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[Free Webinar] How to Write Facebook Ads That Actually Convert

key discussion points

What will we cover?

In this webinar, Eden Bidani will share actionable tips for catching the attention of target audiences. You'll learn how to write engaging and effective Facebook ads that get your prospects to click without second-guessing their actions. She will also cover:

  • What sets apart Facebook ads that convert from the rest
  • Coming up with different creative angles for ad copy
  • The do's and don'ts of writing Facebook ad copy
  • Examples of high-performing Facebook ads
  • Writing an ad or two together—live
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Meet our speaker

Eden Bidani is a conversion copywriter, acquisition strategist, and founder of Green Light Copy. Over the past 12+ years, she has been helping many SaaS, tech, and IoT companies acquire more customers, more profitably, through powerful messaging and conversion copy.

Eden has worked with many companies, from pre-seed to the enterprise level, with great results in terms of traffic, conversions, and revenue.

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