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Step up your advertising game and get your message across with professional-looking email ads. Edit, resize, and animate your designs effortlessly in Creatopy’s intuitive drag and drop editor and have your ads ready to send to your target audience in a matter of minutes.

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Change the way you design

Take advantage of Creatopy's automation, customization and collaboration features to get more done in less time. Create email ads up to the highest standards and make your advertising campaign stand out from the rest.

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    Work faster

    Simultaneously edit and animate entire sets of ads for your newsletter advertising campaign and accelerate your email ad design process.

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    Work smarter

    Create email ads for various newsletter formats by using Creatopy’s Smart Resize tool to instantly generate multiple sizes of the same design.

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    Work together

    Make email ads alongside your team members and stakeholders. Leave comments and get feedback on your newsletter ad designs in real-time.

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Get inspired

Creatopy’s professionally designed email ad templates can be a great starting point when you feel uninspired. You can easily customize them to suit your business and advertising purposes by using premium stock content, original illustrations, shapes, lines, icons, and many other creative elements within the platform.

Discover the templates

All in one email ad creator


Brand alignment

Keep brand consistency on all email marketing ads by using the colors, logos, fonts, imagery, and other assets stored in your Brand Kit whenever you create email ads.


Magic Animator

Breathe life into your email advertising campaign with smooth transitions and subtle effects. Animate designs with a single click to draw attention to your email marketing ads.


Multiple export formats

Choose from a variety of export formats available in Creatopy, depending on your needs, and get your high-quality download files instantly.


Background remover

Automatically remove the background of any image in seconds and turn the perfectly cropped object into the focal point of your email ad design.


Premium stock photos

Access millions of high-quality Shutterstock photos right in your workspace and incorporate them in ad designs to elevate your email advertising.


Typography presets

Save time and choose from numerous premade font pairings the one that perfectly matches your brand style and the message you want to convey.

How to create an email advertisement

Anyone can make ads in Creatopy, regardless of their design skills level. All you need to do is follow the four steps below to have your email ad campaign ready for delivery in seconds.

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    Select a template

    Design rapidly by using one of many editable in-app templates made by Creatopy’s professional designers. Browse the industry-specific categories with ease and pick the template you wish to customize. If you have a specific vision of the email ad you want to make, you can start from a blank canvas to ensure you get the desired result. Use the 1200 x 600 desktop preset size and the 300 x 250 mobile size, or create custom ones that you can resize at any time during the design process if you change your mind.

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    Customize your design

    Creatopy gives you the freedom to personalize your email marketing advertising designs as you wish. Whether you’re working with a template or starting from scratch, you have complete control over every element. For instance, you can set any background, be it a high-quality stock photo, your upload image, or a color. Edit or change anything, including the illustrations, font, colors, button, and logo, to create email ads that fully represent your brand.

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    Generate multiple sizes

    Reduce the time you spend on ad creation by generating various sizes of the same design. Pick the sizes you want to work on and your ad set will open in the generator, where you can quickly edit, animate and download all designs simultaneously.

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    Download your email ads

    Once you’re satisfied with the end result, simply download the design in the format you need for your email or newsletter. Keep in mind that you can always access and edit your design, even after downloading it.


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