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AI advertisement generator

Enhance brand awareness and boost conversions with AI-generated ads. Create and scale designs in a user-friendly AI ad generator that can maximize your creative output and positively impact campaign performance.

AI ad generator

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an inspired start

Customizable ad templates

Get a headstart on the creative process using ad templates. You have access to professional designs for any industry or use case. Customize any of them with numerous design elements and branded assets for a personal touch. Regardless of the template’s dimensions, you can later scale it on multiple sizes using AI advertising technology.

AI-Powered Ad Creation

AI-powered ad copy generator

Optimize your advertising efforts and streamline your copywriting process by leveraging AI technology. Effortlessly generate ad copy with attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions using simple input while having the flexibility to explore a multitude of text variations to ensure that you achieve the best possible results for your campaigns, all just a click away.

Effortlessly create attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions with AI text generator
Instant Image Generation

Generate images from text instantly

Save yourself the hassle of endlessly searching the internet for the perfect photo. Instead, generate images from text directly in your browser with our user-friendly interface. Simply offer an idea to the AI image generator, and observe as it transforms into artwork right before your eyes. Explore different styles, such as realistic, digital art, or 3D models, to discover the ideal match for your advertisements.

generate images from text directly in your browser
budget-friendly approach

Scale your ads in a cost-effective way

Produce large volumes of creatives for all your marketing campaigns while staying on budget and saving time. Use AI-powered ad creation to generate countless design variations across multiple sizes and platforms, and edit them simultaneously. Go one step further and fully automate ad production by pairing Zapier and Creatopy for efficient content creation. Set triggers and actions to get your high-quality content ready in minutes.

Produce large volumes of creatives for all your marketing campaigns
cutting-edge capabilities

Fully equipped AI ad generator

Experience a dynamic blend of creative freedom and automation with our AI ad creator. Leverage the power of AI to generate ad creatives quickly and efficiently, expediting the design process and accelerating your ability to deliver impactful campaigns across diverse channels.

Maintain brand consistency across all ads

Brand alignment

Maintain brand consistency across all ads. Keep assets like logos, fonts, and colors on hand when designing by storing them in brand kits.
Add motion to your AI-generated ads

Powerful animations

Add motion to your AI-generated ads with one-click presets. Create customized animations with ease and control the movement of any element.
Streamline your design workflow and boost productivity

Smooth collaboration

Streamline your design workflow and boost productivity. Share your ads with relevant parties and get instant feedback via comments.
Generate personalized ads at scale

Personalization capabilities

Generate personalized ads at scale for multilingual ad campaigns or promote large product catalogs with little manual work.
Create ads for any ad network or social media platform

Diversity of ad formats

Create ads for any ad network or social media platform. Ensure compatibility with export formats including JPG, GIF, MP4, and HTML.
Quickly deliver ads from Creatopy to the major ad networks via ad tags

Ad serving

Quickly deliver ads from Creatopy to the major ad networks via ad tags. Update your creative in real-time without having to reupload them.

Why use Creatopy's AI ad generator

  • Increased efficiency

    Creatopy can generate a multitude of ad variations in a fraction of the time it takes to create them manually. By automating content generation, AI frees up valuable time and resources for users to focus on other aspects of their advertising strategy.

  • Highly scalable

    The AI Ad generator was designed to efficiently create ads and manage large numbers of ad creatives simultaneously. This is important for businesses that run multiple ad campaigns or need assistance creating ads in different languages.

  • Integration with other tools

    Working with Creatopy, you can publish your ad campaigns without leaving our platform, thanks to the 25+ integrated ad networks. You will be able to launch your ads on some of the major networks, like Google Ads or AdRoll, without even switching tabs.

  • Built for collaborations

    We’ve made it easy for teams to collaborate on designs at any stage of the ad production process. You can collaborate with teammates and clients on our platform and avoid the back-and-forth emailing.

transforming ad production

The future of creative automation

Take a sneak peek at our vision of AI-driven features that’ll introduce new ways for marketers and designers to be creative. We are ideating with AI to make ad production and delivery efficient, personalized, and enjoyable.

step by step

How to generate ads with AI

Say goodbye to traditional ad production methods and delayed campaign launch dates. Unleash the power of AI to swiftly create high-quality ads with just a few simple steps. This AI tool empowers you to streamline your workflow and bring your creative vision to life, faster than ever before.

  • Choose a template

    Browse our extensive collection of ready-made ad templates to find a good fit for your business. Choose between design layouts for different types of ads and industries on various sizes.

  • Generate ads

    Automatically multiply your design across several preset or custom dimensions for fast AI-driven ad campaigns. Edit all the sizes in your ad set simultaneously to reduce repetitive tasks.

  • Personalize ads

    Customize your design in a drag-and-drop editor. Replace the background, add new stock photos, and change colors or fonts until you find the ideal mix of design elements.

  • Export your ads

    Download the ads in formats fit for your destination platforms. Pick from many available formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, or HTML5, and export ads in bulk or one at a time.

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