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The Ultimate Way to Build a Brand Strategy

Join our guest, Dalibor Vasiljević, to learn how a consolidated, relevant, distinctive, and sustainable brand strategy helps you achieve your company’s objectives.

key discussion points

What will we cover?

The more comprehensive your brand strategy is, the more likely your audience is to have a desirable perception of your company. In this webinar, Dalibor Vasiljević will teach you how to build a strong brand strategy and tell you more about:

- What is a brand strategy
- What is the brand essence
- How to build a brand story
- The difference between marketing and branding
- How to improve communication with your customers
- What does the touchpoint funnel mean
- How to educate your customers

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Meet our speaker

Dalibor Vasiljević is the co-founder of Brand Sprint, where together with his team, he shapes agile brands for the future with the help of a brand strategy framework. He is also the founder of Rainfall Branding, an award-winning design consultancy agency.

His passion is to help companies and teams develop strategic solutions and innovate using the human-centered design process to bridge the gap between user needs and business.

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