Improve creative performance

Boost campaign performance with optimized ads

Optimize the performance of your ad creatives to the highest standard. Use testing and campaign analytics tools, make informed decisions, and adjust your ads in real-time for enhanced effectiveness.

Boost campaign performance

Improved conversion rates

Make changes based on test results to identify the most effective strategy for your campaign.

Adapt and refine

Iterate and optimize your campaigns for better results over time.

Success boost

Use ad tags for seamless publishing, ensuring no downtime and disruption to your campaign.

Optimal configuration

Find the best ad with A/B testing

Variation analysis: Test headline, description, image, or CTA variations to determine which change leads to a better performance.

Natural A/B testing flow: Experiment with intuitive A/B testing setup supported by efficient ad-serving tools to help you find the winning creative in no time.

Ad A/B testing

Built for multiple iterations

Publish instantly. Update in real-time.

Ad tags: Skip size limitations and serve your creatives directly from Creatopy into your ad network with ad tags.

Live updates:
Change messaging, assets or individual creatives on the fly, without the need to pause your campaigns.

Publish instantly

Unified data-hub

Make data-driven decisions

Analytics: Measure the effectiveness of your creatives through analytics. Get accurate ad performance data: track clicks, impressions, CTRs, and other key metrics.

Share reports: Quickly compile reports and share them with your stakeholders for informed decisions.

Use data to make decisions

Optimize creatives for better campaign results

Reaping the benefits of creative optimization starts from day one of your ad campaign. Gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences for effective ad content.

Ad networks and DSPs feature

Ad networks and DSPs

Benefit from integrations with ad networks and DSPs that will help you distribute your ads to all those channels that grow your business

Ad tag feature

Ad tags

Publish your A/B test live using ad tags. Keep your creatives hosted on Creatopy while inputting the ad tags on your chosen platforms.

Dynamic text feature

Dynamic text

Integrate dynamic text elements in your ads, like city, region, or country names, for a highly personalized message.

Tweak. Refine. Enhance.


Higher ROI achieved


More chances of success


Increase in conversions


Saved per campaign

The creation and delivery process of video ads has been accelerated tremendously thanks to Creatopy.

Yves-Alain Schwaar-Chief Executive Officer



Uncover creative impact and drive campaign success

Create winning ad campaigns by using the most optimized creatives. Gain insights on creative performance and help influence the final campaign results.