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With Creatopy, you can build a complete entertainment marketing campaign in just a few clicks. Our easy-to-use editor and all the elements from the platform help you design creative ads that everyone will enjoy.


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Scale up your ad creation process

Create ads in a smarter way by working with intuitive tools and automation features that help you expand on your creative ideas and rise to industry standards. Generate different sizes based on a single design and run multiple entertainment ad campaigns simultaneously.

Explore the extensive in-app display and social media sizes library and select those that work for you or create custom ones. Edit, animate and download all your creative designs in a matter of minutes.


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Stock photos

All great entertainment ads start with a good background that catches people’s attention. So, choose a gradient, different textures, or high-quality images from the Shutterstock library using the advanced filtering system.


Create unique food festival ads using the platform’s graphic elements. Insert original illustrations made in-house by our professional designers, which you can customize by changing their colors to get a look that will make people want to find out more.

Stock audio

Search the stock audio library and add songs that match your music concert advertising campaign. Use the advanced filtering option to find the perfect soundtrack faster. Once you decide which one is the best, enter the timeline and trim the audio track.

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Always in sync with your team and clients

Collaborate inside and outside your team, allowing your external partners to join you. Leave comments, tag your colleagues, assign them to specific projects, attach files with extra information, if needed, and get everyone on the same page.


Start from a ready-made template or build your own


Design ads efficiently

With Creatopy, designing your entertainment ads feels like a breeze. Take advantage of the intuitive editor and all the features wrapped up in a collaborative environment that helps you have your visuals done in minutes.