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Instagram is the place where 70% of shoppers come to discover new products. Since a significant portion of your potential customers will land on your profile, you want to make sure that your Instagram feed looks appealing and engaging. 

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of creative Instagram feed ideas that will make your profile stand out and attract more followers.

These Instagram theme ideas are perfect when you want to find the right concept that’s going to help you showcase your brand’s personality. Instagram accounts that stick to having a consistent aesthetic are more visually attractive and, most importantly, this is going to make a great first impression on new visitors. 

But let’s start at the beginning.create and launch ad campaigns from start to finish

What Is an Instagram Feed?

An Instagram feed represents the collection of photos and/or videos that you can see when you visit an Instagram account.

But why do you even need to create Instagram posts that look aesthetically pleasing

Instagram is one of the largest social media networks in the world. With more than 500 million daily users, one billion monthly users, and more than 25 million business accounts, it’s safe to say that you can reach a lot of people by being active on this platform.

However, before you reach those people, you need to think about what your profile is going to look like. 

This Is Where Instagram Themes Come in

The key is to find a theme that aligns with your brand and will make your account stand out.

instagram feed idea

FImage source

Most importantly, it has to go hand in hand with your brand’s core values and vision. 

If your goal is to improve your already active profile, and turn it into a reliable marketing tool, analyze your posts and see which ones are performing the best. Start building your account around the most posts that have the best engagement. You can use tools like an Instagram planner to plan the feed on your profile visually.

By analyzing all the insights that Instagram has to offer, you learn more about your audience and give you a sense of how your future Instagram theme should look like.

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Now, let’s move on directly to the inspiration.

25 Creative Instagram Feed Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

By sticking to an Instagram feed theme, you give your audience a sense of what’s coming next. 

Let’s see some of the best Instagram theme ideas you can get inspired by to transform your feed.

1. Vintage Theme

We already have the right filters on Instagram for this style, so a vintage Instagram theme is quite easy to implement. Apply the same filter on all the images you upload to get that overall vintage theme.

These filters work best if you also have a personal vintage style or promote products with a vintage aura.

Check out this stunning example:

intagram feed ideas vintage theme

Image Source

2. Minimalist Theme

You don’t need to be a minimalist to make good use of this theme.

The main characteristic of this style is the white space that sheds light on a particular detail and allows you to truly notice it. 

If you’re interested in finding Instagram feed ideas and start a minimalist Instagram feed, take a look at this profile:

instagram feed ideas minimalist theme

Image Source

For extra inspiration, check out these other Instagram profiles where you can find 17 minimalist themed Instagram accounts that will give you some great ideas.

3. Dark Theme

If you’re looking for Instagram theme ideas that give a mystery feel on your feed, dark themes are a perfect choice. It’s easy to create a dark Instagram theme because the platform has the right filters for that. 

Your profile will get an instant heavy feel, keeping all the followers’ eyes on it. 

So, if you want to go to the dark side, they get inspired by this profile: 

Instagram feed dark theme

Image Source

4. White and Bright Theme

If there’s a dark theme, there’s also the opposite—the white and bright aesthetic for your Instagram feed. This means the elements from your pictures have light colors and maybe a filter that makes them more luminous. 

Take a look at this event planner’s profile to see what this white and bright theme entails:

Instagram feed white bright theme

Image Source

5. Black and White Theme

This style usually goes best for an Instagram account that features portraits and architecture pictures, as it can show essential details through the black and white aesthetics. It’s a classic, and you can never go wrong with it. 

Take a look at this profile for ideas: 

instagram feed Black White Theme

Image Source

6. Illustration Theme

You can always have fun with illustrations and use your products in the process as well. This represents an excellent opportunity for you to either stand out from your competitors or use it as a strategy to advertise on Instagram products that may seem bland. 

For example, let’s say that you have a small business that sells only one type of red cup, and you can’t photograph only that cup every day. So why not give it a scene and put it in different contexts?

There are plenty of Instagram accounts that already use this strategy, so if you’re searching for ideas, here’s a fun one from McDonald’s Singapore: 

instagram feed ideas illustration theme

Image source

You can see how the ice cream is playing with penguins, or when a cheeseburger is an alien. These entertaining ideas make you follow their account only to see what they’re going to post next.

7. Black or White Borders Theme

With a black border Instagram theme, your profile will look neat and organized. The borders can vary from thin black lines with the aspect of a glossy magazine to chunky ones that give you the feeling of a movie scene. Take these two examples:

instagram feed black border theme

Image Source

instagram feed black borders theme

Image Source

Another great Instagram layout idea that you can use for your profile to get noticed is the white border layout.

It gives space between your photos, which may vary from slim lines to broader ones.

The right filter will make you think of polaroid photos, just as you’ll notice in the example below.

instagram feed white border theme

Image Source

8. Flatlay Theme

Flatlay is hands down among the best Instagram themes out there.

It’s an excellent choice to showcase various products that work well together as an ensemble or just to help your followers see a product from a different perspective.

Take a look at this delicious example:

instagram feed ideas flatlay theme

Image Source

Here’s another excellent example of the flat lay theme that showcases outfits:

instagram feed idea flatlay theme

Image Source

9. Puzzle Grid Theme

This theme requires a bit of strategic thinking before posting the photos, but it may be one of the best and engaging Instagram grid ideas out there.

It works best when you need to make a banner for an announcement, emphasize an idea, or launch a big campaign.

The series of pictures can be connected through a theme or even through a background. 

Here is the perfect example of the puzzle grid Instagram theme, which doesn’t overuse the layout, but knows exactly when and what to emphasize:

intagram feed Puzzle Grid Theme

Image Source

It’s impressive how this profile manages to connect the organic with human-made elements in a perfect puzzle layout and also through the black and white filter.

If you want to make the whole Instagram profile a series of puzzles, connect them only through their background like standalone pictures. In this manner, you avoid overusing the theme.

Here’s an example:

intagram feed Puzzle Grid Themes

Image Source

10. Checkerboard Theme

Another great Instagram layout idea that will make your profile stand out is to alternate your pictures with quotes and get a tile-like result:

instagram feed checkerboard theme

Image Sourcecreate and launch ad campaigns from start to finish

11. Quotation Theme

So, if you’re an entrepreneur that wants to inspire their followers or if it’s a business Instagram account that wants to share info about its industry, this theme allows you to showcase ideas and bring closer the people that share them too.

Here’s an example: 

quotation theme intagram feed ideas

Image Source

12. Vertical Lines Theme

This theme is among the most popular Instagram layout ideas. Post your photos strategically to create a vertical white line in the middle—or choose a different color, but one that differentiates from the rest of the pictures—to create a sense of separation between the left and the right lines from the feed. 

You can also add quotes on the simple color background. 

This is what you want to achieve:

instagram feed vertical lines theme

Image Source

13. Horizontal Lines Theme

This is yet another great Instagram grid idea, similar to the vertical theme, but this time you arrange the photos that go together horizontally, like this: 

instagram feed horizontal lines theme

Image Source

14. Color Block Theme

Colors are always a powerful tool to use if you want your profile to be remembered. Using an Instagram color theme can easily make your profile stand out.

When you start taking pictures with extremely colorful backgrounds and objects, they will pile up on your profile and give your followers a proper splash of color. It’s fun and creative. You may say it’s a theme to remember.

There are many color combinations you can make, so don’t hold back on them and go crazy:

instagram feed color block theme

Image Source

instagram feed color block themes

Image Source

15. Pastel Theme

When you want to have an Instagram color theme, but you’re not exactly the type who goes for intense, bright colors, pastel colors are a great choice.  

Decrease highlights and apply filters to get a lightly faded look. The colors that usually work best for this type of filter are pink, purple, olive green, and baby blue. 

Your Instagram feed will look charming. 

instagram feed ideas pastel theme

Image Source

16. Color-Coordinated Theme

This is one of the most eye-catching Instagram feed theme ideas. To get your Instagram profile color-coordinated, choose two or three colors, and use them in every picture.

Go for pastel colors or more powerful combinations, as this fantastic profile did by combining teal with orange:

instagram feed color coordinated themes

Image Source

17. Pink Theme

Looking for something bold and colorful at the same time? Go for a pink theme. There are many different variations you can use, from pastel tones to bright, magenta pink. This Instagram feed is spot-on, including the username:

instagram feed ideas pink theme

Image Source

18. Red Theme

A red Instagram theme can send a compelling message, as red is known for its robust and passionate vigor and its ability to make you pay attention to something. 

If you want to make your pictures all red, make sure to choose this color for your feed only from time to time, when you want to point things out. It may be tiring for your followers when overused.

Otherwise, you can just insert red elements throughout the feed.

Red is a primary color, so by choosing a  red Instagram theme, you can later make color-coordinated pictures, without drifting away from your central theme.

Here’s an example:

instagram feed ideas red theme

Image Source

If you take a look at her profile, you’ll see that she sets a different color as the central theme and changes it from time to time.

19. Blue Theme

If we mentioned the red theme, we must also talk about the blue Instagram theme. With dark and cold tones, this profile manages to keep the same feeling throughout the whole feed:

instagram feed idea blue theme

Image Source

20. Yellow Theme

When it comes to colors, there’s no precise rule. You can choose to have the whole feed one color-based or change the color theme from time to time. That way, your profile will still be color-themed. 

If you go for a yellow Instagram theme, you have the mentioned options, or you can search for a filter with a yellow tint and apply it to all your pictures.

Here is an example of how the yellow Instagram theme looks like:

instagram feed ideas yellow theme

Image Source

21. Rainbow Theme

This is one of the most eye-catching ideas you’ll find on Instagram. The following profile not only managed to have a series of single color-based pictures, but the whole feed is a palette of colors that slowly blend as you scroll.

rainbow theme instagram feed idea

Image Source

22. Same Filter Theme

Sometimes all you need to do is apply the same filter throughout the whole Instagram feed. This method works for profiles that don’t have a central subject but still want to connect the photos from the profile.

intagram feed same filter theme

Image Source

23. Campaign Theme

A seasonal theme is something that you use only for a limited frame of time. It can be a sales promotion, a campaign, or an important holiday.

The essential thing is to make your followers aware of your involvement in that particular season, especially if you’re starting a sales campaign.

In the example below, you can see how Coca-Cola celebrated #WorldKindnessDay.

instagram feed ideas campaign theme

Image Source

24. Holiday Theme

You can recreate a seasonal theme whenever you feel inspired, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other holiday you’re celebrating.

Christmas seems to be one of the most inspiring holidays when it comes to taking pictures. They look so good that you can almost smell the cookies from the photos.

As a result, your profile will look as lovely as this one:

instagram feed ideas christmas theme

Image Source

25. Contextual Theme

Another Instagram feed idea is using your brand identity. Analyze your product or service and find that unique value proposition which can make your Instagram feed special.

methodproducts is promoting their merchandise by using vibrant colors with clean lines and bold patterns. The photos are exploring the possibilities even more by showcasing the products in different contexts. 

instagram feed idea contextual theme

Image Source

Here is another Instagram profile using the same method:

contextual theme instagram feed idea

Image Source


Having an Instagram account is an excellent way of getting the word out about your business by being creative. With just a little bit of work and a good strategy behind, you’ll get the results you want. 

It’s often not just about what you publish, but also about the aesthetics and the strategic part behind it.

I hope this article was insightful and that you’ll get inspired by these Instagram feed ideas and create your own stunning feed.

Let me know down in the comments which one was your favorite and why.create and launch ad campaigns from start to finish

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.


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