Create automotive advertisements

Accelerate your advertising campaigns with Creatopy’s automation features. Create modern automotive ads for all types of businesses and reach your targeted audience on all advertising platforms. Pick the right template for you or create a design from scratch by using predefined ad sizes.

Display ads
Gear up your automotive ad marketing campaigns and get on the radar of potential customers. Design high-quality ads featuring sedans, crossovers, coupes and all other vehicle types by using our simple drag and drop ad creation editor. Just choose a preset in app size for display and get creative.
Social media ads
Reach people interested in sports cars, hybrid or commercial vehicles, by publishing professional looking automotive ads on all major social media platforms. Create static or animated custom designs that you can quickly edit in multiple sizes simultaneously. Pick your desired download format and you’re good to go.
Video ads
Start a free trial and be the driving sales force thanks to high impact automotive video ads. Use Creatopy’s intuitive tools to promote electric, luxury, SUV or any other car models. Make visuals that go perfectly with your digital content and help you attract new clients. Design video ads with ease and deliver well-crafted marketing campaigns in no time.
Print ads
Power up your marketing campaign with high-performing print ads. Promote your car service, vehicle parts store or driving instruction school by using our platform's various features and easy-to-use editing tools. Start with a creative template and design it according to your vision and invite your team members to work on the same design.

Bring your vision to life

Our intuitive platform offers all the means and ways for you to make a strong impression in your industry. You can now focus on staying creative and making your ideas come alive, while the built-in features take care of the fine details.


Brand alignment

Creatopy lets you establish Brand Kits with your color palette, fonts, and more, to ensure your car ads are consistent with your brand.


Feed Ad Builder

Multiply your creative ads. Make numerous variations of one ad by simply uploading a CSV file with the necessary information.


Ad Serving

Level up your car advertising game by making real-time updates to your ads at the touch of a button.


Magic Animator

Add some life into your automotive ads using powerful animations that will instantly capture your audience's attention.


Multiple resize

Our Smart Resize tools helps you save time by generating several sizes of the same design at once.


Shutterstock library

Create car ads that match your vision using our comprehensive library of professional Shutterstock photos.


Ads that fit your brand

Creatopy is where you and your team can unleash your imagination and design eye-catching car ads that connect with your audience.