create industry ads

Create industry ads

Discover all the ways in which Creatopy helps you make eye-catching industry ads that can make your business stand out. From static and animated industry ads to impressive video ads, you can design them all together with your team.


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Industry ad templates

It all starts with picking one of the templates from industries such as automotive, ecommerce, health, real estate, travel and more. Then simply drag and drop all the elements you like, such as background colors, pictures, and logos so you can make branded ads you'll be proud to publish. Industry advertising has never been easier.



Bring your ideas to life

Whether you need social media ads or you want to experiment with video ads, you have all the tools you need. Save time and money with Creatopy's advanced automation features that help design your ads as you see fit.

Advanced collaboration

Simplify your team's workflow by adding everyone to the same team and give each other feedback through the comments section.

Ad Serving

Save time and money by editing your industry ads in real time without having to pause your ongoing campaigns.

Multiple ad variations

Take advantage of the Feed Ad Builder and create numerous variations of the same design in minutes with a single CSV file.

Premium stock content

Find professional stock photos and videos that fit your creative vision and invite your audience to learn more about your business.

Easy video editing

Spice up your campaigns and experiment with engaging industry video ads using Creatopy's online video maker.

Brand alignment

Keep all your visual assets like logos and fonts in one convenient Brand Kit that can be accessed by the whole team.

How to create industry ads

Choose a template

Browse through our wide selection of industry ad templates and pick the one you like best. Whether you're advertising language courses or selling cars, there is a template that will answer your needs.

Personalize your design

Customize ads quickly and effortlessly with Creatopy's drag-and-drop editor. Change the background colors, edit the copy, add your logo, find professional stock photos, all with a couple of clicks.

Resize your design

Adjust the size of design so you can share your industry ad across all sorts of platforms. Generate multiple sizes at the touch of a button without having to create each size individually.

Save your design

Download your industry ad design in any format you need, including JPG, PNG, HTML5, and MP4 in just a few seconds. Get ready to freshen up your digital advertising campaigns while saving time and effort.

Next level industry ads

Discover how easy and quick it is to make ads the way you like. Save time, money, and effort without compromising on creativity.