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Streamline your ad creation process and create stunning, high-converting ads with ease. Let our Instagram ad creator take the hassle out of ad production and help you achieve your marketing goals.


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Design Instagram ads using templates

Save time by choosing from a wide range of customizable Instagram static or video ad templates made for various industries. Whether you're promoting a new product or running a special offer, our templates make it easy to create eye-catching ads that get results.

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Powerful features for Instagram

ad creation

Discover a variety of features that help you reach your audience and make your brand known to millions of people. Achieve this by designing compelling Instagram video ads for free. Enjoy a collaborative platform, an intuitive drag and drop editor, customizable templates, resizing features, and stock content to be brand consistent and noticeable.


Stock videos

Upload your own videos, or choose one from our stock library. Every video is editable so that you can match it with the desired video ad size
and length.


Predefined sizes

Save time and get the right sizes with no effort while complying with Instagram ad specs. Use our predefined sizes that come with
ready-made templates.


Dynamic collaboration

Foster a real-time feedback loop and enjoy an enhanced workflow between departments by keeping the entire process in the same platform.

endless options

Design with premium creative elements

With Creatopy's premium stock libraries, you can unlock your full creative potential and bring your ideas to life. With access to over 20 million high-quality Shutterstock images, along with original illustrations, shapes, masks, lines, icons, and logos, the design possibilities are truly endless. With so many options at your fingertips, you're sure to find the perfect elements to complement your brand and vision.


advanced animation

Draw attention with powerful animated ads

Boost your campaign's effectiveness with captivating animated ads.

Our Instagram ad creator simplifies the animation process by providing you with the tools to effortlessly try out different ideas and add preset animations to your layers with one click.

Once you've found the right preset, you can go more in-depth, split presets into actions, and customize them even further. With this level of control, you have complete freedom to refine your animation until it perfectly matches your desired outcome.


high level of customization

Stand out with customized ads

Our Instagram ad creator offers a high level of customization to help you create ads that are tailored to your brand and messaging. With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add your own images, videos, and logos to your ad, and enhance the appearance of your Instagram ads by using our rich text options, including strikethroughs, superscripts, or subscripts. Additionally, with the help of blend modes, you can combine two separate elements or images in unique ways, creating a new and interesting visual effect.


I like having our team members all in one space where we can collaborate on creative assets. It's nice we can import our own brand assets into the platform.

Eric Jackson-Sarkany, Demand Generation Strategist



Creatopy lets our team take our design work to the next level by making it easy to build dynamic, social, and digital content quickly and efficiently. These tools are just what we needed to scale up the work we do in the digital space.

Jesse Godfrey

Clemson University

Byte Project

The ability to create banners in different formats in the blink of an eye by changing the resolution and repositioning objects is extraordinary. Available templates are modern.

Giorgio Russo

Byte Project

How to create an Instagram ad for free

in Creatopy

Choose a template

Browse our templates and pick a customizable design to get started with your Instagram advertising. You can also design custom ads for free from scratch by selecting a predefined size.

Customize your ad

Enjoy a fast ad design process and edit any banner to suit your social media campaign. You can add branded assets and other design elements from our ad creator.

Download your ads

Download your ads into one of the available formats (static or video) compatible with Instagram, and launch your social media campaign to reach your audience on
their feeds.


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