personalize and localize ads

Target audiences with personalized creatives

Deliver ads that resonate with your audience always. Customize messaging, location, and language using dynamic rules and variables for a personalized ad experience that brings the desired results.

Increase relevance

Deliver tailored ad creatives that match people’s needs.

Boost engagement

Increase the likelihood of audience clicks by showing customized content in your ads.

Automate personalization

Generate dynamic creatives instantly and launch them to desired markets faster than ever.


Generate multiple ad variations instantly

Create ads from CSV file: Generate personalized ads by connecting your feed content to your template design, and create hundreds of variations in seconds.

Shopify integration: Connect your Shopify store and bind your creative with items from your inventory to create ad variations in the blink of an eye.

geofencing campaigns

Deliver tailored ads based on user location

Dynamic offers: Show personalized offers in ads based on user location, tailoring promotions for different cities, regions, or countries.

Location insertion:
Target your audience in various locations by customizing the ad creative to show the name of their city, region, or country.

no language barriers

Reach customers in their own language

Create multilingual ads: Use AI translate capabilities to generate ad variations in multiple languages.

Feed Translation: Import your feed with translations and we will handle accurate delivery to the right audience.

Create multilingual ads

Resonate with your audience

Hit the nail with Dynamic Text

Custom text variable: Incorporate dynamic variables, such as game scores or betting odds, that update in real-time to deliver the most relevant ads.

Personalized Greetings: Use custom text variables to address your target audience by name in your ad headlines.

Dynamic text feature

Create and deliver ads that fit like a glove

Simplify the process of personalizing and localizing your ads with a set of handy tools and capabilities.

ad serving feature

Ad serving

Serve your creatives with ad tags to the ad network or DSP of your choice, including Google Ads, DV360, Choozle,, and more.

Live updates feature

Live updates

Make live updates to your deployed creatives without interrupting your campaign.

Feed feature


Generate multiple ad variations instantly using a feed, without having to edit each creative manually.

A/B testing feature

A/B testing

Compare two or more versions of your creative to optimize CTR for a better campaign conversion rate.

AI generator feature

Generative AI for text

Generate new copy based on prompts, or edit existing ones by improving the spelling or changing their tone of voice.

Generate images from text

Generative AI for image

Create images based on prompts or other images, edit, remove backgrounds or generate a new one, and increase resolution with ease.

Unlock success with ad personalization


Increase in CTR


Increase in ROI


Lower cost per click


Faster production time

Creatopy lets our team take our design work to the next level by making it easy to build dynamic, social, and digital content quickly and efficiently. These tools are just what we needed to scale up the work we do in the digital space.

Jesse Godfrey - Director of Design Services

Clemson University


Speak to your audience’s interests

Leave generic ads behind and unlock the results of your advertising efforts, experiencing higher ROI and ROAS.