Create computer & electronics ads

With Creatopy’s easy to use ad design platform and professionally designed templates, you can create and edit computer ads faster than ever before. Have entire ad campaigns ready to go live in no time and connect with potential customers.

Display ads
Use static or animated computer ads to increase awareness and draw visitors to your website. Showcase the newest computer releases, as well as other electronics, including cameras, projectors, and camcorders, and export your ready-to-publish display ads with a few clicks.
Social media ads
Create effective electronics ads for various social media channels. Start with images or footage of the fastest desktop computers, laptops, or hard drives on the market and customize them using the wide range of creative elements the platform has to offer.
Video ads
Get your brand noticed by crafting high-quality video ads of any product, from headphones to speakers and PlayStation. In Creatopy you can animate like a pro with very little effort and tailor the motions to ensure the message is delivered exactly how you want.
Print ads
Design high-quality computer advertisements for print by uploading your own photos or using premium stock imagery from our extensive library. Export them in high resolution PDF format, ready to be printed at local copiers or to be sent via fax machine.

Change the way you design ads

Explore Creatopy’s playground and discover tools that will help you automate your design process and customize each ad up to the last pixel. Cut the repetitive work and dedicate more time and effort to accurately portraying your vision.


Feed Ad Builder

In Creatopy you can instantly generate multiple electronics advertisements from a single design by uploading a CSV file.


Brand alignment

Organize all your assets in a Brand Kit and easily customize your computer ads to be perfectly aligned with your brand identity.


Ad Serving

Serve your ads on up to 24 ad networks, regardless of file size and format, and update them in real-time.


Multiple resize

Generate multiple sizes of a design at once and launch your electronics ads campaign in less time than you normally would.


Creative elements

Whether you use templates or start from scratch, add lines, icons, shapes, or masks to make your ads stand out.


Magic Animator

Create powerful electronics videos by simply choosing an animation preset and adding transitions or adjusting the duration.


Design ads efficiently

Rely on Creatopy’s tools to simplify your workflow and achieve the perfect computer advertisements with ease.