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How much do you usually earn with your website? 

We can safely assume that some people really roll in dough because of their websites, while some of them cry a river because have no ideas on how to make websites work. Why does this difference happen? Maybe one part of website owners develop daily, while another part is just sitting and waiting for freeloads. 

Anyway, it has long been known that people always strive for the best, that’s why I’d like to showcase some effective tips that will help you to proceed with your website with joy and multiple profits.

Work on your email marketing campaign

email marketing campaignSmall wonder that a well-done email marketing campaign can boost your business popularity in no time. Moreover, you can enhance your audience, attract with your website, build a strong brand name, and, of course, make good money. It is important to note that there a 3 the most effective ways on how to launch your email marketing right.

The first way allows you to choose on-the-spot email promos, while the second allows you to provide your subscribers with free monetized reports. These two are good enough but you will definitely like the third one the most. You make money from other variants the way you like, while this third way drives traffic back to your website. Well-done newsletter popups, squeezing pages, etc., will help you to get as many new users as possible. Also, if you don’t know how to make an email header with Creatopy is very easy. And by the way, we recommend you viewing out this verified source, if you need an experienced email listing guide.

Do not hesitate to create howtos and webinars

create howtos and webinarsFortunately, people have a great thirst for good & quality content. So, why don’t you underpin your products and services with a relevant one? Your site’s visitors can easily get something using a target affiliate link, and, at the same time, bring money into your pockets. Just choose a product and create various how-tos using this method. It will help you to create worth seeing content that is smooth for search engines. Of course, for this way you’d better have an affiliate program. If you don’t know where to start, check out this piece on 11 Affiliate Program Examples For Businesses to help you stay inspired.

As regard to webinars, it’s also a cool way to make your website sell. Launch free webinars on your website, where people can get professional tips and discover more about great solutions and your products & services rolled into one. Notice, that webinars really became very popular because they present your products and services as the right way to fulfill versatile people’s needs.

Be resourceful and sell some space for advertising

sell space for advertisingUse your website maximally by providing people with additional space for their advertising. This way allows you to earn in three common ways. First of all, you can earn on paid per click ads. Google Adsense provides you with a kind of pay-per-click ad. Other ways allow you to make money by paid per 1000 views or paid per time frame. Feel free to find advertisers on your own, or add a mediator that will serve you with potential customers in your advertisement space. All these ways have cons and pros; it depends only on you and your aims.

Keep in mind, that Google prefers websites with organized and well-structured links, so, if you break this point, Google will help you to mess up your website’s rankings.

Enrich yourself by selling paid directory listings

sell paid directory listingsI decided to write about directory listing right after space for advertising because it is a bit smarter way to monetize your website. If you’re sick of banner ads, feel free to create versatile directories where you link to multiple colleagues in your industry and charge them for these listings. Your earnings depend only on the number of resources you are going to publish in your directories.

This way becomes in handy not only for your readers because they can discover lots of useful tools, but also for you because allows you to get a regular income and to gain more profits.

Become an affiliate

Become an affiliateBecoming a part of an affiliate program allows you to earn on commission from sales. So, you promote various products on your website using multiple tools. Once people buy them with the help of your website, you earn your commission. You will have a special affiliate link that will help owners of an affiliate program to be sure that you’re a king of sales.

It is vital to note that affiliate marketing becomes more popular day by day because you keep your audience engaged with a big variety of products and services from different spheres and because you earn good money. If you’re looking for a verified affiliate program, take a close look at the affiliate program of TemplateMonster, where you can get up to 50% commission.

Review as an affiliate

Review as an affiliate

Nearly 90 percent of companies do formal evaluations at least once a year, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

You know, many people earn a lot of money on reviewing versatile products on their blogs. Making reviews helps you to create better content, furthermore, if there is an affiliate program behind the product, you will definitely boost your income. There are no limitations for the kinds of reviews, feel free to review everything from food to sports equipment.

You get free products for reviews, higher conversion, an interested audience, and new partners.

Help people to find jobs by creating job boards on your website

Create job boards on your website

This is a great way to monetize your website by posting multiple job opportunities. Just post vacancies on your website and let your readers learn more about them. Feel free to post everything from a florist position to a web designer, it’s up to you, the main thing is to have enough site visitors to keep a high rate of activity. Fortunately, there are lots of software and plugins for WordPress that will help you to create professional-looking job boards of any size and complexity.

We have every reason to believe that this way will help you to monetize your website with no effort, even though, it won’t work for too small blogs.

Develop your own digital product and sell it on your website


Develop digital productsThere is no need to look for something new and exciting, create it on your own and sell it! It might be an e-book that will help your visitors to learn more about things on the web, it might be something printable that will be useful for them in everyday life, and so on. The main thing is to define the interests and needs of your audience to serve them with an innovative solution.

Creating your own product will help you to amplify your brand, boost your income through selling products with affiliates, and more!

Create premium content or memberships

Create premium content

Content is the king message on blue background

It goes without saying that we all are totally in love with free things but when it comes to special and captivating content, we definitely should charge people for getting it. The main thing is to create a kind of strategy that will help you to keep your audience engaged. So, free content should be very good, moreover, it should as good to make people have a thirst for more.

For example, you have free basic guides on how to build a personal website and then suggest your visitors become premium members to get access to ultimate and detailed tutorials on every content management system. As far as I can see, this way can be a bit longer to set up but it will definitely help you to adjust to a steady income and to get more traffic from your affiliates.

Be ready for selling various services

sell various servicesModern websites born great competition on the web, that’s why people sell versatile services to get more customers and to drive more traffic. As a matter of fact, blogs come in handy as a great tool to deal with the two missions above. This way is a perfect one to present the full range of services you sell, to add different call-to-action buttons, and to show up clients’ feedback professionally.

If you still do not have a blog page, hurry up to build one with hands down using a great and popular WordPress platform. If you’re a lazybones or just dream of having everything right here and right now, purchase a ready-made WordPress theme that is pre-loaded with a top-notch page for your services, testimonials module, effective CTA buttons, and lots of other features.

For example, Monstroid2 – a multipurpose WordPress theme from TemplateMonster will help you to focus your site’s visitors on your products and services in a catchy manner. 9 pre-built websites inside, a fully responsive design, a huge set of pre-loaded plugins, customizable headers and footers, multiple blog styles, WooCommerce integration, great documentation, and lifetime updates & support will help you to make your website sell like a pro. Moreover, this theme has a new version of the GPL license, so, feel free to create as many monetized websites as you need with one-time theme purchase.

New WordPress themes generationTo crown it all, this way will help you to boost conversion, get more profits, and to save your nerves because of a min number of refunds.

Making a long story short

As you can see, there is a pretty big variety of ways on how to monetize your website. It is absolutely up to you which one to choose. Keep in mind, that you should analyze your website well before choosing one or some of them.

So, how do you like these tips? Which one is the most important for you and why?

You’re very welcome to add your point of view in the comments section. Do not give up, always try something new, and good luck!

Article written by our friends at Template Monster.


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