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Online email banner creator

Complement the message of your email campaign with a captivating email banner. Use our email banner creator to make newsletter headers and promote exciting offers and product releases to your subscribers.

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Make email banners with Creatopy's templates

Save time and effort by working with our email banner templates. Use them as a starting point for your design, and customize them as you see fit to convey your message, branding, and purpose of your email campaign.

Enhance your email banner design

Discover all the ways in which you can customize your email ads to fit your brand's image while also saving time, money, and effort. From making quick adjustments to generating numerous variations, or animating your banner in seconds, our email banner creator makes the process easier for you every step of the way.

Smart resizing

Our platform allows you to resize your creative to any desired size easily. Reuse your email header design to create other banners, depending on the purpose of your campaign.

Brand alignment

Use the Brand Kit to keep all your visual assets like logos and fonts in one place so that you and your team can always access them directly from your workspace.

Bulk creative variations

Create banners for emails in multiple languages starting from a single master creative. Connect your data feed in Creatopy, and build email banners in bulk.
visual identity

On-brand newsletter headers

Set the tone for your email campaign with an eye-catching newsletter header. Customize it easily to portray your brand's identity using key colors, fonts, pictures, and logos. Create template versions for your email header designs and use them interchangeably when needed.

Promotional banners

Marketing campaigns in the spotlight

Use our email banner creator to highlight new offers to your subscribers or upsell your products to current customers. Nail your email banner design with a CTA button from Creatopy's library, and personalize it to match your email style.

Highlight and inform

Promote events with
an email banner

Are you planning a webinar, a product launch, or need to communicate an important company announcement? Include an email header image to make your message more visible and keep your audience informed at all times.

How to create an email banner

  • Choose a size

    Pick the right size for your email banner. The recommended email header size is around 600-700 pixels wide and 90-200 pixels high for desktop.

  • Customize

    Personalize your email banner with your brand's color scheme, font, and relevant images. Include a CTA to prompt your audience to take action.

  • Test across devices

    Before sending the email, run a test to ensure that the banner displays properly across various devices and email service providers. Optimize as necessary.

  • Export your banner

    Download your email banner design in the format you need, such as JPG or PNG. A resolution of around 72dpi should ensure it looks good when zoomed in.


Next level email ads

Upgrade your email advertising strategy with attractive creatives you can customize in a matter of minutes. Promote your business with our email banner creator and draw more attention to your emails through eye-catching headers.