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During the last few years, Instagram has grown into one of the most popular Social Media platforms in the world. With 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is the ultimate platform for sharing real-time photos and short videos on the go. 

Instagram has been through some essential changes and improvements lately and it now offers a multitude of possibilities and formats to upload pictures and video content, create, showcase, and show off for ordinary people, designers, and brands. It has become one of the online marketers’ favorite advertising destinations to reach their audiences. In November last year, Instagram announced on their blog that their business community has reached 25 million businesses.

Using Instagram Story ads is a sure way to meet your ideal audience. Thanks to their amazingly accurate audience targeting tool (through Facebook Business Manager) you can reach local targets or worldwide masses of people based on their genders, ages, or interests.

Instagram ads are efficient and easy to create. Especially when you’ve got yourself an all-in-one design tool like Creatopy’s Instagram ad creator.

So, how do Instagram ads really looks like?

An Instagram ad looks just like a regular Instagram photo or video. The only thing that differentiates an ad from other posts is the “Sponsored” mark on top. 

The fundamental elements of an Instagram ad:

  • Visual: picture, layout, illustration.
  • A title
  • A call to action button
  • Description text – tell people more about your product and add #hashtags.


21 Instagram ad templates

Creating a compelling ad for Instagram is not easy when you have no design background or a proper design team to do the job. You need to stand out somehow in the feed, considering you’re competing against your target customers’ family, friends, and favorite stars. But with Creatopy’s ready-made templates, creating an ad for Instagram is a piece of cake. All you have to do is pick a template as a starting point, add your own assets (logo, fonts), organize the elements of the layout, customize the colors and choose an expressive font.

Have a look at this selection of templates, click the buttons to start editing any one of them, or browse through our database of Instagram ads templates and see if you fancy any other template.

1. Restaurant templates

Got a restaurant and looking for customers on Instagram? Take some mouth-watering pictures of your most popular dishes and use our templates to create an appealing and clickable ad. Add your phone number and location and get ready to take the bookings!


2. Sports templates

Being a fitness guru with hundreds of thousands of followers can be a tough position when you want to advertise your workshops and boot camps on Instagram. But Creatopy takes the burden off your shoulders with a batch of gorgeous ready-made templates suited for a wide range of sports. From pilates to Tae Bo, you can find just about anything. Or you can upload your picture in the gym and add one of our preset styled typography to create a jaw-dropping ad!


3. Cinematography templates

Cinematography is all about delivering something everybody wants to see. Transform your layout into an ad everyone wants to click, read more about, or see. Choose a size format, upload your movie picture, logo, use one of our popular fonts, or a ready-made typography preset, and add a catchy button. Make it a blockbuster!

4. Start-Up template

Online advertising is a great tool when you’re an enthusiastic start-up. Whether you’re selling IT services, marketing tools, or consultancy, we’ve got the right suit templates that will successfully represent your brand on Instagram and get you the appropriate audience to your website.

5. Discount template

When you’re offering a price discount or running a special promotion you may want to advertise it as loud as possible. Using a catchy visual like the one below will help you stand out on your target audience’s feed and appeal to them to click for more.

6. Business template

When you’re in the B2B world, you need a proper business suit and tie, an outstanding business card and jaw-dropping, professional advertising. Business customers have high expectations and don’t settle for mediocrity. Because they’re willing to pay big amounts of money for your services, they have a full list of high requirements.

But no need to worry. You’ll never miss a client again! With our selection of business templates, you will get noticed on Instagram, win people’s trust and hopefully, seal some deals! Start with this template below, or click to browse through our collection of business templates for Instagram ads. Customize, design, save and download. Get the job done in just a few minutes.

7. Traveling template

If you’re in the traveling business you probably know by now that people want to be lured with pictures of new places. They want to daydream about faraway places where they can sunbathe, go hiking or eat. So all you have to do is find a great picture of your destination, add a spectacular typography preset, your logo and a call to action. Set, ready, jet!

8. Fashion template

The fashion industry is an expert when it comes to Instagram sponsored ads, that’s why you need to create something really spectacular if you want to be taken into consideration.  Start with an amazing picture of your items, then choose a template, play with the shapes, typography, colors and filters. Don’t forget to add your website and period of promotion.

9. Holidays templates

Christmas is that special season in a brands’ life when running a promotion or publicly wishing Happy Holidays to everyone is a MUST. So, when Christmas arrives, you must be ready. Have a look at our collection of Christmas templates for Instagram and pick your favorite. We’ve got a card for every taste: elegant cards, playful and colorful, corporate or vintage hand drawn like Christmas cards.

10. Online Shop template

Drive people to your online store with a stunning ad that will trigger people’s curiosity and motivate them to click your ad. Easy design an ad for Instagram starting with one of our templates. Just add your pictures, fonts, logo and colors and download the file as a .JP, .PNG or .GIF.

11. Seasonal templates

Make the most of Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on. Never miss an opportunity to promote your business through a cute Instagram sponsored ad. 

12. Sports apparel templates

Are you a clothing designer for sports champions? Instagram advertising can help you address the right audience thanks to their champion audience targeting tool. All that’s left for you  to do is design a badass premium ad and promote your brand. Start with this template.

13. Animal shelters templates

We even got a collection of templates for animal shelters! Begin designing your ad for Instagram today starting from this sweet template below. Add your own pictures of animals, logo, and text. Help a friend today!

14. Real estate templates

Real estate is a tough market, that’s why advertising your agency can give you a headache. But not anymore. With Instagram advertising, you can target local audiences and showcase your collection of properties in a professional way. Use one of our templates as a starting point to promote your properties on Instagram and keep an eye (or ear) on the phone.

15. Automotive templates

Use a palette of bold colors to promote your cars on Instagram. Add a spectacular typography preset to include the price and don’t forget your logo. Get it out there on Instagram and get ready for the test drives.

16. Accessories templates

Fashion items perform great on Instagram, so if you’re in the business of clothes, jewelry or accessories, you can expect great results from your Instagram Ads. All you have to do is choose a creative template and create some amazing photos of your products. 

17. Save the date templates

Getting ready for a special event in your life? Choose a save the date template and create your own special visual. Just change the names and go for illustrations and textures that inspire you!

18. Hobby templates

Promote your passion on Instagram with creative designs! Start from the hobby templates from our gallery and customize them your way! If you are into artsy designs, you will sure find something that suits you!

Check out this beautiful tattoo salon banner that will stand out in your fans Instagram Feed.

19. Education templates

Want to create a back to school sales campaign or a school event? Check out our education templates and create beautiful Instagram ads that convert. 

20. Halloween template

Get into the Holiday spirit and celebrate with a Halloween template. You can edit this template and add new elements as you like. Check out our collection of customizable templates that are perfect for any event.

21. Inspirational template

Inspire your audience and get more followers with an inspirational ad template for Instagram! Just add your favorite quote, complete your design with a cool photography and you’re good to go.

Instagram ad sizes and formats

The moment you decide to advertise on Instagram, you should know the possibilities you have: image ads, videos or stories. In this article, we will deal with the image ads only and you can read about video ads and promotional stories in other articles on our blog.

There are 3 image ads formats available on Instagram:

  • Landscape image
  • Square image
  • Vertical image

Instagram landscape image ads size: 1200 x 628 

This format has been traditionally used to show a full scenery or landscape/cityscape. In online advertising, this format is used by brands to showcase a brand’s world.

Instagram Ad 1 1 E1531128600643

Instagram square image ads size: 1080 x 1080 

This is probably the most used format on Instagram because brands can easily showcase their products through close-ups.

Instagram Ad 3 E1531128582915

Instagram vertical image ads size: 600 x 750 

The vertical format is great for detailed images of products and the great benefit is that it’s center stage, meaning it covers the full screen.

instagram ad size vertical

Check out our article about Instagram image sizes for more information.

Design the next legendary Instagram ads!

So, now that Instagram marketing is not rocket science anymore, you can start creating an ad for Instagram using our all-in-one super easy-to-use design tool. If you have any other questions, let me know. 

And don’t forget to follow us on Social Media, to keep up-to-date with all the Social Media updates and design tips! 



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