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It’s always so inspiring to talk to people who tried to do something innovative on the Internet and succeeded.Demetrio Fortman is one of those geeks, and we are happy to have this smart web developer and entrepreneur, COO at, and a founder of several more projects: MotoCMS, MotoPress, and Defrozo here today.

We will do our best to hook out all his secrets, so strain your eyes, here follows the information that may change your life!

Hi, Demetrio, thanks for taking time and visiting us here. Our first question is about TemplateMonster. Could you tell about the company in brief (history, pitfalls)? 

Hi, sure. TemplateMonster is one of the oldest web development corps on the market. It’s hard to believe, but when thousands of people have been buying templates from us there was no YouTube, no Facebook, and no Instagram. I’m really proud that we saw the development of the Internet the users take for granted today. But what’s even more precious for me, is the idea that hundreds of thousands websites the users see on the Internet have been created on the bases of our templates.

That’s really cool, but can you say that more than a decade of TM existence has been so cloudless?

Well, we all experience highs and lows in life. There was a time when something went wrong with the products and it seemed that we lost control over the market. Every now and again we came across negative testimonials from our customers, and they weren’t fake(: .
However, it was a blessing in disguise, as they say. Our team has pulled itself together, handled all the negative feedback and made necessary conclusions. Most of the negative testimonials were targeted on the outdated products that could be easily removed from the website. Besides, we understood what products the users need.

Hmm… Very interesting, so what did you do next? 

The last year we focused on flagship templates. These are super products for different CMS that take the shine out of the competitors. Their quality is matchless. Taking into account our lifetime 24/7 technical support, this is the best offer on the market without any exaggeration.
Here is a 1-minute video about StoreFlex OpenCart Theme, one of the TemplateMonster’s flagships for you to grasp the essence of such kind of templates.

That’s really amazing, but what about the price of premium TemplateMonster’s products? Is it higher than the one of the competitors? 

Nothing of the kind! Our templates are not more expensive than the competitors’. Everything depends on how you compare the prices. Sometimes the cost may be a little bit higher, but you can always find 10-40% promo code on the net. Then, you should keep in mind that all images you see viewing the template’s demo are included into its price (except the GPL themes). And the weightiest argument: nobody on the market provides lifetime technical support on all the marketplace products.
In order not to sound unsubstantiated, I would like you to view this video, vividly illustrating TemplateMonster’s rating on TrustPilot.


Thank you☺.

Now, please, tell us a few words about MotoCMS. What is it and who is the project aimed at? 

In short, MotoCMS is a website builder.

We decided to present it to the wider audience when clearly understood that most of our customers can be divided into two large groups: developers and entrepreneurs who don’t know much about coding. Thousands of websites are being built on MotoCMS monthly. Actually, this product will match the developers either because of its demo period. Every freelancer or web studio can register their personal demo version, customize it the way they need and save the amendments. Then, they can show the demo to the client, get the prepay, and only then redeem the template with all the adjustments.

That’s really awesome and beneficial for your customers.

But that’s not all, far from it. TemplateMonster’s products let the developers save time on business-processes and feel freer as they know for sure that nobody will let them down. They can complete more orders using templates and earn more money thereafter.
As to the business owners, with our templates they don’t depend from the designer’s, coder’s style and mood, their personal issues, whatever. We ship them the product, which they need to fill with their unique content. That’s it. If a person wants to spend more time with family, friends, or just drink a cup of coffee, it’s OK, they can order all the necessary works at TemplateMonster Service Center and get everything polished and ready-to-use.

A very useful service, as for me. 

You know, a Service Center deserves at least a separate paragraph in this interview. It frees end-users from so many headaches. It can be compared to the all-inclusive system in the web development field. The job they can’t cope with simply does not exist. The Service Center team includes only highly professional nerds, experts in web design and development sphere able to face any challenge.
Here is a short video on how TM Service Center installs the template for you to understand how the guys work:

Thank you for these interesting videos, Demetrio, an interview with you can be called anything, but boring! Here is the next cunning question for you. Dozens of people already have websites. Can you cater to their needs if they are absolutely sure that they don’t need the services of a web development company? 

Thought you caught me? Sorry, I’ve got the answer☺! Here is a couple of tips for those who already have a website and believe they are living off the fat of the land. Check your website on responsiveness, it’s a crucial parameter for Google, mobile index, whatever. If your website is not responsive, it’s time to make a redesign. If you didn’t update your website’s layout for the last 5 years, I bet it looks moss-grown and you are losing your potential clients and your money.
In a nutshell, we have bags of solutions other than websites for online entrepreneurs. I.e.: landing pages, newsletter templates, plugins, and whatnot. We will help you squeeze out the most out of your website!

Imagine that: He beat me! I already want to become TemplateMonster’s partner! Is it possible, by the way? 

Yes! TemplateMonster’s affiliate program is one of the best on web design and development market.

I won’t tell you about all the benefits of our affiliate program, here is a playlist, where all the users who are interested in getting passive income can get to know all the information in fun, easy to digest manner.
I guess everybody is curious about how much they can earn with TM affiliate program. Thousands of dollars monthly. From the beginning of this year we have paid more than a million USD of commissions to our partners and it’s not the limit…

Sounds very tempting. But what if I’m too lazy by nature or just don’t believe that the game is worth the candles, or don’t want to create a blog, and don’t want to order it? 

Ok, do you have social media accounts? Do you like to communicate with people from different countries?


Then, you can still make money with TemplateMonster Social Stock contest. You just share a 10% promo code on all TM products with your friends and get costly prizes.

In good sooth, the opportunities with TemplateMonster are countless. Demetrio, let me ask you the last question for today. Does the company run special, educational projects? 

Being a large and experienced web developer, we, at TemplateMonster, are always ready to share our knowledge with everybody who is thirsty for it. So, we carry out a load of educational projects like: Certification Center


Besides, you can find a great deal of free educational content on Monster Post, eBooks, and Help.

Demetrio, thank you for this interview! You are a conversationalist☺. I am sure, our readers have also enjoyed the experience you’ve shared.  

It was a pleasure to talk about the thinks I’m engaged into for me either. If the readers have any more questions related to the topic, I would be happy to answer them. Cheers!

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Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.

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