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brand alignment

Complete branding solution

There’s a simpler way to deliver a uniform and compelling message about your brand. Introducing Creatopy, the visual production platform.

brand kit components

Keep brand consistency

Quickly incorporate your core values in powerful designs and maintain consistency across all platforms—offline and online. Get all your elements organized and ready for use right on your dashboard.

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    Make sure your brand is always visible on your designs by having all versions of your logo grouped and waiting to be used on the spot.

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    Create up to 10 color palettes with up to 30 colors each, so that you have 300 brand-approved shades at your fingertips anytime.

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    Explore our comprehensive library of fonts and select those that tune in best with your brand. Or, you can upload and manage your font just as easily.

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    Upload your custom brand assets such as photos, jingles, ready-made designs, illustrations, or vectors in your brand kit and start creating now.

organize your brand

Manage your brand efficiently

Easily incorporate the essence of your company in every design, environment, and market. Create multiple brand kits and assign each one to a project. Keep your team posted and share your work directly from the platform.


Multiple brand kits

Managing multiple brands simultaneously? Upgrade your plan and create a dedicated kit for each brand. Upload all brand-related assets like colors, fonts, logos, media (images, videos, audio), and switch between them according to the project you are working on.


Defining your brand kits

Populate each kit with your assets (you can upload PNG, JPG, SVG, or MP4 files) and design instantly and effectively advertising messages that will click with your customers.
Create, edit, and remove your brand kits in just a few clicks.

easy access

Working with your brand kits

Find all your brand assets right in your workspace. Customize your designs with your color palettes and typography, add your logo or vectors, and stay on brand with every design. Switch between brand kits without having to return to your dashboard, and power up your brand assets.

get started

Make your brand glow with Creatopy

New products, fast-moving geographic markets, innovative sales funnels, and custom formats increase the demand for dedicated designs.
Leverage the growth of your business and adopt a central source of truth for your brand identity.