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AI translator for ads

Reduce the time and effort required to translate ads with Creatopy’s AI online translator. Create multilingual campaigns in a fraction of the time, streamline your ad production, and introduce your brand to new markets.

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expanded reach

Connect with worldwide audiences

Ensure nothing gets lost in translation when working to expand your customer base. Write powerful ad copy, then let AI rewrite it into the desired language. Resize your AI-translated ad to up to 60+ sizes at once and have entire campaigns ready to publish instantly.

Connect with worldwide audiences
improved experiences

Deliver multilingual dynamic ads

Speak the language of your audience every single time. Set dynamic rules for your ads to display AI-translated content according to each individual’s location. Rise to the high personalization demand in the industry and increase your chances of driving conversions.

optimized conversion

A/B test ads in different languages

Experiment to identify which language ad variations perform best for countries with more than one official language or monolingual countries that have sizable multilingual populations. Prepare your creatives right away using the AI translator, then set up A/B tests without leaving the platform.

A/B test ads in different languages
key features

Create multilingual ads effortlessly with the AI translator

Generate ad translations with zero manual work. Discover a series of AI text features meant to help you tailor the translated ad copy for your targeted customer segment. Simplify your creative workflow without compromising on text quality.

Translate text instantly

Use our AI translator to rewrite your ad copy in various languages, including English, French, or Chinese, while maintaining the essence.

Switch tone and voice

Control people’s perception of your brand. Change the tone and voice for your AI-translated text with one click to align with your identity.

Get headlines & descriptions

Quickly rework your automatic text translations into headlines or descriptions. Match ad copy and design without countless iterations.
step by step

How to use Creatopy’s AI translator

Translate ads in your browser by following a few easy steps:

  • Write compelling ad copy

    Create a unique ad design or open up a single template or an ad set from our library to save time. Write persuasive ad copy in your native language.

  • Generate translations

    Access Creatopy AI from your workspace and click on “translate into other languages.” Pick a language and watch your copy get translated on the spot.

  • Make text adjustments

    Use AI to refine your translated ad copy. Get text alternatives, rewrite as a headline or description, or change voice and tone to resonate with the audience.

  • Export your creative

    Once you’re satisfied with your translation, download your creative in one of the multiple export formats available, including JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, or MP4.

More than just an AI translator

AI translation for ad copy is merely a fraction of what Creatopy can do. Experience the full spectrum of ad automation on an intuitive platform that facilitates effective collaboration for teams of any size.

Design customization

Personalize your ads with various creative tools, templates, and assets at your disposal to set your brand apart from competitors.

Creative automation

Resize designs to various sizes within seconds or generate high volumes of ads from a single source file and edit them simultaneously.

Ad serving

Publish ads from Creatopy to many advertising networks, bypassing file size constraints. Make updates to live ads without pausing campaigns.


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