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Usage-based add-on

Ad variations production

Make high volumes of ad design variations in half the time needed. Combine data feeds with creative automation to produce static and video ads in bulk for multiple platforms and uses.

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From one to thousands of variations in minutes

  • Create a master design in Creatopy

    Make a master design in your desired layout. You can start with a design set, including all your preferred banner sizes.

  • Connect a CSV with your design

    Easily link your data feed with your master creative. Match the elements on your design with each column on your spreadsheet.

  • Generate endless variations in seconds

    Sync the data feed with your master creative and generate desired variations. Browse through each row and variation with ease.

  • Download in bulk with export credits

    Pay 1 credit for JPG, PNG, GIF static, PDF, HTML5, AMP, and 10 export credits/second for MP4 and animated GIFs.

high-volume ad campaigns

Leave manual design behind. Scale and automate instead

Boost your ad production speed with data feeds and Creatopy's automation technologies. Go from one master design to hundreds of on-brand variations across different sizes, and be prepared to advertise on any channel.

use cases

Make ad variations for


Targeted campaigns

Target your audience with the most relevant ads. With Creatopy, you can generate ad variations suitable for various demographics, countries and any audience group you may want to reach.


Seasonal offers

If you run seasonal offers that require frequent updates, remember you no longer have to edit your designs individually. Bulk operate the changes in your data feed and easily export the updated variations.


Localized messaging

Run global ad campaigns in various markets and countries. Creatopy makes it simple to combine data feeds and automation to generate ad variations in dozens of languages from a single master design.

automated ad variations production

Create ad variations automatically with Creatopy & Zapier

Use your Creatopy designs as templates in Zapier to automatically generate ad variations. Save time and eliminate repetitive tasks by using our new integration with Zapier.


maximize potential

Embrace scaled design production

Include the ad variations production add-on to your chosen plan to enhance productivity, achieve more in less time, and reap all the benefits of automation.