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Homebuyers or people seeking a new rent start their search on the internet—be it for a real estate agent to guide them throughout the entire process or directly for a house with a specific architecture, a price range, etc.

This is where your real estate ads can come in handy.

And in the last years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate agents started to be more creative and comply with all the changes and client demands. Realtors became more comfortable with virtual tours to make sure the sales stayed afloat even during harsh times.

This means that creative real estate ads are a great way to attract prospects and show them your offers. Virtually or in-person.

The question is: are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

Here are a few stats from eMarketer to help you understand the real estate ad spend.

emarketer real estate ad spend for 2021
Image source

These stats show the ad spend in the UK in less than a year, with £26.9 million just for real estate agents and property services.Create Ad Campaigns 1

A survey of representatives of the real estate industry in the United States found that in 2020 the sector spent around $721.48 million on advertising. The industry’s ad spend was approximately $756.97 million a year before.

With these numbers in mind, you should also think about how to create ads that are noticeable in a sea of visuals to attract your target audience.

So, let’s see a few examples of real estate ads that stand out.

A. 17 Examples of Real Estate Ads

When designing real estate ads, you can target more than one platform.

This will give you better exposure, reaching more than one target audience in the places they visit the most.

1. Social media real estate ads

With billions of people logging in virtually every day on their social media accounts, it’s very likely for your prospects to spot your ads here.

Especially if they looked for real estate properties in the past, which means you could create campaigns and target people based on their previous interests. 

But keep in mind that with such a saturated place, you have to come up with eye-catching real estate ads so people wouldn’t scroll past them.

Let’s see a few popular formats of real estate advertisements from social media platforms.

Instagram real estate ads

  • Aalto

This real estate animated ad from Aalto uses the idea of exclusivity. This method surely makes people curious and tempted to click to find out more. Besides this, the ad also invites future homeowners to meet the sellers in full transparency, which strengthens the feeling of trust in the real estate agency.

  • Coldwell Banker Warburg

This real estate Instagram ad uses black to point out the quality of their services. One of the fundamentals of color theory is that black gives the feeling of elegance, luxury, sophistication, expensive products, and reliability. 

The ad copy states clearly that they’ll help you with any questions you may have regarding real estate.

coldwell real estate instagram ad

  • Compass

Address people directly, and they’ll feel like you started a conversation with them. The ad copy is short and to the point, which is placed together with a slideshow so you can start picturing the house from every angle.

  • Zillow

This Instagram real estate ad from Zillow is addressing people’s pain points wonderfully. Everything seems confusing when you’re a first-time buyer, and you definitely need guidance. So, that’s precisely what they offer. The color used for the background helps the ad get noticed without being strident. 

zillow real estate video ad

  • Century 21

It’s a match! This goes for real estate too. Century 21 lets you know that you can choose the agent you want to guide your searching and buying process to make everything easier.

century 21 real estate ad

  • Weaver Homes

As I mentioned earlier, buying a new house is an emotional experience, and people need all the guidance they can get. Make use of this situation and help them choose the right home. This ad from Weaver Homes knows how to address people’s needs but also offers them solutions.

weaver homes real estate ad

Facebook real estate ads 

  • The Corcoran Group

This Facebook real estate advertisement from The Corcoran Group helps people picture their future in a new home that is easy to find if you lean on their support. Once the ad states that the place you can call home is just around the corner, the ad copy gives a few details regarding the surrounding area and the house’s condition.

corcoran real estate facebook ad

  • Core Group

Some real estate ads, like this one from the Core Group, let people know that they could rely on their agents to sell their properties professionally, but also really fast. The friendly introduction, the image of the house, and the price they got for it after selling gives people social proof.

core group denver real estate ad

  • Mark Spain Real Estate

This ad from Mark Spain Real Estate shows their success rate in selling houses, which gives people a feeling of security, thinking they could sell their house fast too.

real estate ad mark spain

  • Miami Realty Solution Group

The real estate industry is a huge market you can tap into in various ways, and this ad shows one of those possibilities. You can buy condos and still profit from that purchase by turning them into rentals.

miami realty real estate ad

  • Shannon Coe Realtor

Emojis, familiar words and all the details prospective buyers would want to know, backed up by a few images in a carousel to walk people through their future house.

shannon coe real estate ad facebook

  • IGrow Wealth Investments

When it comes to real estate, you can benefit from this industry in many ways. It also allows you to educate future buyers or investors.

As their name suggests, IGrow teaches property investors how to choose and buy the right properties by hosting webinars.

igrow real estate facebook ad

  • Pangea Real Estate

Real estate agencies and agents alike have adapted to the digital age but also to people’s needs. This ad from Pangea Real Estate shows perfectly that you don’t have to run around like crazy to find your perfect house. Just log in and take a virtual tour.

pangea real estate ad

Create Ad Campaigns 1Twitter posts

  • Rose Cervantes

This Twitter real estate post is probably not an example of what you’d do on a regular basis, but even in an industry like this, you can still take advantage of seasonal marketing. And I think this one’s a good example of how catchy your ad copy can be if you do it right.

real estate twitter ad

Image source

You can also create anticipation with the right copy and visuals. But saying that something will be available soon on the market may not be enough. So this real estate agent also offers a short description of the property.

twitter post real estate


Image source

2. Google Display Real Estate Ads

The Google Display Network allows you to reach people across 35 million websites and apps and on Google-owned properties (YouTube and Gmail). This is a huge opportunity for you to reach the right audience, especially since, with Google, you can target the people that are likely to be interested in your ads.

But just as with social media ads, here, too, you have to make impactful real estate ads that will help people go past banner blindness.

Let’s see a few examples.


Since I looked for a few real estate related topics, I was retargeted with this video ad from Sotheby’s.

And I must say, this one’s the best I have seen so far.

They see agents as partners who help people in their emotional but super important buying process, which offers calm and security. They stated Nothing compares at the end of the ad, which makes prospects more confident and ready to start the entire journey with this real estate company.


4321 Property

This ad for a real estate platform appeared on YouTube while searching for real estate videos. People can list their properties there, and those who seek for a new house to buy or rent can search for it according to their location. 

4321 Property youtube real estate ad

B. Tips for Designing Effective Real Estate Ads 

In real estate advertising, visuals are absolutely essential. Probably no one will click on an ad that’s just text.

But ad copy is equally important, as it offers a clear description of the place you’re selling or leasing.

Real estate ad copy is probably even more meaningful than the text used in any other industry because, if we’re talking about future homeowners, you’re addressing a personal, exciting, and highly emotional purchase.

You need to gain people’s trust through the real estate ads you’re designing and help them imagine what the house looks like to convince them to book a house tour.

Here are a few tips for designing creative real estate ads.

1. Put the client at the center of the message

When writing the ad copy for your ads, always address your clients directly. By using second-person pronouns, you’ll establish credibility and a direct connection with them, encouraging them to pay more attention to what you have to say.

2. Highlight the benefits

While listing all the rooms and utilities the house or apartment has, focus on the benefits the client will get from that place or from you as a real estate professional.

This means that besides a clear value proposition, you could also touch on a few pain points and needs your clients usually have.

3. Use visuals that spark their imagination

Never underestimate the power of visuals. 

Use real and high-quality pictures of the house or apartment you’re advertising and pair them with the right description to help prospects imagine the place better.

If you decide to go for a video, it could be even better. Animated ads attract attention, making potential buyers more likely to be interested.

For more advice straight from professionals, we have a full article where real estate industry experts share their best design tips.

4. Promote the town as well

Besides showing pictures and descriptions of the houses you’re selling, you should also give plenty of information about the markets you serve. If the ad space doesn’t allow you to do so, you can always place a CTA with Find out more, and redirect people to the website you used for your listings, where you can give them all the information they need.

5. Have a clear call-to-action

After sharing all the relevant information in your real estate ad, make sure to include a clear CTA. Let people know how they can contact you to take the next step toward becoming a homeowner.

C. Start Creating Your Real Estate Ads

Now that you have seen a few real estate ad examples, you can start creating your own ads. If you want to create them right away, here are some templates you can just click on and start designing with Creatopy. 

In case you don’t have a subscription yet, here’s your chance to start a free trial and give the platform a spin.

Keep in mind that regardless of the template you start from, you can always use the Resize button from the left-hand bar of the Editor to change the size or generate multiple sizes at once.

real estate ad facebook templateEdit this template

facebook template real estate ad

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real estate template ad

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real estate ad template

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real estate flats for rent ad template

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real estate ads template

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real estate leasing template

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real estate villa for rent template

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real estate find your home template

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real estate ad la cantera template

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Creating real estate ads is easy when you use the right visuals paired with a descriptive ad copy that speaks the language of your clients.

The job is even easier when you can use customizable templates, where you just have to replace a few elements to align the template with your idea.


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