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Demystifying Programmatic Advertising

Join our guests, Beniamin Duca and Adrian Pintea, to understand the ins and outs of programmatic advertising, including some of its key benefits.

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What will we cover?

Programmatic advertising is a new way of buying and selling ad space. It’s a complex system that can be difficult to understand, but it’s quickly becoming the standard for online advertising.

This webinar will help you:
- understand the programmatic advertising ecosystem and the role ad serving plays in it.
- address some of the common challenges that creative teams face in programmatic advertising.
- discover some best practices for running successful ad campaigns.

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Meet our speakers

Beniamin Duca and Adrian Pintea have been working as product managers for many years at Creatopy, the ad automation platform.

They have a wide experience in bringing products to life, and most recently, they have been working in developing Creatopy's ad serving tools.

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