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Effortlessly generate a multitude of advertisements with Creatopy's advanced AI-powered advertisement maker. Elevate your team's productivity and expedite the launch of ad campaigns across various display ad networks and social media platforms.

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Ad templates for many use cases

Explore a diverse selection of meticulously crafted templates for your display and social media advertising needs, featuring options for both static and dynamic designs. Effortlessly navigate through specialized templates tailored to various industries and seasons, ensuring that you'll discover the ideal solution for your requirements, be it in health, finance, real estate, or e-commerce. Customize these templates with ease, optimizing them to your precise specifications, regardless of the desired ad size.

in-depth personalization

Customize ads and always stay on brand

Elevate your brand's presence with captivating ads that truly embody your brand's unique identity. Ensure a unified and consistent visual identity throughout your campaigns with convenient access to your brand assets through our brand kits. Craft ads that resonate with your audience by seamlessly blending various visual elements. Incorporate stock photos and illustrations, fine-tune colors and fonts, and explore different layouts until you discover the perfect design that speaks directly to your audience's preferences.

No-code animations

Add motion to ads effortlessly

Bring your designs to life effortlessly, even if you have no coding or graphic motion experience, thanks to automated animations in your AI-generated ads. For more intricate storytelling, craft bespoke animations using preset actions such as movement, rotation, scaling, opacity adjustment, and blurring. Easily apply built-in, mid-level, and exit animations to each layer with just a single click, and witness your designs spring to life right before your eyes.

scaled production

Create campaigns with the AI advertisement generator

Minimize repetitive tasks by generating complete sets of display or social media ads in a single step. Similarly, start with a single design and instantly replicate it in various preset or custom sizes. Any modification you apply to a design in our AI ad generator will automatically propagate across all sizes simultaneously.

seamless delivery

Publish, track, and update ad campaigns

Serve ads to your chosen ad networks via ad tags, bypassing imposed file size limitations. Create unique embed codes for ad buy platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CMS, or standard use, and keep your ads hosted on Creatopy’s servers. Make real-time changes to published creatives without stopping your campaigns and track their performance within the platform.

All you need from a powerful advertisement maker

Harness the potential of our AI ad maker to scale up your ad production. Deliver campaigns on time and optimize them for maximum performance.

Seamless collaboration

Create and manage teams, then organize your work into projects for better control. Share designs with anyone and get real-time feedback.

Bulk creation

Generate numerous design variations instantly using data feed ad creation. It’s as easy as sourcing a CSV file with the ad information.

A/B testing

Set up A/B tests to identify the best-performing ad variations. Optimize according to the results to increase your campaign's ROI.

How to create ads in Creatopy

See how you can use Creatopy’s user-friendly interface for AI-assisted ad creation and take your advertising campaigns to the next level.

  • Choose a template

    Start with one of our professionally designed templates, available in sizes tailored for common ad placements. Alternatively, open up a blank canvas to design from scratch.

  • Personalize designs

    Customize your ad with design elements from our library or your own assets. Change the background, add new imagery, switch up the color palette and fonts to find the right mix.

  • Generate ads

    Create multiple sizes of your initial design with a few clicks. They'll automatically open up in generator view, where any edit you make on a size will be reflected across the entire set.

  • Download your creatives

    Ensure your ads are displayed in high-quality and at the proper resolution on your destination platform. Pick from various export formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5, and AMP.

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