Facebook ads creator

Creatopy's easy-to-use features and large library of templates help you design unique ads in just a few minutes. Upgrade your social media advertising strategy using creative Facebook ad designs that catch attention quickly.

Video ads
See your ideas come to life with an upbeat Facebook video ad design. The eye-catching animations and various features help you edit and create videos in such a way your message is loud, clear, and most of all, creative.
Carousel ads
Use Facebook carousel ad designs to show off your products and offers in an engaging way. Creatopy's inspiring templates help you get started and the intuitive editing tools put your ideas into practice.
Image ads
Engage with your audience effectively and easily with Facebook image ad designs that you can edit and resize as you see fit. Our intuitive platform allows you to design creative ads with a couple of clicks.
Lead generation ads
Find out more about your audience's needs and wishes with the help of Facebook lead generation ads that are in tune with your brand. Drive more responses by creating visually appealing ad designs.
Instant experiences ads
Take your ideas one step further by designing effective Facebook Instant Experience ads. Creatopy gives you all the tools you need to not only sell your product, but also tell your story.
Offer ads
Tell your customers about the latest discounts and coupon codes with remarkable offer ads that steal the attention as quickly as you design them. Create, edit, animate and download them with just a few clicks.
Event ads
Spread the word about an upcoming special occasion with effective Facebook event ads. Use our remarkable templates as inspiration to design and edit them according to your needs in just a few minutes.
Sponsored message ads
Reach a wider audience with attention-grabbing Facebook sponsored message ad designs that you can format according to Facebook's specs. Change pictures, add catchy text, and experiment with animations.

Design ads in tune with your brand

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    It's quick

    Speed up your creative process with Creatopy. You can make great Facebook ads by editing multiple designs in different sizes and save them all at once.

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    It's efficient

    Extend your Facebook advertising to other social media platforms by using the smart resize option. Generate several sizes based on a design you already have.

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    It's easy

    Creatopy makes your design process effortless. You just have to add all the elements you want, and we're taking care of the right Facebook ad specs.

Get inspired

Browse Creatopy's template library and start working on your design already inspired. Choose a static, animated, or video template and customize it to match your advertising needs.


The features you need for great Facebook ads

Discover Creatopy’s features and intuitive editor and see what happens when creativity meets productivity. Our platform allows you to make social media ads in a highly efficient way in a matter of minutes.


Creative resources

Explore all the graphic elements Creatopy offers and design your ads exactly the way you want them. Enter the platform’s library and find masks, icons, logos, fonts, and more.


Brand alignment

Creatopy’s Brand Kit will keep all your unique assets safe. Add them to your visual and promote your brand through efficient Facebook ads while staying within the recommended ad specs.


Scale download

Our platform is full of creative possibilities, but it also allows various download alternatives. If you export your design as PNG or JPG, choose the scale option you need between 0.5x and 4x.


Start designing ads efficiently

Creatopy has all the features you need for designing Facebook ads that turn visitors into long-lasting customers. Explore everything the platform offers and see that you can be creative while productive. Easily create Facebook ads and launch an entire ad campaign in no time.