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Redefine your retail creatives

Connect with customers through personalized retail ads that feature your best-selling goods or services. Design at scale and accelerate campaign execution so you can give your potential customers multiple options and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Businesses all over the world trust Creatopy

The creation and delivery process of video ads has been accelerated tremendously thanks to Creatopy.

Yves-Alain Schwaar-Chief Executive Officer



time efficient ad design

Larger creative volume

Spend less time making ads and more time growing your retail business. Simply set reference layouts for each type of orientation and the Smart Resize tool will resize your design up to 60+ different preset sizes.

Serve product information through data feeds to create numerous on-brand designs on the spot and launch campaigns at a faster pace. Carry out A/B tests to see how different messaging or imagery resonate with potential customers.



Explore the benefits

Automation made easy

Cut the repetitive work and avoid human error when scaling on multiple sizes by letting our intuitive design automation tools take care of all the resizing and versioning.

Brand consistent ad design

Achieve and maintain brand consistency throughout the whole creative process. Have all your brand elements organized in a Brand Kit and ready to use right in your workspace.

Engage more with animated designs

Create animated visuals with smooth HTML5 transitions. Choose from a wide array of animation presets and bring your designs to life with just one click.

Real-time campaign updates

With the help of Ad Serving, make live updates to your ads without putting a whole campaign on hold.

Next level personalization

Create hyper-relevant campaigns and connect with specific viewers by using a wide range of creative variations.

increase your ROI

Boost performance with the help of Ad Serving

Streamline your creative workflow and increase your ROI with real-time campaign updates. Automatically sync your data feed with your ad designs for up-to-date campaigns.


Start with templates

Start from a ready-made template or build your own


Stay in control of ad production

Increase your productivity, while keeping ad making in-house with Creatopy. Create pixel-perfect ads and give customers the flexibility to choose between countless products.