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Effortlessly generate a multitude of advertisements with Creatopy's advanced AI-powered advertisement maker. Elevate your team's productivity and expedite the launch of ad campaigns across various display ad networks and social media platforms.

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Ad templates for many use cases

Cut down on design time and get professional-looking display and social media ads using premade templates. Explore a rich library with static and dynamic designs tailored to various industries and seasons. Quickly customize templates in our ad creator for your exact use case, whether it’s in health, finance, real estate, or e-commerce.

in-depth personalization

Create on-brand, highly customized ads

Elevate your advertising game and overcome ad fatigue with personalized ads that truly stand out. Mix and match premium design elements in our easy-to-use ad creator to make stunning ad layouts from scratch or customize industry-specific from an extensive collection. Foster brand recognition and inspire trust by maintaining a consistent brand image across ads and channels. You have all the assets you need within reach.

Use our ad creator to make customized ads
No-code animations

Create video ads
with ease

Boost engagement and achieve higher CTRs using video ads and no-code HTML5 banners using our online video ad creator. Experience a streamlined animation process with a diverse media library on hand, one-click animations, smooth transitions, and interactive effects that breathe life into your ads. Dive into more advanced animations with the help of an intuitive Timeline editor that gives you precise control over every detail.

scaled production

Scale up your ad production

Automate the ad creation process and never miss a campaign launch date. Save significant amounts of time tailoring designs to different platforms and ad placements with Smart Resizing. Instantly transform data feed content into high volumes of distinctive ad variations across one or multiple sizes and take advantage of bulk editing to make changes to all designs simultaneously, reducing manual work to a minimum.

Create multiple versions of the perfect ad

Grow your reach with multi-channel ads

Enhance your advertising strategy using a variety of captivating ad formats. Always meet publishing requirements with our advertisement maker’s professional ad templates and predefined sizes.

Promote your business with display ads

Display ads

Promote your business with engaging creatives across various ad networks, including Google ads. Craft animated HTML5 banners without any coding skills.
Reach relevant audiences social media ads

Social media ads

Reach relevant audiences with visually appealing social media ads. Create personalized designs and optimize them for any social media platform in a few clicks.
boost conversions through the power of video ads

Video ads

Capture attention and boost conversions through the power of motion. Combine visuals and audio in our online video ad maker to tell compelling stories.

How to create ads in Creatopy

See how you can use Creatopy’s user-friendly interface for AI-assisted ad creation and take your advertising campaigns to the next level.

  • Choose a template

    Start with one of our professionally designed templates, available in sizes tailored for common ad placements. Alternatively, open up a blank canvas to design from scratch.

  • Personalize designs

    Customize your ad with design elements from our library or your own assets. Change the background, add new imagery, switch up the color palette and fonts to find the right mix.

  • Generate ads

    Create multiple sizes of your initial design with a few clicks. They'll automatically open up in generator view, where any edit you make on a size will be reflected across the entire set.

  • Download your creatives

    Ensure your ads are displayed in high-quality and at the proper resolution on your destination platform. Pick from various export formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5, and AMP.

Creatopy capabilities beyond ad making

create an ad and run A/B tests to identify improvement opportunities

Creative optimization

Maximize campaign success through creative optimization. Run A/B tests and analyze performance data to identify improvement opportunities for peak effectiveness.
Generate various dimensions with the Zapier integration


Increase efficiency by harnessing creative automation. Use creative versioning tools for ad scaling or generate ad variations without design work with Creatopy and Zapier.
create dynamic ads that automatically update their content

Dynamic text

Deliver relevant ad content to each individual user. Create dynamic ads that automatically update their text according to location and many other custom variables.

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