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Personalized advertising with dynamic ads

Make customized ads with dynamic content and go live with personalized ad campaigns that resonate with your audience. Build dynamic ad creatives based on location, language, user searches, and many other custom variables.

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the benefits

Stand out with deeply customized ads

Match the right messaging with the right audience to increase the conversion rate of your ads.


Targeted ads

Go live with customized ads that match your audience's pain points. Dynamic ads help you deliver a more tailored message, depending on the user profile and activity.


More time saved

Working with dynamic content and data feeds means you no longer have to update or republish the ads manually. You only update the feed, and it shows live.


Real-time ad customization

Update your live campaigns in real-time and enjoy more control and flexibility. Update your feed, sync it with your master creative, and you are all set.

Personalized ads in multiple languages

Create dynamic ads in multiple languages and serve them dynamically to the right audience based on country dynamic variables. You only need to connect a data feed with translations to your main banner—Creatopy will handle the rest.

Endless variations for ecommerce campaigns

Create endless variations of a single creative by connecting a data feed with the main design you use as a layout. Be ready to run e-commerce campaigns with big lists of products while ensuring you do as little manual work as possible.

Ad personalization with geographic variables

Serve ads with the city, region, or country names that change dynamically based on the user's location. Add geographic details and connect with your target audience through locally customized ads.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for more efficiency

Combine Creatopy with media buying platforms to run DCO━the ultimate example of personalized advertising. Use Creatopy to mass-produce all desired creative variations and the DSP to match the right ad with the right audience using dynamic rules and real-time data.

Relevancy is key to making your ads noticed

Enjoy a few more features that will help you create and deliver personalized ads with ease.

Ad networks and DSPs

Distribute your dynamic ads to a range of programmatic advertising networks and DSPs that you will find integrated in Creatopy.

A/B testing

Find which ad creative brings the best results before scaling your campaign and reap the benefits of personalized advertising.

Reporting & analytics

Check the performance of your dynamic advertising in one click. Track key data in detailed reporting & analytics dashboards.
build dynamic ads

Use ad personalization to your advantage

Create individualized ad experiences by reaching your audience with the most personalized creative.