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    Work together

    Share the GIF ads you create with team members, stakeholders, or people outside your company with just one click.

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    Work faster

    It's easy to get more things done when you have a workflow and an intuitive interface that helps you focus on being creative.

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    Work smarter

    Take advantage of all the animation presets you need right in the app and showcase your idea in an advertising GIF.


Get inspired by our GIF templates

We have a large selection of templates, both animated and static, that can be turned into animated and colorful GIF ads in just a few clicks. Customize any template however you want to align it with your brand identity. Find the best ideas for your next GIF display ads.


All in one GIF banner maker


Unlimited stock images

Add a high-quality image to your online GIF from our extensive library, including Shutterstock sharp photos.


Original illustrations

Add more personality and use one of our unique illustrations created in-house by our graphic designers.


Creative elements

Draw attention to certain parts of your advertisement GIF by using shapes, icons, or lines in perfect combinations.


One click animation

Add animations to your GIF with just one click and then adjust their duration just as easily.


Filters and masks

Play with different effects and use filters or masks to add a certain style to your GIF and make it in-tune with your brand.


Download formats

Download your perfect GIF in high-quality, high frame rate format, or optimized, compatible with Google Ads.

design and edit

How to make a GIF

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    Get inspired

    After you decided on a size for your GIF ad, browse our templates library to find an animated design that you can customize with ease. You can also choose a static template and turn it into an animated GIF with the help of our Magic Animator.

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    Customize it

    Next, it's time to add or replace the graphic elements however you want. Thanks to the drag and drop editor, you can place any element onto your canvas and then move it around. Use the Elements library to find high-quality stock photos, shapes, logos, and more.

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    Adjust the animation

    When you create a GIF banner, it's important to have a smooth animation effect. Whether you apply an animation on a static template or use an animated one, it's extremely easy to adjust it. You can decide if you want to add motion for a certain element and how long it should last. All of these edits can be done from the Timeline.

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    Download your GIF

    If you want to use the GIF on social media, we recommend downloading it in high-quality. You also have the option to export it in optimized format, limited to 5 fps, which is compatible with Google Ads.

Let's talk about costs

Because great GIF ads don't have to be expensive

Short learning curve

Enable seamless collaboration between team members with a tool that is easy to learn and use. No onboarding is necessary. Simply create an account and start designing your perfect GIF ad.

Per seat pricing model

You can scale our GIF banner maker to your specific needs with the friendly pricing plan. Design GIF ads alone or create a team, establish roles and rights, and tailor the workflows exactly as you need them to be.

7-day free trial

Feel free to explore our GIF banner maker down to the smallest details using the 7-day free trial available for all premium plans. Find out how easy it is to make professional GIF ads in Creatopy.

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With Creatopy it's easier than ever to make an advertisement GIF, whether it's for social media or Google Ads. Discover all the automation features and see how easy it is to collaborate with your team on your campaigns and projects.