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Automated animation maker

Go beyond the basics with our AI-driven animation maker. Create stunning ad animations that stand out in an ocean of content, get the attention your brand deserves, and drive the traffic your business needs.

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manage each movement

Animate any design element quickly

With our Magic Animator, you can breathe life into each element of your design – automatically. Plus, Creatopy’s animation timeline allows you to get down into the nitty-gritty of how each element is animated too: adjust animation length, add delays, and more.

achieve quick results

Add motion instantly with preset animations

The fastest and easiest route to animate designs and make them pop? Preset animations like Slide Right, Slide Left, Grow, Step, Tilt, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced motion designer, you can make animated designs stand out in just a couple of clicks.

stand out effortlessly

Create advanced animations with ease

With Creatopy, you can build advanced animations and control every detail of your design, easily. Use our professional animation features to make sure your final designs look exactly like you need them to. Scale and move your objects, adjust their opacity, and blur them. The sky’s the limit: play with your animations and create attention-grabbing designs.

animate code-free

Make HTML animations without code

You can now design your motion ads and export them in HTML5 straight away. No more coding, no more hassle – just allow your creativity to take the reigns and forget about technical limitations.

Animation automation

Create, publish, and scale your ad production on autopilot.

Animated templates

Use any of the 4,000+ animated templates in our library to create quick, stunning motion ads.

Predefined ad sizes

Create ads and resize them to any predefined social media or display ad format.

Export any format

Export your animated ad designs as HTML5, MP4, GIF, or AMPHTML.

How to create animated ads, instantly

Enjoy using an intuitive platform and automate your banner creation so you can finish entire campaigns more efficiently and get better results.

  • Pick a template

    Choose from one of the 4,000+ ad templates in Creatopy’s library. There’s a template for any need you may have, so getting started is very easy no matter what type of campaign you’re working on.

  • Personalize your ad

    Adjust the colors, fonts, and graphics to customize the ad and make it more in tune with your brand, campaign, and goals. Access our stock photo library with millions of images for a quick, painless design process.

  • Animate

    Use the Magic Animator to add movement to your ad, automatically. Or, if you want more control, use the preset animations to animate each object separately and the Timeline to fine-tune your motion design.

  • Publish

    When you finished your ad design, use the automated resizer to make sure you get the right format(s) and publish the ad(s) directly to your advertising platform of choice. Just one click and you’re done!

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