Create social media ads

Reach a wider audience by using Creatopy’s intuitive editor to design social media ads compatible with any platform. Work solo or with your team and incorporate both static and animated social ads into your strategy to take your social media advertising to the next level.

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Social media ad templates

Start inspired with one of many professionally designed templates that you can easily turn into branded ads using high-quality stock photos, illustrations, icons, and other design elements from Creatopy’s library. Experience cost-effective social advertising and get your ads published in no time.

How to create social media ads

  • Choose a template

    Explore a vast collection of social media ad templates and pick one to use as a basis for your design or create from blank with Creatopy's predefined size.

  • Personalize your design

    Customize the ad with a few clicks in our drag and drop editor. Change images, colors or fonts and ensure your social media ad design is on brand.

  • Generate multiple sizes

    Instantly create multiple variations of the same design thanks to our resize tool and cover all your social media marketing needs with little effort.

  • Export your ads

    Download your designs in one of the numerous multi-channel formats available and share your social ads, always complying with publishing requirements.


Automated social media ads production

Design ads at scale and keep social media marketing in house with Creatopy’s automation features. Discover a collaborative environment that will reduce your workload while leaving room for creativity.


Design generator

Create a full campaign with a single click. Simply choose predefined sizes or make custom ones and edit all ads simultaneously in Creatopy's social media ads creator.


Smooth video editing

Aim to increase engagement by adding video ads to your social media mix. Edit in an easy-to-use online video maker that accommodates all design skill levels.


Brand alignment

Incorporate your brand’s personality in every design thanks to the Brand Kit feature that helps your organize assets like logo or fonts and access them from the workspace.


Stock content

Save time by designing with stock content instead of making your own. Explore our all-encompassing library and choose from thousands of stock images and videos.


Background remover

Make your products stand out on all social media networks. Remove the background of any image automatically and highlight the cutouts in your ad designs.


Seamless collaboration

Keep an open feedback loop with your team throughout the entire ad making process. Leave and receive comments on designs in real-time and implement changes on the spot.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Creatopy helps you engage your audience with eye-catching social media ads. Create distinct designs of any size for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and all other major social media platforms by using professionally made templates and predefined ad sizes.

Facebook ads
Create professionally looking Facebook ad designs you'll be proud to publish, including carousels, videos, and sponsored message ads.
Instagram ads
Spice up your social media campaigns with a wide variety of Instagram ad designs, such as image, video, carousel, and story ads.
YouTube ads
Create YouTube ad designs that are worth watching. From skippable in-stream to bumper ads, Creatopy offers numerous ways to grab attention.
TikTok Ads
Make dynamic TikTok ad designs that drive engagement with Creatopy’s variety of features. Edit them as you like with a few clicks.
LinkedIn ads
Unleash your creativity with professional LinkedIn ad designs that are in tune with your brand using our templates as inspiration.
Twitter Ads
Create unique Twitter ad designs for your marketing campaign with the help of our wide variety of creative elements.
Pinterest ads
Make your Pinterest ad designs stand out using our diverse library of templates. Create visuals you’re proud of in a matter of minutes.

Start designing according to your vision

Accelerate campaign delivery and connect with your audience on all social media platforms. See how Creatopy can help you do more in less time.

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