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Automate your ad production with Creatopy & Zapier

Generate variations of creatives automatically, download them, or post them live on your chosen platforms.

Zapier & Creatopy

Get rid of repetitive tasks

Create templates in Creatopy and use them in Zapier to generate ad variations.


Automate your workflow

Integrate your data sources with Zapier to generate ad creatives through Creatopy.


No coding required

Anyone can use Zapier and Creatopy. Setting up the automation doesn’t require any coding.


Save time

Create trigger and action rules to free up your time for more important things.

first step

Create templates in Creatopy

Create designs or sets of different sizes in Creatopy to use as templates in Zapier. Use a blank canvas or the wide industry-specific collection of templates. Customize motion, creative elements, HTML5 animations, videos, and much more.

second step

Use a trigger in Zapier to generate variations

Zapier uses zaps to automate workflows. So build your first zap to generate variations based on templates you designed in Creatopy. Choose a trigger for the first zap to set up the automation. For this trigger, use an app that will feed the new information into the templates to generate new creatives - like a spreadsheet.

third step

Set up the action for automatic generation

The action in your first zap will prompt you to select a template and match the fields in the template to the new inputs you want to use for your newly generated creatives. Use single designs or sets of multiple sizes to generate one or more creatives.

fourth step

Finish your workflow with a second zap

When your creatives are generated, you can set up a second zap to send them to your inbox or cloud storage or even post them live. Use the Creatopy trigger in the second zap to set up the action for your newly generated creatives, depending on what you want to do with them.

Automation use cases

Workflows you can automate with Creatopy & Zapier

Here are some ideas of what type of automated workflows you can set up with Zapier and Creatopy.

Generate new ad creatives when you add a new product to Shopify

Generate new ad creatives when you add a new row to a spreadsheet

Send your newly generated creatives to your inbox or cloud storage

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