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The Age of AI-Powered Marketing

Join our guest, Alejandro Díaz Ortiz, to learn how to make your AI systems more valuable towards a hyper-personalised and AI-powered marketing strategy!

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What will we cover?

The past few years have seen an explosion in customer data, but marketers are struggling to interpret it and proactively anticipate and exceed the needs of customers. In this webinar, Alejandro will teach you about the vast potential of AI in marketing and you'll learn:

- What is AI, and what can it do for you
- How to structure an AI marketing strategy
- About the importance of experimentation and first-party data
- How to leverage customer insights in personalized and one-to-one marketing
- How to improve customer engagement with personalized and targeted messaging

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Meet our speaker

Alejandro Díaz Ortiz is Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Creatopy. He became a data scientist by sampling widely. He started his career as a materials scientist, then bridged into high-performance computing and later to scientific informatics. Through his interdisciplinary and multicultural explorations, Alejandro has learned to look at the world and to appreciate life from different perspectives.

Alejandro is passionate about data-intensive research, AI, and on how you can use all that in the most efficient and ethical way to provide value for our customers through personalized and one-to-one marketing.

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