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Fonts are a double-edged sword: they carry the possibility to literally write out texts as well as to express the meaning behind the texts through the font’s style.

Regardless of your job role, using fonts to your advantage can elevate the delivery of the message you’re communicating.

In this article, we’d like to focus on hand-lettered fonts.

To start off, hand-lettered fonts need their space in order to be legible and, as a result, work best in larger sizes and in headlines as opposed to body text.

On the other hand, the strength of hand-lettered fonts lies in relaying the underlying meaning of written text through a visually heightened approach.

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In the interest of helping you find the ideal hand-lettered font for your brand, we’ve created a list of over 100 fonts to consider.Create Ad Campaigns 1

1. Snowboarding

Snowboarding brush fontDownload here

This curly stroked, handwritten brush font has a unique and dynamic personality. Snowboarding is modern and cool, and it can help you make your message pop and matter.

2. Farmhouse Dreams

Farmhouse Dreams brush hand writing fontDownload here

This is a beautiful hand-lettered brush font that can successfully add warmth and friendliness to your marketing materials. It was inspired by the designer’s love for hand-lettering, southern charm, and her dream to one day own a farmhouse.

Its uneven lettering size and spontaneous strokes imitate real handwriting and build a cozy, familiar atmosphere.

This font comes as a duo pack with both lowercase and uppercase versions. You can play with both of them to create a timeless feel.

3. English

Farmhouse Dreams brush hand writing fontDownload here

This clean hand lettering font will add a vintage touch to your advertising materials. The pack comes with a hand-lettering font and a clean uppercase one that completes each other. You can use it for outstanding headings or for your logo.

Either way, it will convey a sense of distinctiveness.

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4. Castellia

Castellia hand lettering calligraphy brush fontDownload here

Each of Castellia’s letters has been crafted to convey friendliness and positivity. With a moderate brush width and an elegant vibe, this font is great for weddings, anniversaries, women’s, and children’s brands.

5. Jeremy

Jeremy hand lettering fontDownload here

Jeremy is a playful and modern handwritten brush script that enables you to create a positive and cheerful experience for your audience. Jeremy allows multiple ways to build your message, as every lowercase comes in three variations.

The thick brush lettering ensures your text will get noticed. Though handwritten, it is exceptionally legible, and it’s perfect for headlines or as a banner font.

6. Remachine Script

Remachine Script hand writingDownload here

This upright script is perfectly readable for both online and offline media. It is neat and clear and pops. The superbly drawn uppercases will grab anyone’s attention and ensure your message gets read.

For commercial use, purchase at Mansgreback

7. Sensations & Qualities

Sensations & Qualities hand writing fontDownload here

This simple and clear hand lettering font will enliven any design. With fluid strokes and elegant uppercases, Sensations & Qualities will help you stylishly deliver your message, and you can rest assured you’ll make a great impression.

8. Bromello

Bromello hand lettering playful fontDownload here

Bromello’s effervescent personality will help you create outstanding designs and successfully communicate your brand’s message.

With modern and playful letters, this font is ideally suited for children’s and women’s brands.

9. Antonio

Antonio brush hand lettering fontDownload here

This bold handwritten font works great for headlines and logos. The thick brush is a sure win when it comes to attention-grabbing, while the playful swirls deliver a positive experience.

10. Mozart

Mozart elegant hand written scriptDownload here

This classy calligraphy font is excellent for luxury brands, wedding invitations, and other special anniversaries.

It is reminiscent of that 19th-century aristocratic life, thanks to its thin and swirly uppercases, and it can provide your designs with a touch of class too.

The Mozart font offers extra flexibility and creativity opportunities, as every letter has 20 or even 30 versions.

11. Rochester

Rochester classy hand written scriptDownload here

Inspired by Victorian calligraphy, the Rochester font is perfect for when you want to add a touch of class to your brand’s marketing materials. Upright, elegant and not overly sophisticated, Rochester can help you step up your game.

12. Champagne

Champagne - elegant and classy hand lettering fontDownload here

Champagne is a simple and beautiful font that can successfully be used for a wide variety of messages and brands. Neat and calligraphic, Champagne will create a classy atmosphere on any design.

13. Berkshire Swash

Berkshire Swash - fancy hand lettering script typographyDownload here

Berkshire Swash invites the reader into the atmosphere of the exclusive world of the early 20th century high-class. Upright, dignified and sumptuous, this font is all about elegance.

14. Fondamento

Fondamento - hand lettering classic scriptDownload here

Inspired by the late 18th-century Enlightenment movement, this font is easily legible and will provide your designs with an extra classy character. This font is clearly formal, suited for luxury brands or high-class events.

15. Great Vibes

Great Vibes hand lettering fontDownload here

This curly calligraphic font is an excellent option for brands who want to look classy but still modern, without the need to go back in history. The stylish uppercases provide an elegant touch, while the polished lowercases keep the text legible.

16. Roseville

Roseville - romantic hand lettering fontDownload here

Roseville is a feminine, romantic font that will brighten any logo or headline. The lovely italic swash uppercases will provide your designs with a touch of elegance.

17. Roseroot Cottage

Roseroot Cottage - playful romantic hand lettering fontDownload here

With ornamental uppercases and feminine, playful lettering, this is the ideal romantic font. Sweet and dynamic, Roseroot Cottage imitates imperfect handwriting.

18. Carolina

Carolina - lovely romantic hand lettering fontDownload here

Carolina is a soft and delicate handmade calligraphy font. Without being overly ornamental, Carolina is still a romantic font that can successfully go well on your greeting cards, invitations or even branding materials.

19. Darleston

Darleston - feminine hand lettering fontDownload here

Darleston is a timelessly chic calligraphy font suited for women’s brands and premium products. The ornamental uppercases will surely make a statement for your brand.

Choose this font if you want a beautiful and neat calligraphy font for your brand’s logo or campaign headline.

20. Sacramento
sacramento font

Download here

Besides being named after the capital of California, Sacramento embodies the relaxed feeling of the west coast. Its whimsical character lends itself as a fun, light-hearted monoline typeface.

Side note: does it make anyone else think of the Disney logo, or it just me? Either way, it fits as a playful font choice.

21. Hello Script

Hello Script - hand writen scriptDownload here

T rounded body, this hand lettering font is still a romantic option for greeting cards, wedding materials, women’s, and girls’ brands. With swirly swashes and brush width variations, Hello Script is playful enough to cheer up any design.

This font is suited for girls and women’s brands, cards, wedding materials, branding, packaging, Social Media posts and ads, seasonal campaigns (Christmas font).

22. Skipper

Skipper - romantic elegant fontDownload here

At times playful, at times overly sensitive and romantic, Skipper is a unique combination. With swirly uppercases and dynamic ligatures, this is a font that conveys positivity and good news.

23. Aidan

Aidan - swirly romantic hand lettering fontDownload here

With curly dramatic uppercases such as these, Aidan is a purely romantic calligraphy font. Though ornamental, this is a modern interpretation of classic romantic fonts. Aidan will ensure a high positive impact on your customers.

24. Octhovia font duo

Octhovia font duo - feminine romantic hand written fontDownload here

Octhovia is a modern romantic font ideal for women’s brands’ logos and packaging, wedding materials, and other special events. Inspired by the month of October and vineyards, this hand lettering font works well with fall promotion campaigns.

Octhovia will help your message stand out, be heard, and melt the hearts of your customers.

25. Scriptina

Scriptina - hand written font calligraphyDownload here

Imitating calligraphic writing, Scriptina is an excellent choice for premium brands, weddings, or special events. With curls and elongated consonants, this font is a combination of elegance and simplicity.

26. Molly Script

Molly Script hand lettering fontDownload here

Molly Script is a modern handwritten calligraphy font with dancing swirls. Lively and romantic, this font will make any message pop. The font pack comes with extra ornaments, which allows you to create genuinely romantic designs.

27. Unicorn Letters

Unicorn Letters - playful children hand lettering fontDownload here

Unicorn Letters is a bouncy and playful little handwritten font. It conveys positivity and cheerfulness, and it’s an excellent choice for children’s brands or special events invitations.

28. Golden Day

Golden Day - cute hand written fontDownload here

This jolly handwritten font reminds us of our carefree childhood days. Golden Day tries to imitate a child’s imperfect and spontaneous handwriting. With playful uppercases and wide ligatures, this font is all about the joy of life.

29. Cool Britannia

Cool Britannia - children's playful hand written typography fontDownload here

Smile, Britannia is here to brighten your day. This playful font will transform your design into a happy little world. The pack comes with a solid font and a sans in both caps and lowercase, which allows you to play around even more.

30. Little Days

Little Days - kids hand written fontDownload here

Little Days is the ideal children’s calligraphy font. Neat, clear, and playful at the same time, this font is perfectly legible by both grownups and children.

31. The Chocolate

The Chocolate - uppercase hand lettering fontDownload here

This chunky and playful font will add a touch of fun to your marketing materials. The uneven letters create a feeling of cheerfulness. This font is excellent for headlines whenever you want to make your text pop.

32. Cookie

Cookie - sweet hand lettering fontDownload here

This sweet and friendly font will get your message delivered to your customers. Without being overly decorative or, Cookie is still a charismatic and playful font worth considering.

33. America

America hand lettering fontDownload here

The uneven letters and curly uppercases make America a beautiful playful font. Cheerful and positive, this font can add new meanings to your text and deliver a bright message.

34. Milestone

Milestone - retro hand lettering fontDownload here

Inspired by vintage baseball sport, the Milestone font is perfectly suitable for anything with a retro touch, from brands to campaigns. With curled uppercases and tall consonants, this font is quite an apparition.

35. Fascinate Inline

Fascinate Inline - vintage hand lettering fontDownload here

This bold vintage font is an invitation to the fascinating world of the 60s and 70s. The heavyweight of the typeface makes Fascinate Inline an attention grabber, while the square-shaped letters keep it highly legible.

36. Atlantic Bentley

Atlantic Bentley - beautiful retro hand lettering fontDownload here

Atlantic Bentley is the retro thick brushed font you need to have in your design toolkit at all times. This lively font has got that sophisticated retro touch that will make us immediately think of vintage cars, outfits, and pin-up photography.

A must-have for all designers.

37. Lobster  

Lobster simple retro scriptDownload here

What’s great about this retro font is that it comes with multiple versions for each letter, plus various versions of ligatures, which allows you to create font variations for each of your design project.

38. Lovadelic

Lovadelic - retro psychedelic hand lettering fontDownload here

Inspired by the 1970s disco psychedelic script lettering, Lovadelic is a vintage attention grabber font. With groovy letters and curled uppercases, this is a font that will make your ad stand out.

39. Pacifico

Pacifico - vintage scriptDownload here

Pacifico is a slightly retro brushed script. Neat and straightforward, Pacifico brings an American vintage style. The even lettering provides this font with a good legibility and makes it an excellent choice for logos and campaign headlines.

40. Playball Script

Playball Script hand written fontDownload here

Playball comes with a slightly retro touch, allowing designers to create ads with a hint of vintage flair. Without useless decorations, Playball is a straightforward retro calligraphy font.

41. Steady

beautiful Steady vintage hand lettering scriptDownload here

Steady is a vintage font with a lot of character. Thanks to its clearly defined letters, Steady will successfully convey your message. This font comes with contextual, stylistic and ligatures alternatives that allow designers to play around with text.

42. Monoline

Monoline hand written scriptDownload here

Monoline is a beautiful monoline font, perfect for branding design. It is easily legible, and it has a handmade feel, resembling somewhat to a tailor’s thread.

43. Dulcelin

Dulcelin hand lettering typographyDownload here

Dulcelin is a sweet monoline script perfect for ads of all types. With a playful character, Dulcelin will add friendliness to your message and increase chances to impress and engage.

44. Summer Font

Summer Font - uppercase hand lettering scriptDownload here

This uppercase handwriting font is a perfect choice for advertising campaign headlines. Tall, slim and upright, Summer allows designers to create typography-only designs.

45. Desmond

Desmond - uppercase hand lettering fontDownload here

Whenever you’re looking for a modern skinny-looking uppercase script, Desmond is your font. This funny handwritten font is perfect for logos and headlines, especially if you’ve got a kids brand.

46. Sensei

Sensei - caps hand written scriptDownload here

Meet Sensei, the thick brushed uppercase script. With imperfect brush lettering and uneven alignment, this font makes a perfect catch for designers looking for funny, playful fonts.

47. Wowi

Wowi caps scriptDownload here

This is a modern hand-painted script that allows designers to create texts that pop. Playful and cool, Wowi will surprise and dazzle your audience.

48. Devious

Devious - uppercase vintage hand lettering scriptDownload here

Follow your own path and stand out from the crowd with the Devious script. Here is a slim vintage hand-drawn font that will get your message noticed out there.

This font comes with multiple characters alternatives so that designers can create fantastic letter combinations and deliver stunning visuals.

49. Sarcastic

Sarcastic - caps vintage scriptDownload here

Inspired by early 20th century Art Deco posters, Sarcastic is a charismatic handwritten uppercase script. Each letter was carefully crafted to artistry with ornaments and surprising swashes.

The pack includes multiple letter alternatives and additional swashes and design elements to create unique designs.Create Ad Campaigns 1

50. When Night Comes 

when night comes handwritting fontDownload here

Light, airy, and elegant, this font pairing works in perfect balance to convey a formal yet inviting feeling. Lunar Alchemy, in particular, has thin lines and slightly exaggerated strokes that subtly demand attention.

On the other hand, When Night Comes is a typewriter-style, uppercase font that has letters which are somewhat off-centered—contributing all the more to its charming nature.

51. Meritocracy 

meritocracy handwritting fontDownload here

Meritocracy is a friendly, eye-catching font that feels like a warm hug. Its rounded corners and realistic letter spacing, as well as the slanted exclamation mark, gives this font character and makes it approachable.

52. Slight

slight handwritting fontDownload here

This classic, elegant font has a heavier right slant that contributes to its sophisticated essence.

53. Barcelony

barcelony fontDownload here

Barcelony is a rounded, smooth monoline script font that has a free-spirited yet easily distinct look and feel to it.

54. Sebastian Bobby

sebastian bobby fontDownload here

Hand-drawn and created using a real fountain pen, this font has been crafted to give an organic feeling as much as possible.

55. Modena

modena fontDownload here

This time around, only one of the fonts in this duo is handwritten, so the script version is the one to look at. Modena script is a thin line-weight, a slanted font that has an imperfectly perfect, feminine feel to it.

Its vintage, old-soul appeal makes it a timeless font that works well any year.

56. Faustine

faustine fontDownload here

Faustine is a unique, artistic font that showcases a variety of line weights and spacing, as well as strokes that make it stand out. The slight upward movement of the rounded endpoints creates an even more authentic look to it.

57. Debby font

debby fontDownload here

Debby is an appealing font. Why? Its brush texture is specifically intriguing, and it works well as an overlay.

Designed to make contexts it’s used in a little more personal, Debby features imperfect characters and rough edges in some areas while keeping an overall bubbly look to it.

58. Shopping Script

shopping script handwritting fontDownload here

Dramatic and widely spaced, Shopping Script is a hand-lettered font that works best in short phrases or in headlines. Its thin lines and height difference creates a natural hierarchy that distinguishes itself as a font that is perfect for announcements or branding.

59. The Woodlands

the woodlands fontDownload here

Its modern take on the bold aesthetic made famous in recent years makes this font a unique and flexible choice. The brushed texture elevates it even more so by adding depth to how it can be used to convey a specific message.

60. Olivia Script

olivia handwritting fontDownload here

Olivia is a contemporary calligraphy font that is both elegant and whimsical. With 351 glyphs, it offers you the possibility to really get creative with new combinations for your designs.

Its strong strokes and somewhat geometrical basis give a more structured appeal.

61. Campground

campground fontDownload here

Campground brings the warmth of a campfire and hot cocoa in its smooth letter connection and rounded corners on each outside point. Reminisce about the good old days (and those to come) using this font that has so much character and visual distinction.

Inspired by nature, adventure, and a love for all things vintage, Campground was born out of a desire to bring a down-to-earth font to reality.

62. Bravingthon

bravingthon fontDownload here

Bravingthon has glorious letter B’s and a dramatic stroke in the letter T alongside many other beautiful letter characteristics. It’s perfect for a rebellious twist on a classic base of the hand-lettering style.

Experimental and refined at the same time, Bravinghton has a charm about it that makes it stand out amongst other fonts.

63. Hugesnow 

hugesnow fontDownload here

Hugesnow is a favorite of mine, personally. And I’ll tell you why: it has this fluid-like element about it that is calming. The name itself is a bit confusing, but it’s nice to see that even the font doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Its effortless quality makes it all the more organic and natural.

64. Koeltoerals

koeltoerals hand letter fontDownload here

Modern, bold, and playful, this font is bound to catch your attention. Its thick line weight gives off a friendly, child-like feeling.

65. Amelia 

amelia fontDownload here

Amelia is a sweet, chic font that pairs well with the right occasion. Its rounded endpoints and loose strokes craft an inviting look and feel. Playful but still elegant, Amelia balances well with sans-serif fonts.

66. Romanthica

romanthica hadwritting fontDownload here

As the name suggests, Romanthica is a romantic, artistic, and slightly messy font. Because it was created to evoke authenticity in its stroke differences and movement in the arrangement of letter heights, this font stands as one that you won’t forget.

67. Flassty 

flassty fontDownload here

Flassty’s unique, coarse texture makes it as close to what it looks like when pen meets paper. Taking that authentic look to digital design and perfecting it for every context is the magic of this font and its beautiful texture.

If you’re in the market for a font that really stands out and looks like it was individually done, this is it.

68. Jenifher

jenifher fontDownload here

Jenifher not only has a unique way of spelling out its name but a beautiful blend of a more traditional style of lettering and a casual, imperfect style.

For example, the letter f in the name is quite formal, whereas the letter j is a simplified form of the letter and the “dot” in the letter i looks like a backward comma.

These details fuze together various styles, making this font a good representation of beauty in diversity.

69. Wattermellon

wattermellon handwritting fontDownload here

Wattermellon is a bolder, thicker line-weighted font that has strokes to vary in size and intensity.

Its more aggressive approach to handwritten fonts is a refreshing take on what you can express through using it in communicating a message even better in your designs.

70. Kastangel

kastangel fontDownload here

Kastangel is a thin, delicate point font that expresses chic imperfection as one of its strengths. Its free-spirited style is defined by the open-ended curves and sharp edges.

71. Petricia

petricia handwritting fontDownload here

Petricia is one of a kind. Modernized and upscale in its look, this hand-lettered font is bound to make an impression with its style. Because it has a clean, modern feel about it, Petricia works best in delivering a professional appeal.

72. Herschel

herschel fontDownload here

Herschel is a classic, serif font that has an imperfectly perfect look due to it being hand-drawn.

Because it’s so different from the mostly script style of hand-drawn fonts, Herschel is also the most suitable option and reflects the organic look many food brands have been using recently.

73. Cherrydorry

cherrydorry fontDownload here

Besides having a playful name, Cherrydorry is an elongated, thin-lined font that has the same weight all throughout. The axis for the letters varies, which contributes to its somewhat messy nature.

It builds off of traditional calligraphy by modernizing the usual circle-heavy curves with straightened corners.

Needless to say, Cherrydorry is not the most legible font, which makes it ideal in broader sized contexts so that it’s not crammed into a small space.

74. Althea 

althea lettering fontDownload here

Romantic and elegant, Althea is the perfect font for luxurious brands. Its classic calligraphy style mixed with its subtle texture make it a typeface that will elevate your designs.

75. Binetta 

binetta lettering fontDownload here

Binetta is an elegant font with strokes that extend beyond boundaries and a slight slant to the right. Sophisticated yet simple, it makes its mark, especially in headlines.

76. Sinatra

sinatra lettering fontDownload here

As the name implies, this font is similar in style to the famous Sinatra signature and speaks to the jazz era. Although it’s reminiscent of a time long gone, it’s still a classic that helps transport us into a mood that can’t be forgotten.

Its swift stroke movements and line thickness differences support the authenticity of what a signature is genuinely like.

77. Mae Nitta

maenitta lettering fontDownload here

A modern take on calligraphy, Mae Nitta is a font that makes an excellent first impression. With its long, elevated lines and thin line weight, it’s a font that demands space and attention.

78. Ortisan

ortisan lettering fontDownload here

Perfect for crafting an instagrammable design, Ortisan is an artistic font that pairs well with the popular aesthetic of many modern designs. Delicate and casual, this font has an organic style about it that is bound to be noticed.

79. Sweet Youth

sweetyouth hand lettering fontDownload here

Playful strokes intersect with rounded endpoints to create a truly youthful font that’s perfect for bringing life to any design.

80. Albiol

albiol fontDownload here

With a thin line weight and a slight slant to the right make Albiol a modernized calligraphy script font. The rounded endpoints make it a more approachable and friendly font to use.

81. Cattus

cattus fontDownload here

Cattus is one of those fonts that you can stare at as if it were art. Because of its varied line weight differences and dramatic strokes, it’s a font that catches your eye at first glance.

Its imperfectly perfect line movement renders it a casual style that exudes warmth.

82. Clathyn Keith 

clathynkeith lettering fontDownload here

Energetic and elegant, Clathyn Keith takes modern calligraphy to another level. Its thin line weight, artistic strokes, and connected lines between some letters make it a truly unified font. It’s simply the handwriting style you’ve always wanted.

83. Radiga 

radiga lettering fontsDownload here

Taking you back in time with its retro style, Radiga takes a fresh approach on script fonts. Bold and rounded, this font is ideal for conveying just as bold of a message.

84. Patrik

patrik lettering fontDownload here

Taking on a trendy calligraphy style, Patrik is the perfect font for designs that need a personal, authentic touch. The varying letter heights and the ever-changing line weight make this font look as natural as possible.

85. Meranie

meranie handlettering fontDownload here

Meranie conveys is simple, soft character through its rounded endpoints, soft curves and effortless transitions between letters. It tends to have a thicker line weight even though it varies from stroke to stroke.

86. Author 

author fontDownload here

Hand-painted in a vintage style, with smooth lines and curves, Author is a classic font that takes you down memory lane in its nostalgic manner of being. Its 3D look adds dimension to any design and makes it a stand-out element in your composition.

87. Chiladepia

chiladepia fontDownload here

Both versions of the font are hand-lettered but they take a modern take on a vintage style by simplifying the letter shapes as much as possible. Balanced and bold, this font is easy to read and is bound to make a splash in any design.

88. Meddon

meddon fontDownload here

One of Creatopy’s very own font choices, Meddon, is a Google font that has a classic look and feel to it. The best part? No need to worry about downloading it and then importing it into Creatopy because it’s already there for you.

89. Playlist

playlist lettering fontDownload here

With its brush stroke texture and elegant letter transitions, Playlist remains one of the best-handwritten fonts available in Creatopy’s font library. The varying stroke line weight contributes to its elegance.

90. Anaheim

anaheim fontDownload here

Named after the city that’s home to Disneyland’s California resort, Anaheim does have a fairytale-like aesthetic to it. Its smooth curves reflect a style of writing that expresses just as much as the written message.

91. Hillstown

hillstown fontDownload here

Hillstown is the type of font you’d likely see posted on Instagram by a talented hand lettering artist.

Its impressive high-quality craftsmanship makes it all the more unbelievable that it’s free for personal use. Hillstown features shadowing details that add dimension to its overall look.

92. Bon Vivant

bon vivant fontDownload here

With a sophisticated French flair, Bon Vivant is the elegant and effortless script style of hand lettering. Add this to any design for the ultimate European look.

Due to its dramatic uppercase letters and textured strokes, it’s an ideal font candidate for branding projects (especially luxury branding projects) because it’s truly unique in style.

93. Marshmallow

marshmallow fontDownload here

Clean, simple and quirky, Marshmallow is sweet as can be with its smooth curves and rounded endpoints. This font brings a whimsical style without taking away from its practical legibility.

94. Million Notes

million notes fontDownload here

Million Notes is a font that has a charming nature about it, with its humble, imperfect edges contributing to its approachable look. Its thick line weight all around and spacing between letters makes it easily legible and quick to notice.

There is beauty in its simplicity and ability to reach a more casual audience.

95. Midnight

midnight lettering fontDownload here

Its fluid stroke variation and uneven letter heights craft this font as a unique addition to any design. Midnight can transcend the mere purpose of a font and become a part of the artistic expression in design because of its rhythmic inconsistencies.

96. Hola Bisou

hola bisou fontDownload here

Because of its thick line weight and painted strokes, this font embraces the challenge of incorporating uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time. Because it’s not a script font, the generous spacing between letters allows for full legibility.

Its unique painted texture and uneven edges lend itself as a distinctive font choice.

97. Gloryouss

gloryouss lettering fontDownload here

As its name indicates, Gloryouss is, in fact, an excellent font choice for any design that needs a touch of dramatic strokes and variation for multiple versions of certain letters.

The eccentric mix of lettering styles makes it particularly unique for branding projects that align with its style.

98. Atlanta

atlanta handwritting fontDownload here

I may have been biased in selecting this font because it’s named after the city I lived in for five years. Just like the city of Atlanta, this font expresses the same, bold yet warm, southern charm that it’s characterized by.

The upward motion of the endpoints express aq sense of optimism. Because of the thick line weight, this font needs space in order to be read easily.

99. Luna

luna fontDownload here

Luna is a friendly, easy-going font perfect for brands that want a more local feel and cater to a family-based audience. Examples include smoothie shops, ethical kids clothing stores, and an interactive kid-friendly cafe.

Its off-centered letters give the font a quirky look while its imperfect edges and varying line weights show a casual calligraphy style influence.

100. Westfalia

westfalia handwritting fontDownload here

In contrast to the style of the majority of the fonts in this list, Westfalia is a sans-serif style hand-painted typeface. Its unique watercolor texture sets it aside from others as well as its imperfect edges.

Usually, all caps fonts don’t come across as friendly. Still, due to its rounded corners and handwritten effect, it actually gives off an approachable look while also scoring points for being highly legible.

101. Heritage

heritage fontDownload here

Perfectly named for the look and feel it conveys, Heritage is a font that seems to have been made for organic snack products or a locally made men’s jeans brand. Flexible in its usage, Heritage has an authentic, old soul appeal that inevitably develops eye-catching and trendy designs.

102. Heaven and Earth

heaven and earth fontDownload here

One of my personal favorites, Heaven and Earth, is that perfect combination of elegant yet relatable. Specific letter shapes are particularly unique in their formation.

For example, the letter H exhibits an artistic approach with how unorthodox it is written. Also, you have to appreciate the varying line weight differences and imperfectly perfect moments between letter connections.

Its raw authenticity in handwritten fonts at its best. This font is perfect for adding a sense of soul and warmth to any design.

103. Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast fontDownload here

Day-dreaming of the destination implied by the name, Amalfi Coast, is a dreamy, romantic handwritten script font that embraces a calligraphic stroke texture.

The calligraphy experience is not lost in the digitalization of this font and brings a handcrafted touch to any design it’s used in.

For the ultimate experience, experiment with the alternative letters and strokes give you heightened use out of one font.

Final thoughts

Hand-lettered fonts simply have a warmth about them that cater well to audiences seeking a feeling of authenticity and craftsmanship. In the right context, hand-lettered fonts can indeed contribute significantly to the way a brand is perceived.

If you’re looking for modern, cool fonts, check out our selection of the best 60 Modern Fonts On The Internet.

Illustration by Anita Molnar 

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