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The 5 I's

We all share these values

Can you relate?

I belong

I belong to an A-team of beautiful minds and open hearts. I always learn something from my colleagues, which allows me to think sharp, glow bright, and stay agile. I speak up my mind—letting the rest of my team play their part in projects. I am always there if they need me.

I mean technology

I mean technology. I am passionate about… no. I actually live and breathe technology. I always find myself using an app or a device for everything. I consume tech news, and I know about trends, trying new gadgets and platforms. I can use this advantage to invest more time in my search for innovation with the help of technology. And, hey, I am always open to listen to proper suggestions for efficiency in tech.

I care

I care about delivering the best CX. I constantly think of finding the best solutions for customers. I'm looking forward to their positive feedback, and I imagine their constant amazement. Yes, I am their entertainer and their coach at the same time.

I create

I create beautiful design content because the best quality collection of designs always wins. I keep up regularly with design trends and industry news. I create designs I would use if I were the customer. I see every design as an opportunity to engage customers into another level of creativity.

I love Oradea

I love Oradea. I’d love to be a part of this lovely community, passionate about its country. I want to discover all of the stories and myths which provide the limitless inspiration behind the scenes of Creatopy. I invite everyone to taste the beautiful life in Oradea. I support local communities and initiatives. I volunteer. I look for and support pro bono projects or partnerships.


Here comes the fun part


“Home of Glowing Ideas”

Step into your office here in a state-of-the-art facility, which is the largest office building in Eastern Europe built using the Cross Laminated Timber technology. A big occasion for you to show off!


Private Medical Services

A healthy mind in a healthy body is mandatory! Let’s keep that wellbeing glowing with a wide range of medical services provided by a private clinic.


World-class learning experience

We empower your professional development. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to go to conferences and workshops! We’re excited to hear what you’ve learned there.


Gaming Room

It’s time to challenge your teammates to a game of FIFA, Mortal Kombat (the latest version), or take a well-deserved break to relax on the comfiest couch ever.


Coffee, Please!

The best in town, that is! We do have a great coffee machine, amazing Creatopy mugs, and high-quality coffee for you to enjoy whenever you like. It’s on us!


And many more

Daily lunch and fruits on us, monthly nights out, fitness subscription discount, massage at the office, extra days off—we have everything you need and want!

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