, so use them in a creative way to really emphasize your Etsy banner.

Once you’re finished editing, we’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 4. Download your banner 

When you’re happy with how you created your own custom Etsy Banner, it’s time to download it as JPG or PNG.

Just in case you want to start designing right away, I’ll leave some templates for your Etsy cover photo below. To use them, all you have to do is click on the image, and it’ll take you right into our editor.

Etsy banner for beauty products

Etsy cover photo for wedding supplies

Banner template for organic produce

Etsy banner for jewellery

Etsy cover photo for accessories

Etsy banner for toys

Etsy banner for fine wine

Etsy banner for home decor

Banner template for home-made products

Click on any image above that suits your style best to begin the editing process!

Once you’re done editing, save your new beautiful banner to your computer, and we’ll be ready for step number 5.Create Ad Campaigns 1

Step 5. Upload your Etsy banner to your shop

Now I’ll show you exactly how to upload your new Etsy banner to your shop.

Pay close attention.

Go to Etsy and click on your profile icon.

How to Upload an Etsy Banner Step 1

Once you’ve selected your profile, click on “View profile”

How to Upload an Etsy Banner Step 2
Next, select “Visit your Shop”.

How to Edit Etsy Banner

Now what you’ll want to do is click on “Edit shop”.

Edit Etsy Shop Banner

Now, select “+Banner” to begin the uploading process.

Upload an Etsy Banner to Etsy

Select whatever size you chose when you first created your cover photo in Creatopy, then click “Done”.

Change Etsy Banner Size

We’re almost finished!

Click on “Add photos” and select your banner from your computer.

How to Upload an Etsy Banner


Add and save your Etsy banner…

How to Upload an Etsy Banner on Etsy

And voilà!

Make Your Own Etsy Banner


Your banner is now complete and you look like the true professional that you are!


What makes a good Etsy banner and tips on how to make a custom banner


Do you need more inspiration on making your new cover photo? Are you wondering what makes a good Etsy banner?

If you want some tips and tricks on what makes a good cover photo that will grab the attention of your clients, keep reading and learn about some key things to keep in mind when you are creating your banner. We’ll also go over some great examples to follow.


1. Make sure your Etsy banner is reflective of what you sell

Since your banner will be the main focal point of your profile the first thing your viewers will see, it’s important that they know what you’re all about.

For example, this shop has no secrets and displays exactly what they’re selling in their Etsy shop.

No questions asked. No hints.

As soon as you see this banner, you know what they’re selling.

If you focus on creating and selling one perfect item in your Etsy shop, then this strategy may be the one for you.

Etsy Banner Boutique Example

Source: PinkUnicornStudio

2. Pick a color scheme

As humans, we are first drawn and attracted to things by seeing them.

There’s just something so nice and calming about seeing things that match and fit together perfectly.

This is why you’ll see a lot of successful social media channels that post photos with matching filters applied to them.

You can adapt the same principle to your Etsy shop banner and the products that you sell.

Like this shop that sells photo filters for example. Everything coordinates perfectly and it just works. Beautifully, might I add.


Etsy Banner Photo Filter Example

Source: LouMarksPhoto

3. Choose a photography style and stick with it

Another way to make your banner and Etsy shop look professional and visually pleasing is by choosing a way and style of photographing your products and maintaining that style throughout your entire items list.

For example, this shop sells plants. Every time they add a new product to their shop, they photograph it the same way as they did the others to maintain their personalized style.

The same idea can and should be applied to your banner and store.

Etsy Banner Example

Source: MinimumDesign

4. Choose a font

After choosing a photo or background your banner, it’s time to add some text.

I recommend that you try to keep the text to a minimum. This is because a recent study showed that the attention span of a client is about 8 seconds.

We are constantly bombarded by ads and content, so it’s good to be forward, up-front, and keep what you’re trying to portray to a minimum.

Choose up to 2 or 3 fonts max for your Etsy banner and make sure that they match. Creatopy offers some text presets that work perfectly together, so you can just choose one from there. It will really lighten your design workload!

Again, everything about your banner should be visually pleasing and encourage the potential-buyer to stay on your page.

Be enticing, and use fonts that reflect your business.

For example, if you’re selling things for kids, then use a playful font.

Etsy Banner Kids Example

Source: MilkyBubbleKids


Or if you’re going for a more elegant look, try a font that’s a little something like this!

Etsy Banner Jewellery Example

Source: FerkosFineJewlery

5. Add your name and logo for easy-recognition and brand association  

Now for one of the must-dos.

Whenever you create an Etsy banner, always plug in your logo or any brand elements.

According to Action Card, a consumer will form their first impression about you within 10 seconds, but it will take 5-7 times of seeing your brand to really remember the logo.

So, you should be plugging your logo and name in anywhere on your profile that you can to start getting people to associate your brand with your products.

This step is very important, so don’t forget to plug in your brand and logo on your banner!

Etsy Banner Hippie Example

Source: TheHippieHutUK

6. Replace or change your Etsy banner

If you think it’s time to upgrade or change your banner but don’t know how, just follow my lead.

Let’s say that you’ve changed or updated some of your products and you need a new banner. To update your banner, just go back to your Creatopy Workspace, click on your original banner, and begin to update any and all of the elements you want.

Once you’re finished editing and downloading your new free Etsy banner, just go back to your Etsy shop profile, and select Edit Shop.

Now, let’s replace this Etsy banner with a new one.

Click on your Etsy shop Banner to access some options. In the top right corner, you’ll see a trash can icon. Click on the icon to remove the Etsy banner.

How to Remove Etsy Banner

After clicking on the trash can icon, your image will disappear and now where your banner used to be, there will be a camera icon in the center of the banner space and it will say “Add an image”.

How to Upload an Etsy Banner

Click on the camera icon, find your new banner on your computer, upload it, save it, and you’re all done!

7. How to remove Etsy banner

In order to remove your Etsy banner, click on “Change Layout” in the top left corner.

How to change an Etsy banner

Once you click on “Change layout”, you’ll see all the Etsy banner size options. Select the “None” option and then click on Done.  

How to Remove Etsy Banner

That’s it!

8. How to change Etsy banner size

If you want to change the size of your banner from a Mini banner to a Big banner or vice-versa, you’ll follow the same steps from above.

Select “Change layout” in the top left corner.

Change Etsy Banner Size

Now, Etsy will ask you what size banner you’d like to display. Select whichever one you are wanting to use and click “Done”.

Change Etsy Banner Size

Now, repeat the uploading process. Etsy will show you a blank canvas with a camera icon in the middle, where your banner will be displayed. Click on the camera icon to upload your new banner.

How to upload etsy banner

Add your new banner, save it, and you’ll be good to go!


Upload New Etsy Banner


Now that you know everything from how to create an Esty banner that’s absolutely perfect and stunning to how to change sizes, and everything in-between, I suggest you get to creating and really make yourself stand out of the crowd!

Remember, first impressions are everything. Let Creatopy help you make an Etsy cover photo that will leave your clients in awe, and that will, in turn, help you increase your sales and have the happiest clients around!

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