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brand alignment

Stay on-brand across all channels

Maintain consistency across ads and platforms more easily. Store brand assets into a brand kit that anyone on your team can access, or create multiple kits for different projects. Manage permissions and control what design assets your team can use.

Brand consistency

Align all creative assets with your brand identity, from colors to specific assets, effortlessly.

Increased brand recall

Build branded creatives that your audience can recognize and remember instantly.

Customization within guidelines

Balance your creativity and internal brand guidelines for on-brand personalized ads.
brand kit

Keep all your brand assets in one place

Create brand kits: Upload your logo, color palettes, fonts, and media assets like images, videos, and more in dedicated brand kits.

Easy accessibility: Have all your brand elements ready to use right in your workspace by assigning the brand kit to the project you are working on.

brand management

Manage multiple brands at once

Handle multiple brands simultaneously by creating a dedicated brand kit for each business. Upload all the assets for each brand, link them to different projects, and achieve consistency across all your design work.

brand control

Help your team create on-brand designs

Control in-app assets usage: Choose what resources your team can use while editing creatives. Hide Ad Studio elements, stock media, web fonts, or templates.

Disable Generative AI:Remove the ability to generate text, translations, images, image backgrounds with AI capabilities.

Brand consistency across the board

Maintain all freshly-produced creatives aligned with your brand identity, ensuring a long-lasting impression on your key audience.

Custom templates

Create a branded template library that everyone on the team can tweak for each use case while maintaining brand consistency.

Branded share link

Share and get feedback from clients under the umbrella of your brand. Customize your sharing page to display your branding always.

Project personalization

Customize your projects with the names and logos of the brands you work with for a simplified overview of your ongoing initiatives.

Make your brand stand-out


Make brand-consistent creatives

Ensure brand consistency across all media and markets, improving brand visibility.