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Easily edit PSD files online with Creatopy to streamline your ad creation workflow. Open a PSD file and start working on your ad designs right away. Resize, edit, animate, and collaborate with your team.

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Edit PSD files and stay on brand

In Creatopy, you can create a Brand Kit that your team can use whenever they need to edit PSD files. Whether you have multiple products or projects you're working on, you can create multiple separate Brand Kits and use them as needed.

Create brand kits using PSD files

PSD editor that helps you animate

It's never been easier to animate a PSD file. With our animation feature, you can turn your PSD design into dynamic, eye-catching ads. Use the timeline of our online photo editor to customize the duration, delay, and even add middle animations.

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Shake hands with ad delivery

To keep up with today's fact-paced online advertising environment, serve your ads directly from Creatopy to your preferred ad networks. Forget about size limitations, make real-time edits, and never worry about pausing your campaigns for minor tweaks.

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All in one PSD editor

Scale one design with ease

Use our PSD editor to create multiple sizes based on a single design in just a few seconds. With our PSD file editor, you can generate sizes for display, social, or print.

Edit in bulk like a pro

Make small edits to your PSD file by changing the ad copy or image. What's more is that you can get things done faster by doing all of the changes you want in bulk.

Reuse assets for various campaigns

With Creatopy, your team can effortlessly reuse assets for future ad campaigns, which will help you eliminate the need to create the ads from scratch every single time.

Go beyond Photoshop limitations

In Creatopy, you can create, scale, and deliver ad campaigns. Animate your ad designs, export them in the format of your choice, then serve them on the ad network you desire.

Use your Photoshop mockups

With Creatopy, you can easily convert a PSD file to JPG or other formats, even when you use mockups. Upload the file and adjust it until you achieve the desired result.

Work as a team

It's easy to keep teams in sync and involved when you work in a collaborative environment. Get everyone on the same page for every ad campaign you're running.

Improve your ad production workflow with our PSD editor

Creatopy's online PSD editor is key to helping creative teams be more efficient when working on a design project. Upload your PSD file and unlock the true potential of ad design automation.