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AI text generator

Save time and enhance your ads’ effectiveness with AI copywriting. Create high-converting headlines and descriptions from a simple prompt and experiment with different text variations until you get the desired result.

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effortless writing

Generate ad copy from scratch

Say goodbye to writer’s block and craft your ad copy faster than ever before. Give the AI text generator a few keywords and let it transform your ideas into promotional messaging that makes an impact on readers and drives up your conversion rates.

Unlimited inspiration

Instantly create text alternatives

No one gets it right from the first draft, and that's ok. With the AI text generator as your brainstorming partner, you can create multiple versions of your ad copy in the blink of an eye. Don't worry about losing meaning—the essence of your message stays the same through the reprashing process.

higher efficiency

Translate ad copy for new markets

Connect with customers all over the world by speaking their language. Translate your AI-generated copy right away into over 10 languages, including English, German, Italian, and Chinese. No need to switch platforms or spend precious time working on this task.

key features

Edit text to make it more powerful

Discover all the AI copywriting features you need to tailor your writing to your audience's preferences. Simplify your creative workflow, get more done in less time, and scale your ad production.

Improve or simplify writing

Make your ad copy more clear and concise to grab attention quickly. Let AI polish your text and highlight the essential information you should get across.

Change tone and voice

Switch your text's tone of voice with a single click. Pick from a list of options something that truly aligns with your brand and resonates with the individuals you're targeting.

Fix spelling and grammar

Revise your ad copy using AI to ensure you convey the right message. Correct any errors that might reflect poorly on your brand's image in just a few seconds.
step by step

How to use Creatopy’s AI text generator

Follow these steps to get your AI-generated copy. It’s as easy as one, two, three (and four).

  • Start off with a design

    To use the AI text generator, you need to open up a design first. Create a brand new one or save time by choosing an ad template from our library.

  • Generate your copy

    Access Creatopy AI from the right panel in your workspace and write a prompt in the top bar to get some text variations. Pick one to continue with.

  • Create text alternatives

    Explore content ideas based on your AI-generated text. Get alternatives, rewrite as a headline or description, translate into other languages, or change tone.

  • Choose the best fit

    Decide on the AI-generated copy that works best for you. Make final revisions to the text if needed, and there you have it: your ad is ready to be published.


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