end-to-end automation

Automate workflows for
peak performance

Make high-volumes of ad creatives with automation. Generate variations using data feeds or build custom workflows with zaps through actions and triggers. Let automation handle repetitive design tasks in the background.

Automate repetitive tasks with Creatopy

Free up time for creativity

Delegate the manual work to automation and make room for more creative ideation.

Automate without coding

Use Creatopy and Zapier to unlock limitless possibilities for automating your ad production.

Boost output, not headcount

Scale your creative production without expanding your design team.


Ship ads without manual work

Automated zaps: Set triggers and actions in Zapier that will prompt Creatopy to generate ads based on a template.

Custom workflows: Send auto-generated creatives to your inbox, store them in the Cloud, or set up additional triggers for actions, the choice is yours.

shopify automation

E-commerce ads on auto-pilot

Zapier integration: Increase creative production by generating ads for your products automatically with Zapier.

Shopify product ads: Create a custom template and let Zapier automatically generate ads for your Shopify products.

Shopify and Zapier integration

automate your ecosystem

Unify workflows across teams and channels

Social campaign: Kick up your Zapier game a notch by posting newly generated creatives on social media platforms.

Efficient Review: Automate sending newly generated creatives up for review through email.

Unify wofkflows across teams

Accelerate campaign readiness

Producing large volumes of highly relevant creatives for multiple channels is a lot easier when you have the right toolset to help you get rid of redundant work.

Resize feature


Resize banners to up to 60+ presets or custom sizes simultaneously suitable for social media or display advertising.

Bulk edit feature

Bulk edit

Apply changes to your entire ad set instantly, ensuring campaign consistency with a single action.

Feed feature


Generate high volumes of ad creatives from a single source file, by simply linking your data feed with your design.

Bulk export feature

Bulk export

Download your ad creatives in bulk as high-quality files in various formats compatible with any media platform.

Magic animator feature

Magic animator

Use animation presets to add motion to your ads in record time, regardless of volume. Replicate animations to other designs with one click.

Ai banner generator feature

AI Banner generator

Auto-generate banners using just your website URL, and use AI for copywriting, image editing, translations, and more.

Design in high-volumes to benefit from


Design efficiency


Saved per campaign


Ads generated instantly


Faster campaign cycles

Design sets can save you time, while batch creation via CSV is very interesting. It's fast to design ads and post on social media. It integrates partners like Shutterstock.

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Automate high-volume ad production

Maximize output in less time, increase design efficiency, and launch your campaigns on time.