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AI background remover

Remove backgrounds in seconds and get studio-quality images in two clicks. No pain, no fuss, just click and let our smart system identify the main object and remove the background.

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Save time & get professional-looking pictures

It takes seconds to remove backgrounds from images using our AI-powered tool. No more manual editing, no more tedious work. Simply upload your image, click, and let our system do the rest. This saves you time and effort, while also ensuring that your images have a professional, clean, and polished look.

Draw viewers' attention where it matters

By removing distracting image backgrounds, you can draw the viewer's attention to the main subject of your image. This is especially useful for product images, portraits, and other types of visual content where the focus should be on a specific object or person..

Use your images in any context

With our AI Background Remover, you can easily remove backgrounds from images and use them in any context or design. Whether it's for social media posts, website banners, or marketing materials, having clean and professional-looking images can make all the difference. Our tool makes it easy to adapt your images to different platforms and designs without needing any advanced editing skills.

Build ads that get the attention your business deserves

Combine Creatopy’s background removal and advanced ad design features to make image editing a breeze and create ads that really pop.

Build versatile ad campaigns

Use our background eraser and switch between styles to create versatile imagery that fits different campaigns and platforms.

Build a powerful brand

Ensure brand consistency for every ad design you create, with a brand kit you can access every time, directly in Creatopy.

Run A/B tests

Test multiple versions of the same ad, with different backgrounds, and learn which ones work best.

How to remove a background from an image

  • Start designing

    Open up a design in Creatopy, whether it’s a blank canvas you’ll use to create from scratch or a fully customizable premade template from our selection.

  • Select your image

    Upload your own image to the platform, or browse our premium stock image library to find one that suits your needs from the millions of options available.

  • Remove the background

    Click on the image and select "Remove background" from the right panel. AI will identify the object and delete the background instantly.

  • Export your design

    Change the background to whatever you want–a color or another image. Alternatively, leave it clear and download the design in your chosen format.

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