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Move your ad campaigns forward quickly and smoothly. Marketing and design teams, including external stakeholders, can now collaborate on a single platform throughout the entire cycle of an ad campaign.

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Streamlined teamwork

Manage teams and organize your work

Create teams and groups, invite new members to join you, and easily assign them to specific projects. Organize your campaigns in dedicated projects and give your team more visibility.

Instant feedback

Communicate with your team and clients in real-time

Leave comments, tag your colleagues, attach files with extra information if needed, and get everyone on the same page—even external collaborators.

White-label sharing

Show your work using custom-branded links

Present your designs easily via a shareable link. Customize the page with assets like your logo or favicon to provide a consistent brand experience, and tailor the URL accordingly.

Role-based access

Manage permissions for mixed teams

Oversee the levels of access and assign the right roles to your colleagues. Make share links private or public, depending on your interactions with those involved in the project.

related features

Other related features

Enjoy the features designed to streamline the collaboration between marketers and designers.


Cloud storage

Connect your Creatopy account with Google Drive or Dropbox to help your team access your main library of assets without switching between tools.


Custom templates

Create custom templates so your team members can start their projects from pre-made assets. Save time and stay consistent across all ads.



Resizing, data feed ad creation, bulk editing—you can do all of them in Creatopy. Make the most of design automation to keep everyone productive.


Brand elements

Create brand kits for different projects or clients. Keep your team organized make it easy for them to stay on-brand, even when things get busy.


PSD editor

Bring your PSD ad designs over to Creatopy for resizing and new variations, and give your team more flexibility to combine different tools for great results.


Reporting & analytics

Check the performance of your ad campaigns in the reporting and analytics section. Always be in the loop with the outcomes of your team's efforts.


Find out more about our team workflow tools

Read below the most frequently asked questions about collaboration in Creatopy and easily make informed decisions.

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Bring marketing and design teams together

Discover a platform that helps your marketing and design teams stay productive throughout the whole cycle of an ad campaign.