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Animated banner maker

Make eye-catching animated banner ads right in your browser and boost your engagement rates. Design using an intuitive visual timeline and easily scale your production. Enhance your advertising strategy with various formats, including HTML ads, GIFs, and video ads.

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Professional-looking animated banner templates

Save time and get that sleek look with professionally designed animated banner templates. Access an extensive collection of industry-specific designs suitable for many use cases and banner placements. Customize your animated templates by switching up colors, replacing design elements, and adding branded assets.

friendly interface

Animate your banner design in seconds

No design know-how? No problem. Instantly convert any design into animation with our Magic Animator. Choose from a selection of premade one-click animations and add motion to all the elements of your banner at once. Easily modify speed for more control over the delay between layers and the duration of your animation transitions.

Create custom animations with ease

Attract potential customers with sophisticated animations. Tell a story using ready-made presets or build your own custom animations from scratch. Apply build-in animations to ease the viewers in, keep the pace going with middle animations, and use build-out animations to signal the end of your animated ad.

Export publish-ready animated banners

Expand your online presence across multiple channels and provide optimized user experiences with compliant animated banners. Download creatives as no-code HTML5 animations, fast-loading AMPHTML banners, GIFs, or MP4 fast and easily. Customize exports with just a few clicks to adjust image quality and reduce file size.

Make animated banners on a fully equipped platform

Elevate your productivity with intuitive tools. Design custom animated banners alongside your team in a creative workspace fueled by automation.

Make custom ads

Design customization

Make custom ads that leave a lasting impression. Use premium design resources and incorporate your brand's unique style.
generate multiple animated banner sizes in one go

Instant scaling

Cut out repetitive work and generate multiple animated banner sizes in one go. Create for all channels, including display and social media.
Communicate efficiently during the design process

Smooth collaboration

Communicate efficiently during the design process, from start to finish. Share your work with anyone and get feedback in real-time.

How to make animated banners in Creatopy

Create animated banners like a pro in a few easy steps. Enjoy a simplified design workflow and get the desired results without prior motion graphics experience.

  • Choose a template

    Start inspired by using a template from our gallery. Just as easily, you can select a predefined or custom size to create a unique animated banner ad from a blank canvas.

  • Customize the design

    Personalize your design in our drag-and-drop animated banner creator. Add fonts, images, and shapes from our library, or upload your own resources and brand assets for a personal touch.

  • Animate

    Next, add movement to your banner. Animate the entire design with animation templates, put in motion individual elements using presets or create more advanced animations.

  • Download your banner

    When you’re happy with the design, it’s time to publish it on the major channels. Download the banner as HTML5 or AMPHTML for Google Ads, MP4 for social media, or GIF for either.

More than an animated banner maker

Experience capabilities beyond those of your typical animated banner maker. Increase your output, personalize with dynamic messaging, and serve ads seamlessly.

Publish banners on major ad networks

Ad serving

Publish banners on major ad networks via ad tags, bypassing all size limitations. Easily update your creatives without the need to re-upload them.
Create high volumes of distinct banner variations

Bulk creation

Create high volumes of distinct banner variations from one design and a CSV file. Promote full product inventories or make multilanguage ads.
Tailor ads to individual user preferences

Dynamic text

Tailor ads to individual user preferences. Add dynamic text that changes automatically based on geographic or custom variables.

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