Create health ads

Creatopy helps you design unique health ads so you can target your audience successfully. Drag and drop any elements you like, experiment with animations, and make use of our professional stock photo library.

Display ads
Spread the word about your health care app, pharmacy or hospital with powerful health display advertisements you can craft and download in minutes.
Social media ads
Create an eye-catching social media ad to promote physical therapy, nutrition advice or vitamins with our easy-to-use editing tools and generate various ad sizes at once.
Video ads
Start a free trial and let Creatopy help you craft powerful video ads to promote medical services or equipment, talk about health education or sell medical devices.
Print ads
With Creatopy you can create high-performing print ad designs. Promote vision care, medical facilities or treatment centers, by using our platform's various tools. Start with a creative template and design it according to your goal.

Let your ideas flow

With Creatopy, you spend less time editing and more time creating. Our user-friendly features allow you to design visually appealing ads easily and efficiently, without compromising on quality.


Feed Ad Builder

Creatopy's Feed Ad Builder lets you make several variations of your health advertisements using a single CSV file.


Multiple resize

Advertise your home health care services efficiently. Our Smart Resize tool generates numerous sizes of an ad in seconds.


Magic Animator

Whether you're talking about private healthcare or other services, animations help make your ads more dynamic.


Ad Serving

Tell the world about your new healthcare solutions. Make real-time updates to your ads with a couple of clicks.



Upgrade your medical advertising game. Get real-time feedback from your team members on your designs.


Stock photo library

Promote your healthcare services effortlessly. Use our Shutterstock library to find professional stock images that fit your vision.


Ads in tune with your brand

Creatopy makes it easy for you to design visually impactful health ads that leave a great first impression and help you grow your business.