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Our ad tag functionality was created specifically to streamline the ad serving process, save time, and give you more control over your ad campaigns.


Responsive scale

Your design will become responsive while still keeping its overall proportions. Your ads will adapt in size depending on the space that it's embedded in.


Tailor your ad tag to fit any ad network

You can export custom embed ad tags for major advertising platforms like Google Ad Manager, GroundTruth, Xandr,, and more.



Check your impressions and clicks over a period of time. Get detailed insights about all tracked data based on device, ad network and projects that are being used.

Real-time campaign updates

Customize published ads with real-time updates

Simplify ad serving and save time with real-time campaign updates. Automatically sync your data feed with your ad designs for up-to-date campaigns. Alternatively, make changes directly to your designs, and the ad tag will update instantly.

specific embed codes

Custom ad tags for major advertising platforms

Get a unique embed code for each specific use: Ad Buy platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CMS, and standard. Choose from 24 ad networks or use the standard ad tag for general use.

no file size constraints

Bypass any ad network file size limitations

Ad tag has been designed to handle high traffic volumes, eliminating the file size constraints imposed by ad networks. That's because all your creatives are hosted on our servers. Ad tag generates an advanced HTML script that is tailored to work on specific ad networks.


See what else you can do in Creatopy

Create and manage all your digital creatives in one place. Maintain full control over your ad creation.


Multiply your banner ads

Resize your designs in multiple sizes. Prepare your ad campaign for multi-platform distribution.


Generate multiple sizes

Edit and animate an ad design in different sizes at the same time. Accelerate your workflow to get more done in less time.


Create high volumes of ad variations

Create multiple variations of a design by using data feeds. Have a whole product ads campaign ready in minutes.

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Save time with live campaign updating

Choose our ad design platform that allows you to update live ads in real-time and display them on any website, regardless of their size and format.