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Creatopy powers British Council's global content boom: 70% cost cut, 1,000+ assets

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About the Customer

British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.


Optimized 1,000+ assets with design automation for efficiency, cost savings, and timely delivery.

What they achieved with automation


assets localized in over 7 languages


cost reduction with design automation


faster turnaround with branded team templates


assets delivered before deadlines


Engage Global Audiences with Localized Content

In December 2022, the English language course provider launched an ambitious initiative to revolutionize its Global English campaign. By leveraging localized content, they aimed to better engage audiences across the European Union and Western Europe.

This mission required not just creativity but innovation, as we faced the daunting task of creating over a thousand assets within a tight timeline.


the challenge

Breaking language barriers

The massive scale of asset production posed the primary challenge to launching the campaign effectively.

With over ten Adobe master templates at the start, the task seemed herculean: to localize content in seven different languages (Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Ukrainian), all while ensuring the essence of the campaign was not lost in translation.


“Benefits are immense - it radically decreased amount of time, resource and money dedicated to localization and proved to be an instrumental tool for our creative asset production process.”


Meltem Gunyuzlu




The Power of Creative Automation

Their breakthrough came with the strategic decision to migrate their templates to a design automation tool, allowing them to dynamically feed messaging from various data sources.

This move not only streamlined the process but also empowered regional marketing teams to adapt messaging independently, ensuring flexibility and relevance in all communications.

British Council set new standards through automation and efficiency

Faster than anticipated delivery

All assets were delivered on schedule, meeting all the tight deadlines. It was a seamless campaign launch.

Cost-effective deliverables

They achieved a staggering 70% reduction in design costs, bringing them down from €5k to €1.5k.

Scalable, future-proof solution

The team templates created were set for future use, promising a 50% reduction in time spent on asset creation.

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