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Everyone knows that Facebook Advertising gives an excellent chance to get that much-targeted traffic. Shareholic reports that Facebook generates 23.39% of overall traffic to websites. And over the last year, its traffic share has skyrocketed by 14%. 

If you have an e-commerce website, you will be surprised how Facebook ads can help you drive more targeted traffic to your site especially if you combine Facebook Ads with Google Ads. Despite the recent notification Facebook has decreased organic reach, but advertising can be critically important for online marketers.

Facebook traffic plays a crucial role for my project. You will be shocked to know but Facebook is one of the first referrers that drives my website called SE Ranking a large portion of traffic up to 15%. Surely, Google is still the number one among my referrers.

As you’ve noticed that almost 92% of my social referrals come from Facebook. Clearly, not all of this is paid, but much traffic comes from my page.

Fb Ads


What I’ve noticed while boosting a post is that many link clicks won’t give a lot of results like you just get likes and comments on your post that helps increasing the engagement of the post itself. But your target is to get as many as possible clicks to your website, you should use the Ads Manager and set the objective.

The main focus of this article is to provide a concise guide on how to create Facebook ads to boost your website traffic. By following these steps, you can learn how to leverage the power of Facebook’s advertising platform to promote your website effectively. So, let’s dive into the process of creating engaging Facebook ads that will drive traffic to your site.

Publish at the right time

The publishing routine should be really important for each blogger because it helps you fully understand your own strategy. As soon as you get something worthy to share on Facebook, don’t hurry up to share it. Analyze and find your “perfect time” or close to your “ideal” time where you can get the most engagement and generate much site traffic.

For me, sharing at 6:55 pm is a perfect time. Don’t forget that quality content also has a huge impact on post engagement and opportunity to get organic traffic.

To tell the truth, there’s no an exact answer how to find the right time, because different people can find different times and days work best for them. It depends on your target audience and regions, the quality of your content, your purposes and many other things. In Facebook Analytics you can go to the Insights sections and check out any posts in order to view when people are online.



Promote posts to target site visitors and fans

Before starting my FB campaign, I try to take into consideration two things: target website visitors (within 30 days) and target fans.

It is quite important to promote posts to target site visitors and fans for many reasons. It helps you build your online brand reputation, gives more chances for better conversion and repeat sales, increase your website rankings and ensure your business survival. Without right target audience, you have a great tendency to cease to exist.

Every month I’ve got about around 350,000 visitors to my website what means that people are interested in my product and want to know about it. Usually, WCA (website custom audiences) is what I really focus on while targeting my group within 30 days.

If it comes to my fans, I try to reach all of them and keep my FB ads running until the following post is going to be published. Usually, I set $10 for each ad per day, and at any time I can stop it or increase the budget depending on the ad performance. In other words, you don’t need to have a large budget to reach your goal. Even my modest 10$ per ad set per every day helps me reach a decent chunk of my fans and target users effectively.

Promote posts to other groups

You think why you need to promote to other groups. So, if your FB ads are running very well or you are tired of people connected to you, this option will be also an excellent way to increase your target audience.

Fb Ads1

I used to run for my Fb ads Lookalike Audiences in order to find peoplesimilar to my website visitors and fans. If I want to get an overall idea of people’s interests, behaviors and demographics, I will use Audience Insights to find out more about my future fans.

88% of them go to college and 53% are married.

Fb Ads2


People usually use credit cards (74%).

Fb Ads3

All these things I can use to target with my FB ads.


Exclude those who already read your post

This is the last, but not the least important step you shouldn’t miss. Why do you need to pay extra money and promote posts to those who have already read it? It’s just a waste of time and money.

Before publishing my new post, I will create a website custom audience for this post and exclude people who have already seen this post.

Do you know any technique to get more traffic with Facebook ads? Please, share your ideas and comments below.


Irina Weber
Irina Weber is a marketing specialist, blogger and guest writer. She creates and develops new marketing campaigns, writes articles about online marketing, social media, conversion optimization on higly authoritative websites.

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    1. This is working for me,
      And here my story is,
      I choose some Festival or Holidays in my city, And analyzed my targeted audiences. Prepared a best informative post that gave more traffic. Like you said analyzed the best timing too.
      That day came finally posted that add.
      120Rs Indian Rupee Facebook Ad(1.80$ USD) gave me 500% ROI How????
      Main reason and most important one is 90% my local customers are Facebook users and my local target auidence these 2 gave me the 500% ROI

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